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"I wonder if you are willing to risk your life to learn this?"

The Untainted had a solemn expression as she stared at the young man before her.

Seeing her serious expression and hearing her stern tone, Ling Xian frowned and pondered.

The Untainted wouldn't lie to him. In other words, this technique really is as dangerous as she described it to be. If he is not careful, he may die. But the more dangerous a technique is, the more powerful it is. Once he grasps it, he will for sure acquire another earth-splitting ability!

"Think it over."

The Untainted spoke softly, "I can tell you for certain that this technique is unmatchable and its potential is unlimited. On the other side of course, this means it's insanely dangerous. So, I suggest you think about it carefully."

Then, she stood up to leave. Within her deep eyes, she revealed a trace of disappointment.

The moment the disappointed emotion was revealed in her eyes, she heard a powerful response that immediately brought a soft grin to her lips.

"There is no need to think, I am willing to learn it."

Ling Xian's lips curled up into a bright smile. Even the Sun in the sky darkened in comparison.

"I really admire your decision. But I have to ask you again. Are you sure?" The Untainted gave him a meaningful look.

"I am sure."

Ling Xian nodded with a smile. Though his voice was gentle, his tone allowed no doubt.

He had decided. Cultivation itself was heaven-defying. On top of that, he had multiple inhibition spells placed on him. Though he was granted with great talent, he was also destined for many hardships. He must give 10, no, 100 times more effort than others if he wanted to ride above the clouds!

In other words, he cannot give up any opportunity that may help him increase his abilities!

So what the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists was dangerous? Ling Xian was fearless and there was no need to fear!

This mindset was the only way for him to reach the peak of Taoism!


The Untainted praised, "You have courage and bravery. You are an unparalleled Heaven's Favorite. I now firmly believe you have the right and the ability to learn this technique."

"You flatter me. Taoism itself requires great determination and effort to succeed. If I give up every time I run into an obstacle, then why bother cultivate?"

Ling Xian's lips curled into a smile. His confident lit up the entire universe. Even the undying Sun dimmed under his confidence.

"Good. I was a little disappointed since you seemed hesitant in the beginning. But you have surprised me again. I admire those with determination." The Untainted revealed a rare smile. In that second, all flowers lost their color and the moon darkened.

She truly had the beauty to bring all men to their knees.

Even Ling Xian felt a little dazzled.

What could he do? The Untainted was far too beautiful. It was no joke that she was known as the number one beauty!

Seeing Ling Xian being a little startled, the Untainted frowned, "I just complimented you for your bravery, and you succumbed under attractiveness?"

"Mistress, these are two separate things. We cannot compare them." Ling Xian chuckled and whispered, "But really, you are so beautiful it should be illegal. For me to be a little stunned is normal."

Hearing his whisper, the Untainted raised an eyebrow, "Alright, less talking. Since you decided to train, then I will pass down the technique to you."

"Yes, please do." Ling Xian wiped off his smile and his expression turned serious again.

"Calm your mind, let go of all your defense mechanism. Or else I cannot pass you the technique with my spiritual energy."

Staring at the handsome young man, the Untainted sighed and exclaimed at his capabilities. If this was before, she could pass down the technique using her Qi easily. But he was already of the intermediate stage.

She was merely a soul. She may still be able to pass down the technique into his brain, but she will be hurt from it.

Thus, she asked him to let go of all his defensiveness.

Hearing this, Ling Xian thought about it and understood the reason. He was somewhat arrogant when he complied, "Yes, Mistress."

"What's there to be proud of? I am merely a soul now, but I can still forcefully give you instructions using my Qi."

Looking at the proud Ling Xian, the Untainted hissed, "If you don't let go of your defense mechanism, I may be a little hurt, but you may straight up turn into an idiot. If I wasn't thinking on your behalf, I wouldn't have asked you to do his."

"Yes, yes, I understand. Please start." Ling Xian smiled, not really caring if what she was saying was true or made up. He was just happy about it.

"Hmmph, calm your mind. I am about to start." The Untainted frowned and after Ling Xian stopped his grin, she formed a hand seal and then pressed between his brows with her index finger.

Instantly, an infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the sky and a mysterious and strange energy engulfed the place. Along with her index finger, knowledge was being injected into Ling Xian's brain.

Then, Ling Xian frowned. His entire body began to tremor and sweat was rolling down his forehead.

He was in great agony.

"Endure it. This is a critical moment, we cannot give up."

The Untainted, also, was frowning. She pushed every single important concept about the technique into Ling Xian's brain and tried to really carve it in him.

