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The moment his voice trailed off, thousand music notes began to play and strummed on everyone's heart strings.

Ding… Ding…

Ling Xian's hands plucked at the Zither strings as his white robe floated in the wind. Invisible sound waves rolled out of him and rose as high as ocean waves. The waves were filled with the power to kill.

Immediately, everyone's face darkened. They remembered the rumors about Ling Xian possessing the Eyes of Execution, and they listened intently to this song. They all guessed the origin of the song and their eyes flashed with shock.

Who hadn't heard of the Song of the Crouching Dragon? Though it hadn't appeared in 12,000 years, the song was still carved in everyone's heart.

"If he has the Eyes of Execution, then this is the Zither of the Crouching Dragon. The song is the Crouching Dragon… It is no wonder that you dare to fight against me." The leader of the mysterious House had a stern expression. He was faced against the Song of the Crouching Dragon. Even with his capabilities, he didn't dare to be reckless.

"If I didn't have some capabilities, then I wouldn't be considered confident, I would be cocky."

Ling Xian's expression was emotionless as his 10 fingers danced on the Zither. He conducted a heaven shattering song that was full of intent to kill.

"Very good. It is rare to encounter the Song of the Crouching Dragon. I sure want to see how powerful this really is."

The leader of the mysterious House had a heated stare as he flapped around his sleeve. A purple sword appeared in his right hand. Spinning around, his left hand formed a hand seal. His sword instantly began to shine, but he did not release all the Qi. Instead, the sword emitted sounds of sword clashing.

The heavenly sword, as if left its sheath, emitted clashing sounds that spun around aggressively in the air. It blocked the sound of the Zither.

Roaring of the sword against the music of the zither!

One was the heavenly sword belonged to a cultivator who was at the peak of the completion level. The other was an ancient heavenly song. The clash between the two produced a violent battle!

Boom, boom, boom…..

Though it was a battle between invisible sound waves, after the two types of sounds began, they created a large scale of explosions!


Ling Xian raised an eyebrow, found it difficult to believe that this person also knew some things about the guiding rules of music. Being a song composed by a sword, it was somewhat rare. However, he was surprised but not flustered, "Then let us try. Will your sword beat mine, or is my zither just better."

He then placed both of his hands on top of the zither. Every time he plucked, killer's intent rose and caused a turmoil in the sky.

"Hmmph, the rest of you, use your Qi to block your ears. Do your best to ignore his zither's music." The mysterious House's leader hissed and ordered.

As someone at the peak of the completion level, he didn't need to fear Ling Xian's zither. However, the rest of them were not so capable. After the Crouching Dragon played its first note, these people were already pale in the face and their blood was boiling.

Therefore, after their Supreme Headmaster taught them this, they blocked their ears with their Qi in attempt to ignore Ling Xian's music. Sadly, the Song of the Crouching Tiger was insanely rattling. If it was so easy to block, it wouldn't be called the heavenly song.

No matter what technique these cultivators tried, they couldn't stop the sounds from entering their eyes. Immediately, their hair went into a disarray and they became dizzy.

"How dominating of a song!"

Seeing this, the leader of the mysterious House frowned. His meter long sword shook more and more "clangs" filled the air and blocked against the music from the zither. However, the music of the zither was an attack that affected all in the area. Even if he could block it, the rest of his crew couldn't.

Just like that, three completion levelled cultivators died from the unbearable pain caused by the Crouching Dragon.

This caused great excitement to the four clans as their belief solidified. They believed that Ling Xian will be able to create another miracle and claim victory!

"Dammit, we cannot let him play much longer. Make your moves!"

Realizing that his subordinates cannot handle this Song of the Crouching Dragon, the leader of the mysterious House finally recognized one thing. It was that his method of fighting against sound with sound was something only he could achieve. His subordinates cannot achieve so. Thus, he flapped around his sleeve and the heavenly sword sliced across the sky and aimed towards Ling Xian's throat.

At the same time, the remaining completion levelled cultivators made their moves as well. All sorts of different techniques were thrown into the air and aimed towards the white silhouette.

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned, feeling troubled. Though he was strong, especially under the support of the Crouching Dragon. However, he was alone after all, and he was not a God.

Without any support, he of course had difficulties against so many enemies.

"Whatever, no matter what, I have to wait till she arrives."

Ling Xian's eyes glazed over as he became more determined. Then, he took a long and deep breath and repressed down the side effects brought by using the Zither of the Crouching Dragon. He then, began to play the second section of the Song of the Crouching Dragon.


After one note, the heaven and earth both shook. The notes that followed engulfed everything within a 10,000 meters radius. Every note was like sword leaving its sheath, sharp as ever. They blocked the purple long sword.

In the next second, three more cultivators were killed by the Song of the Crouching Dragon!

However, the leader of the mysterious House was also unstoppable. Using his hand as his sword, he instantly broke through the Song of the Crouching Dragon and aimed for Ling Xian's head.

"Get the f*uck away!"

Ling Xian frowned. His fingers pulled and plucked at the zither strings. Instantly, horrifying sound waves roared out of the zither and forced back the terrifying man.

However, this person was far too horrifying. Even though he was taken aback by the zither, his finger shot out a ray of light that pierced through Ling Xian's shoulder.

At that moment, all cultivators grasped onto this opportunities and attacked.


After puking out blood, Ling Xian's face turned snow white and his body was shaking.

"Haha, the Song of the Crouching Dragon is very strong, enough to kill all cultivators here. However, with your injuries, you pose no threat to me." The leader of the mysterious House laughed and provokingly stared at Ling Xian, "You are wounded. What do you have to fight against me?"

Everyone else also revealed their looks of taunt, as if they were certain that Ling Xian will die.

However, against everyone's stares, Ling Xian's expression was still calm. Even though his white robe was dyed with fresh blood, and he was hurt before the stares of many powerhouses, he did not fear.

Because he had a powerful helper.

"Haha, look at him! He is obviously going to die yet he pretends to be calm. This is so funny." The mysterious House bellowed, their voices full of disdain and sarcasm.

Everyone was laughing, some of them even lowered their backs from laughter.

As these people laughed out loud, a loud rumble shook the sky from afar.

In the next second, a silver phoenix appeared above. It extended its feathers, looking innocent and pure.

"Finally, Feng Jiu Ge…"

Ling Xian raised the corner of his lips coldly. He too, carried a sarcastic smile with him. He casually put both hands on the zither and played the last section of the Song of the Crouching Dragon.

Instantly, loud notes exploded.

Immediately, Feng Jiu Ge extended its silver and white wings, and made a statement that was crisp and clear.

Immediately, the sound of a Dragon and the rare of a phoenix weaved into a song that rattled on for 3,000 miles and shocked all nine heavens!
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