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The Emperor's Millennium Capital is a very prosperous city. Located at the heart of the Qin Dynasty.

Every inch of this land appears to be made out of cold and everyone who visits this city is extraordinary. Those who get to live here long-term are even very wealthy. Normal cultivators do not dare to even imagine living in this city.

The headquarter of the Qi Zhen Pavilion is located on the busiest street in the Emperor's Millennium Capital – Chang An Street.

It is the first corporation to ever establish in the Qin Dynasty. Its web of power is all over the country. Not only does it include powerful figures, it also contains invaluable treasures that are worth more than the economy of the country. The pavilion is one of the major forces here.

Even the monarchy that controls the Qin Dynasty is respectful towards the Qi Zhen Pavilion. There is even the rumor that this corporation may affect the passing down of the royal seat.

Of course, this is merely the rumor and nobody could confirm nor deny this. But from this, it becomes obvious how powerful the Qi Zhen Pavilion is. In the beginning, there were only 12 creators. By now, it has expanded to 12 Tribes.

The 12 Tribes would all appoint a heir within every Tribe. Then, after a series of cruel competition, the victor gets to sit on the valuable seat of being the Leader of the Qi Zhen Pavilion.

Gong Suo Xin was the candidate of the Seventh Tribe.

Currently, the Sun was hanging high in the sky. It was noon.

Before a magnificently looking seven floored building, two people wearing giant black robes and bamboo hats with veils stood. It was impossible to see what they looked like nor their gender.

They were Ling Xian and Luo Xin Jie.

"This place sure is the headquarter of the Qi Zhen Pavilion. It's rather brilliant looking." Ling Xian stared at the seven floor building and complimented.

Luo Xin Jie made a face, "You sure haven't seen much. You describe this old building as brilliant? Don't kid with me. When I get a chance, I will take you and show you what defines brilliance."

"Nobody thinks you are mute if you don't speak." Ling Xian glared at Luo Xin Jie.

After half a month of travelling before dawn and until the moon rose, they finally arrived at the Emperor's Millennium Capital. After much investigation, he finally found out some information about Gong Suo Xin.

Luckily, the Leader position had yet to be determined. Gong Suo Xin was not dead. Unfortunately, the Third Tribe's candidate was the most popular and was suppressing the other 11 candidates. Thus, Gong Suo Xin was not doing too well right now. Though her situation wasn't as bad as being in deep water or hot fire, it was very close to it.

"Ayo, you dare to speak so violently to me. Could it be that all the love making last night, you no longer love me?" Luo Xin Jie was close to crying and croaked, "The saying that women are always infatuated and that men are always emotionless is really true. The moment you are tired of me, you forget all about the promises you made me before."

Ling Xian felt a cloud emerge out of head. Though one could not see Luo Xin Jie's expression right now, but even using his toes, he could guess the way she looked right now. "Luo Xin Jie, be quiet. Or else don't blame me when I stop being nice."

Then, he marched towards the pavilion. When he was near the entrance, an unwelcoming voice roes from behind.

"Get the hell away from me!"

A youth wearing a cotton robe walked by in giant leaps. His face was insanely arrogant and he held a delicate fan. It was obvious that this man was one of those descendants who didn't know much but acted rudely due to his family background.

Ling Xian slightly frowned, not wanting to fight this man. Thus, he stepped back one step.

Seeing this, the arrogant young man glared at Ling Xian and walked into the Qi Zhen Pavilion.

"Ayo, you endured that? You didn't make a move?" Luo Xin Jie chuckled.

"You think my heart is as narrow as yours? It's not worth it to be mad towards this kind of person. Also, we just arrived here, we cannot make trouble if we don't have to." Ling Xian faintly grinned. Often, stepping back one step doesn't mean you are weak and scared. Instead, it means you have a broad mind and that you simply do not care.

"Interesting. A leader at the intermediate stage of the completion level is scared to cause trouble? If you ask me, you should've slapped him hard. If he is arrogant because of his background, you should destroy his background. This is what my kind of people would do." Luo Xin Jie was someone who craved nothing but world chaos. She continued, "Go on, slap him and send him flying."

"I am not that narrow hearted." Ling Xian faintly smiled and did not think much of this. "Let's go and deal with this. I have many more things to do."

He then marched into Qi Zhen Pavilion. After asking about Gong Suo Xin's whereabouts, he walked up the stairs and arrived at a room on the third floor.

Just as he was about to knock however, he heard the conversation inside.

"Hehe, Suo Xin, just obey me and let me have my way."

That arrogant man snickered kinkily as he rubbed together his hands. He walked towards Gong Suo Xin, "Suo Xin, I know your current situation is a difficult one. If you obey me, I will ask my clan to help you get through this difficult period. What do you think?"

"Wang Peng, respect yourself."

Gong Suo Xin's face was white as her chest huffed up and down out of anger. She wanted to slap him, but every time she thought of his powerful background, she had to swallow down this anger.

"My butt! You don't deserve my respect."

Wang Peng laughed in disdain, "Gong Suo Xin, you really think you have a chance to be the Leader? With your current situation, before long, thousands of people will stomp all over you like you were a prostitute on the streets!"


Gong Suo Xin gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Her sharp nails dug into her hands. Very quickly however, she relaxed them and her beautiful eyes revealed sadness.

Just like Wang Peng had said, her situation was a difficult one right now. She was at a hard disadvantage in this election process. She also had a rivalry with the Third Tribe's candidate. If that person became the Leader, then she will truly become a plaything for some powerful figure.

"Hehe, so, it's better to just obey me." Wang Peng laughed. "You know the capability of my Wang Clan. Even if we cannot guarantee you the seat of the Leader, we can at least promise your wellbeing."

"Hmmph, Wang Peng, give it up. Even if I die, I will let you have your way." Gong Suo Xin's face was green from anger. Even her fragile body was shaking.

"You won't? Then don't blame me for forcing this." Wang Peng's expression darkened.

If this was before, he wouldn't dare to use force against any candidate even with his strong background. But before him, Gong Suo Xin had lost all power. He can now do whatever he wanted using his background as an advantage.

"Dammit, Wang Peng, if you dare to do anything to me, I will not forgive you!" Gong Suo Xin's body trembled. She knew very well that it will be hard for her to stop Wang Peng.

Thus, her heart filled with fear. Her fragile and helpless stance could earn pity from heavens.

Sadly, to an animal, her helpless ways only triggered something disgusting in Wang Peng's abnormal mentality.

"Young beauty, tremble under me instead."

Snickering, Wang Peng flung himself onto Gong Suo Xin like a bird with wide spread wings.

Just as he lunged at the desperate Gong Suo Xin, the door to the room busted open. Then, a silhouette found its way to stand between the two.

"Against this type of person, you should make your move right away. Beat him until his father cannot recognize him."

Then, a slender hand slapped across Wang Peng's face!

Immediately, this person's face deformed. His entire body flew backwards and slammed against the wall in the hallway!
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