In the next moment, a strange scene appeared in Ling Xian's head.

First, there was an alluring woman. Though looking seductive, she gave off a very grand vibe, as if she had the ability to hold up the sky and tame the heavens!

She had a temperament that was extremely rare. She was powerful, in a way that words alone weren't enough to describe. It was as if her alone could lead humanity into peace!

It was obvious that this was the Keeper of Land and Sea!

Then, the Untainted moved. She slowly raised her delicate palm, formed it into a fist, and smashed upwards into the sky!

In that instant, the cloud above her began to shake violently.

Then, the Untainted did the same with her other hand in oppression against the Gods.


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot up the cloud as terrifying Qi began to twirl and disrupted everything in sight.

The Untainted made her move again. She continued her punching that shook up all nine heavens and 10 hells!

Her fists were bare, but they were heaven defying. The first punch shocked the ghosts, the second punch brought out the demons, and the third punch scared away the heavens!

It was the legendary technique, the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists!

Every single punch of hers brought great dismay to the world. With enough energy to knock down armies, she abused the sky. Every single punch was violent and aggressive, and the color of the sky turned pale.

As if they felt the Untainted's provocation, the ruler of the world responded. Thunderbolts in the color of fresh blood began to shoot down the sky, emitting the intent to end the world.

However, against this unstoppable God's Trial, the Untainted did not hesitate. She strengthened her attacks!

The technique, Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists, in her hands, were exploding with an endless amount of light that made her appear extremely powerful!

Fight, fight fight!

The fists had the supremacy to challenge the Gods. Every single punch of hers diminished every single thunder bolt that struck down.

Just then, the Untainted suddenly stopped her movements and stood still.

However, in the next split second, she attacked again and right away unleashed the most unmannered punch!

What a punch that was!

The moment it was unleashed, energy that had never been seen before exploded. Everyone in space was smashed into pieces. Then, this punch headed towards the Gods!

In the next second, the sky crumbled.

As if it was the end of the world, the entire universe fell into dead silence.

Of course, this was merely an illusion. It meant the Untainted's fists could beat the God's Trial, but it didn't mean she had beaten the Gods. But from this, it became apparent just how powerful this technique was. It truly was unparalleled and unmatchable!

"So strong… so strong…"

After witnessing this horrifying scene, Ling Xian fell into a state of silence. As if the energy from the technique had taken away his soul.

The Untainted was not surprised at this. Nobody in this entire world could remain composed after watching that scene. Even if god himself was here!

Thus, she parted her lips and commanded an order straight into Ling Xian's head.

"Wake up!"

Her volume was not loud, yet it had the effects of a thunder strike. Ling Xian shuddered and light returned to his eyes.

"Thank you, Mistress, for waking me up. Or else I would've turned into an idiot."

Though smiling, Ling Xian was actually a little nervous. He knew that he was influenced by the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists and was in a state of confusion. If the Untainted didn't call out to him, he would've lived his entire life as a zombie and never gain consciousness again.

"No need to thank me." The Untainted whispered.

"Aye, it truly is the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists. Simply watching it being used made me lose myself." Ling Xian sighed deeply, his expression showed that he was in distraught.

"The technique is dominating and violent and was played in your brain in the most extreme form. Even if a real immortal watched it, they would fall into a state of shock."

The Untainted consoled, "No need to be upset over it. If you aren't shocked, then you should be worried."

"Even a real Immortal would be shocked…"

Ling Xian felt a little better at that. The darkness in his expression turned into determination. He now has the resolute to learn this technique and never be influenced by it again. If it happens again, the he would be deemed too useless.

"As long as you are determined."

The Untainted grinned, "I have now passed on all the information regarding the technique, you shall go cultivate elsewhere."

"Yes, Mistress, do not worry, I will succeed!" Ling Xian's expression was purposeful. In a flash, he came to a hundred meters tall mountain.

In order to master the technique, he must train his physical body. The best way to achieve that is without a doubt, move a mountain. It would both increase the endurance of his physique and also train his stamina.

Thus, Ling Xian did not hesitate. He first used his Qi to lift this mountain, then he carried it on his back.

By carrying, it meant he did not use any Qi and merely used his physical body.

"Ehem… ehem…"

As the mountain settled on his back, Ling Xian's feet sunk into the ground and his face turned red. What could he do, this mountain was far too heavy. If he used his Qi, he could easily handle it. But with pure physiques, it was a bit hard to handle.

But to master the unparalleled great technique, he gritted his teeth. With a mountain on his back, he walked on one step at a time.

Though his speed was slow, his steps were with resolve.

They reflected his determination.

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