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In midair, the seven completion levelled cultivators expressed their overwhelming killer's intent and subconsciously circled around Ling Xian.

Everyone had a shock look on the face and as they stared at the frowning young man with disbelief.

They simply could not believe that the undefeatable Third prince would die in the hands of a 20 something year old. But, other than the dead Third Prince, only one other person was here. Not much deduction was needed to determine who the killer was.

Thus, everyone here revealed how shocked they were and could not believe that the amazing Third Prince would lose to this extraordinary looking young man!

But, when they remembered the earth shattering atmosphere that greeted them, they understood. The way they looked at Ling Xian intensified.

Everyone here knew that the energy around them was highly dominating and none of them could defend against it. Even if they tried, only death will result.

Thus, how can they not be surprised?

As much as they were shocked, they were also regretful. They realized they shouldn't have subconsciously circled around Ling Xian. But since they've gotten here, they had to forcefully continue their actions. No matter how scared they were, they cannot just let go of a man who killed the Third Prince.

"How dare you! You killed the Third Prince under the Sun in public! Aren't you afraid of angering the emperor?" A middle aged man suddenly spoke, his voice somewhat cold.

He and the others were commanders in charge of public order. If a mere cultivator was just murdered, then it was not a big deal. But the one who just died was the emperor's third son! He was also slaughtered under bright day light. What did this mean?

It meant the murderer was slapping the emperor's face and did not think anything of the Zhou Dynasty!

This could be considered the biggest scandal in the recent few decades!

As commanders, the will not be able to escape their liabilities. Thus, they naturally hated Ling Xian.

"I don't want to waste any more time with you all."

Ling Xian frowned. If this many powerhouses have already rushed over, then before long, the emperor will learn of this. When that happens, him leaving will be as hard as it is to climb the sky!

Thus, he coldly scanned around and sneered, "I am just going to ask you one thing. Are you going to get out of my way or not?"

The moment he spoke, intense killer's intent roared out of him and turned this place into shivering cold winter.

Everyone's face flashed with fear. Thinking about his terrifying capabilities, their hearts quivered.

But they knew very well that as commanders who just ran into the murderer, they could not just do nothing. If they simply sit and watch, then the emperor will be infuriated with them!

Thus, the seven of them glanced around coldly and decided that they will end Ling Xian here and now.

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned and urged on, "It seems like the answer is a no."

"Stop talking! You may be strong, but I do not believe that you have enough strength left in you to defeat us after fighting against the Third Prince!"

The middle aged man's expression darkened. Qi of the intermediate stage of the completion levelled howled out and dissipated the clouds in the sky.

At the same time, the other six people let go of their Qi. They were all completion levelled cultivators of the intermediate stage. Their capabilities were around the same. Thus, when they all unleashed their Qi, a violent storm was created and threatened everyone's safety!

Sadly, to Ling Xian, they were nothing!

Especially after he learned the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists!

"Since you are not going to clear the way, then don't blame me for starting my slaughter…"

After glancing around, Ling Xian no longer hesitated. He planned on suppressing these people using all he had got and quickly left the Zhou Dynasty.

His hands clasped together and then formed into fists. The terrifying vigor was displayed in the form of bright light. The entire space was shaking unstoppably.


Now that Ling Xian had made his move, the seven completion levelled cultivators exchanged glances and all made their moves to fight against the young man in black.

"Get the f*ck out of my way!"

Shouting, Ling Xian leapt out. The Immortal Fists once again proved their strength. With one punch, it crushed everyone's attack. Then, he hopped before everyone and threw another punch – one that was even more aggressive than the previous!


Instantly, a fist sized hollow hole appeared in midair. One completion levelled cultivator's defensive shield was immediately broken and he fell through the sky.

Ling Xian had defeated one person!

This situation made everyone's face turn green. But since they had gone this far, they had to forcefully continue. Retreating was no longer a choice.

Sadly, the Ling Xian now was far too dominating. Every movement of his proved his dominance!

The few fists he threw shocked both earth and heaven. As his fists swept around, the universe was seemingly about to be destroyed!


After a series of noises, terrifying vibrations expanded and shook the area even more!

The six completion levelled cultivators gritted their teeth. Everyone reacted as if his life depended on it. They vowed to kill this person before them, but sadly, Ling Xian was far too powerful.

Even though his cultivation level equaled everyone else's, he was of the undefeatable realm and his capabilities could match up against those of the advanced stage. On top of that, he possessed the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists. Merely a few completion levelled cultivators were no opponents of his.

"Get the f*ck away!"

Ling Xian's black hair was tussling crazily in the wind. He punched up and all clouds ran away and all land became barren.

After a loud bang, Ling Xian made his move again. His punch landed on another cultivator and like before, he didn't kill this man, he simply stripped his opponent of the ability to fight back.

"So strong!"

The five remaining cultivators were full of fear as they stared at this demon like young man. Their fear had peaked.

The fight became simpler after.

Ling Xian seemingly entered a state of being undefeatable. As he performed the Untainted's best technique, he fought on until all of his enemies were shivering from fear.

After a few minutes, these people could no longer ignore their injured bodies and collapsed onto the ground.

"I told you very early on to not be in my way. You did not listen. Now you paid for it." Ling Xian shook his head softly and glanced around. Without another second of hesitation, he left this place.

However, just as he called out to his Winged Blitz, he felt an unimaginable terror inching closer to him. It weighed the same weight as the legendary mountain when it pressed down!

Immediately, his body felt heavy and he fell to the ground.


Cursing silently, Ling Xian abruptly raised his head and looked to the west. Then, he saw an extraordinarily handsome silhouette. He was a few thousand steps away from him and was getting closer.

It was a man that was indescribable. He walked with murky bands of Qi all around him. The only thing certain about him was the threatening aura he gave off. Like a God who sat above all nine heavens, he had the ability to make everything within 3000 miles cry!

"You killed my child on my land and you dare to try and escape. Ling Xian, you have greatly underestimated me!"

An infuriated statement rung loud as thunder and echoed throughout this capital. Everyone subconsciously raised their heads. Staring at the God-like shadow, one thought emerged.

Everything is about to change!

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