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"Get the hell out of my face. I won't kill you. But if you dare to interrupt what is going to happen, then you can join him in hell."

A calm statement was made. There was no arrogance involved, but it was filled with a lack of caring. It was as if Deputy Zhan and Deputy Chi were not completion levelled powerhouses, but two easily killable ants.

Get the hell out?

Join him in hell?

The two deputies tightened their fists and their teeth were about to break from too much grinding. They had been the powerhouses of the dynasty and they had only treated others lightly. Who dared to show such disrespect to them?

But before their eyes, Ling Xian was showing disrespect. No, more accurately, he simply did not care about them. To Deputy Zhan and Chi, this was extreme humiliation!

Very quickly however, their fists relaxed. Other than unhappiness, they only felt powerless.

Despite the humiliation they felt, they could not do anything about it. After that attack just now, they realized something.

Ling Xian had the right to look down on them!

"Aye, whatever. Deputy Xiao Yao, I wish you the best of luck."

After a long sigh, Deputy Chi seemed to have aged for a few decades and he stepped backwards for miles.

Seeing this, Deputy Zhan moved away as well. Though he didn't speak, his actions made it clear that he chose to step out.

Though they had a relationship with Deputy Xiao Yao, against the threat of death, they naturally would choose to do nothing.

"Darn it!"

Deputy Xiao Yao cursed as hopelessness began to appear. If the alliance of Deputy Chi and Deputy Zhan could not contain Ling Xian, then how could he not feel desperate?

"Seven years… that one attack from you is something I've always remembered."

Looking at the scared Deputy Xiao Yao, Ling Xian exclaimed and the emotions he felt from seven years ago reappeared.

Back then, he was still a young cultivator of the advanced stage of the foundational level. Though he had many opponents who were of the same level, he was still considered a pioneer to have survived Deputy Xiao Yao's attack. However, in general, Deputy Xiao Yao saw him as an ant.

And he had to look up to Deputy Xiao Yao.

Today, he had evolved into a completion levelled powerhouse who advanced from the undefeatable realm. The enemy that he once looked up to had become someone he can look down upon. How could he not feel rushes of emotions?

As he exclaimed, Deputy Xiao Yao exclaimed as well.

Time is ruthless. The ant that once posed no threat to him has transformed into a dragon. The Ling Xian who he once was close to killing has grown into a warrior with great potential.

This has made Deputy Xiao Yao become deep in thoughts. All he felt now was that he had utterly failed.

In these seven years, he did not advance in terms of his own cultivation. Yet Ling Xian had risen up like a star and is now powerful enough to evoke hoplessness in him!

"You bastard. I sure regret not being more relentless and smashing you to death back then." Deputy Xiao Yao gritted his teeth with anger in his eyes.

"It's not that you weren't relentless. It's that I have the devil on my side."

Ling Xian peered at Deputy Xiao Yao, "In many ways, I should be thanking you. If your smash back then didn't cause space turbulence and send me overseas, I may not have achieved what I accomplished today."

"You bastard, are you mocking me?" Deputy Xiao Yao was boiling in anger. He twisted what Ling Xian meant and thought he was being mocked.

Hearing this, Deputy Zhan and Deputy Chi shook their heads from faraway and looked at Deputy Xiao Yao with dissatisfaction.

It was obvious that Ling Xian meant no harm. He was simply exclaiming the phenomenon of coincidences. Yet Deputy Xiao Yao twisted its meaning. It was apparent that he had a bad mentality.

"You can interpret it however you want."

Ling Xian said and stopped explaining. "Deputy, I am giving you one last chance. If you can make an attack that forces me to step back three steps, then I will let you live."

"You mean it?!"

Deputy Xiao Yao's eyes exploded with color. He was already desperate but after hearing this from Ling Xian, he became hopeful again.

"Make your move." Ling Xian said as he placed his hands behind his back, looking like a master.

"Alright, you said it!"

Deputy Xiao Yao snickered. He formed a hand seal and brewed the strongest technique he knew.

Seeing this, Ling Xian did not even react. He emitted no Qi and simply stood in midair calmly.

After some time, a gold Halberd materialized beside Deputy Xiao Yao. At that moment, a terrifying Qi appeared with enough energy to split open the sky and destroy all living beings.

At the same time, Deputy Zhan and Deputy Chi had a change of expression and yelled out.

"This is… the royal technique, The Cloud Piercing Spear!"

"That's correct. This spear is known to be unstoppable and has the power to cut through all defense. Even though it is not the best technique in the Zhou Dynasty, it is close to it. I cannot believe Deputy Xiao Yao knows it!"

Listening to those two, Deputy Xiao Yao showed his looks of proudness. He laughed, "Haha, Ling Xian, if you make your move, I will definitely die. Yet you chose to be arrogant and suggested this stupid idea. You are dead for sure!"

"This vibration truly is powerful." Ling Xian's gaze then paused and anticipation arose. He muttered to himself, "I wonder who would win a fight, this, or my Armor of Royal Spirits."

Then, he blinked and a golden armor formed and wrapped around him tightly.

"Haha, Ling Xian, die!"

Deputy Xiao Yao laughed out loud as the spear shot through the sky. Along with powerful might, it headed for Ling Xian's left chest.


The spear turned into a golden ray of light. Like a shooting star, it smashed everything it passed into pieces. It was clear how terrifying this spear was.

In the next second, the spear appeared before Ling Xian and stabbed in his chest.

There a rumble of "BOOM", then golden light filled the air. The entire area became engulfed by light and everyone was blinded.

"Haha, you bastard. I bet you are dead now!"

Deputy Xiao Yao bellowed with pride. He was certain that Ling Xian had died from this.

Beside him, Deputy Zhan and Chi sighed, not placing must trust in Ling Xian. Even though he was competent, there was no way he could stop the Cloud Piercing Spear.

Just as all of them believed Ling Xian had died. The golden light began to fade and a black silhouette appeared in sight.

The silhouette was thin. However, in these people's eyes, he appeared tall and powerful. At this moment especially, he was like a mountain that was immobile and cannot be moved by the wind.

This was all because Ling Xian had blocked the Spear and was absolutely unhurt!

"You have tried. It's time for me to take your life."

Ling Xian's eyes shone as a bloody sword appeared. Before Deputy Xiao Yao's shocked and regretful gaze, it sliced down his head.

The entire area fell into silence.

All nine heavens and ten hells and all land within eight miles fell into silence.
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