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Something big happened in the City of Qing recently.

The number one powerhouse in the City of Qing from eight years ago, the multi-talented Heaven's Favorite had returned!

This news, like a tornado, swept out the entire City of Qing. Everyone who heard could not help but to feel amazed. When they heard Ling Xian returned with a giant pile of treasures, they became jealous.

It was true, any Clan that produced a Heaven's Favorite like Ling Xian would acquire much jealousy from others. Not only will this Heaven's Favorite bring much glory to the Clan, they can also repay the Clan.

Thus, these two days, everyone in the Ling Clan was bright faced and appeared to be very proud.

This was normal, Ling Xian was the proudest achievement in the Ling Clan in recent centuries. Some people even treated him like he was their spiritual pillar. Now that he had returned, of course everyone was overjoyed.

Just as everyone celebrated, Ling Xian had made a decision. The decision to leave the Ling Clan.

The Sun had just risen.

Inside a peaceful garden, Ling Xian wore a robe white like snow and stood with his hands behind his back. Staring at the rising Sun, his heart was full of sorrow.

It had been three full days since he had heard about Ling Tian Xian being possessed. He first visited Ling Hu, then paid respect to Master Fang, finally, he had returned to his own home.

After that, Ling Xian fell into a state of depression for a long time. He thought about what he would have to do to awaken Ling Tian Xiang's consciousness. For this, he even sought help from The Untainted and Feng Qing Ming. The result depressed him even more.

The Untainted gave him two solutions. The first method was to acquire the holy water from legends that can awaken someone who is possessed. The second method was to try and remind the possessed person of their leftover instincts.

Ling Xian has pretty much given up on the former, because the holy water was far too rare. Since the history of time, it only appeared a few times. Thus, he placed his energy on the second alternative.

"Leftover instinct…."

Mumbling, Ling Xian's brows remained tightly knitted. He wasn't sure what kind of instinct Ling Tian Xiang had that could be awakened even after she was possessed.

"Ayoyo, young man, what's troubling you? Share. Are you thinking of doing those shameful things with me again?"

A flirtatious laughter rose. Luo Xin Jie then walked over in an alluring manner. Her busty physique made her appear hot and sexy.

Hearing this provoking sentence, Ling Xian's frown deepened. If this was a month ago, he would react somewhat. But after a month of similar provocations, he was now immune.

Especially now, he was troubled by Ling Tian Xiang, where would he find the energy to care about Luo Xin Jie? Thus, he answered coldly, "Luo Xin Jie, distant yourself. I am in no mood to joke with you."

"Ayo, what kind of trouble did you run into? Tell me, maybe I can help." Luo Xin Jie laughed and pressed her body against Ling Xian. Her slender fingers drew circles on his chest.

Ling Xian frowned and remembered how mysterious this woman was. With a might-as-well-try-it-attitude, he asked, "I have a friend who became possessed. Do you have a solution?"

"No wonder…"

Luo Xin Jie frowned slightly. Ever since they began hanging out together, she had never seen him so troubled. After hearing that he had a possessed friend, she understood.

Anyone would find this troublesome.

"What is it, do you have a way?" Ling Xian asked.

"Naturally. What kind of a person am I?" Luo Xin Jie smiled charismatically and lifted Ling Xian's chin with her finger. She then tempted, "Spend your night with me and I will tell you."

"Don't waste my time. Tell me." Ling Xian frowned and slapped away Luo Xin Jie's hand.

"What an unromantic man. No… unromantic boy." Luo Xin Jie glared at him and said lazily, "Two ways, one is to acquire the holy water. The other way is to awaken the person's instincts."

"I shouldn't have trusted you." Ling Xian's eyes flashed with disappointment. Feeling too lazy to waste more time, he returned to his own room.


Luo Xin Jie was startled and murmured to herself, "It seems he knew about these two solutions. Interesting, he even knew about awakening the person's instinct. It seems like he far surpasses my expectation of him."

"How troublesome…"

Mumbling to himself as he walked, Ling Xian once again pondered for a few hours. However, he had no solutions. Eventually, he decided to let this go for now and returned to the Ling Clan.

"Hmm... maybe I will go to the Emperor's Millennium Capital first." Ling Xian decided.

Since this was going nowhere and Ling Tian Xiang did not show herself, him dealing with it now would be a waste of time. Thus, he decided to go to the Emperor's Millennium Capital first and complete the promise he made to Gong Suo Xin eight years ago.

It had been eight years and Ling Xian wasn't sure if Gong Suo Xin would find him any more of use. But no matter what, he did not fulfill his promise and he had to apologize first.

"If I remember correctly, Luo Suo Xin asked me about the inheritance of the Qi Zhen Pavilion. I hope the heir hasn't been decided and that she is still alive."

Sadness flashed before Ling Xian's eyes. He was very much aware of what happened after the controlling forces decided on their heirs. Thus, he was worried. If Gong Suo Xin lost in her battle to the Pavilion, then the true heir might've killed her.

If the reason why she lost her right to the Pavilion was directly because of him, then he would have to blame himself for the rest of his life.

"Whatever, I will not think about this for now. Once I reach the capital, I will know for sure." Ling Xian shook his head and dispersed his thoughts. He then marched out of his room.

"I am going to visit the Emperor's Millennium Capital. If you want to come, then tag along. If not, you can go anywhere you want. Just don't linger around the Ling Clan." Ling Xian's expression was calm as he glared at Luo Xin Jie, unwilling to let her stay here.

This woman was far too dangerous. Not only was her capability impossible to predict, her beautiful visage and figure may attract all the men in the Ling Clan, including those of old age.

If this woman hasn't been following Ling Xian all this time and the Ling Clan is unaware of their relationship, then someone would've targeted her a long time ago.

"How annoying."

Luo Xin Jie glared at Ling Xian and said shyly, "I am yours, of course I have to follow you."

"Then wait for me at the city entrance." Ling Xian was too lazy to waste time with Luo Xin Jie. In a flash, he disappeared from the garden.

He was going to say bye to Ling Tian Xiao and Ling Hu.

"The Emperor's Millennium Capital… interesting… I want to stroll around anyways."

Staring at Ling Xian's silhouette in the sky, the corner of Luo Xin Jie's lips curled up, revealing a stunning smile. Even the eternal Sun was outshined.
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