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Painting of the Nine Immortals 425 Reigniting the War

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The Sun had set. It was night time.

In the sky, a white silhouette dashed across like a shooting star. It was heading towards the south east direction.

It was Ling Xian.

He had dealt with the Bai Clan and he believed that Bai Xiao Qi will be able to take care of the many troubles the Clan will face. What he had to do now was to rush to the next battlefield and complete one last task for Bai Xiao Qi, for the four clans, and for himself.

Uproot the mysterious House.

Once he finishes this task, then nobody will threaten Bai Xiao Qi on the Trading Island. That way, he can truly stop worrying, he can then make his spatial porter, and go back to the nine continents without second thoughts.

"Phew… one last mission."

Ling Xian spread his wings and flew forward. He then exclaimed at the past few years, "In the blink of an eye, I have been away for four years. I wonder how everyone is at Yunzhou."

As he exclaimed, he remembered the many people he met and the many tasks he hadn't completed. He also thought of the unfinished businesses, such as what he promised Gong Suo Xin, what he agreed to the Mayor of the City of the Qing. There were a lot more businesses waiting for him to attend to.

"Qing Yi, it's been four years, I wonder how you are doing…"

Ling Xian softly sighed but quickly his expression turned into determined. He said in a low voice, "No matter what, this last battle has to be a victorious one. We cannot lose. After I deal with this, I will get my hands on all the material needed to make my spatial portal and return to Yunzhou."

His wings then flattered aggressively as he increased his speed and flew forward.

When he arrived, the battle situation was not doing great.

The battlefield was surrounded by mountains on all four sides. In the center, there were corpses everywhere and all the blood had formed into a river. There were countless number of soldiers bathed in blood as they swung their swords. The clash of metals composed a pitiful and sad song.

Kller's intent filled the air and sent chills down everyone's spine. Both sides of the war carried with them the determination to win the war and pave the path to victory with fresh blood.

The great battle happening on the mountains was even more violent.

The silhouettes that stood in midair were standing rooted. Every time they waved around their arms, the sky darkened.


After an earth shattering rumble, multiple rays of terrifying Qi rolled out. The entire mountain range shook as a result. Even the air seemed to be crackling down. It wasn't hard to imagine how intense this war was.

All parties were now red-eyed as they ignored their own injuries and slaughtered on. Especially for the four clans, all powerhouses here were acting with great power and determination. Their determination wasn't really to slay all enemies. It was their determination to escape.

Yes, to escape.

Only after the four Clans arrived did they realize the power of the mysterious House. It was far more terrifying than they originally thought. Completion levelled powerhouses alone accounted for 30 people of their army. There were even two original levelled monsters!

Luckily, the original levelled cultivators from the Yan Clan and the Chu Clan came as well. They were now battling against the opponent's original levelled cultivators elsewhere.

However, the powerhouses of the four Clans combined came to 26 in total. The opponent however, had 30 completion levelled cultivators. Thus, the four Clans could not take an offensive position and could only defend.

As time went on, the soldiers from the four Clans grew powerless and began to get killed by the enemies. By now, only 18 powerhouses remained and struggled on.

The opponents however, still had 24 completion levelled cultivators. Six more than the four Cans!

This was why the situation on the mountains was looking poor. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, the armies from the four clans would succumb to their deaths soon.

"Hahaha, the four controlling forces are not all that threatening! Today is the day you all die!"

After a loud laughter, the leader of the mysterious House stared afar. He then formed a hand seal and awakened their own technique.

Immediately, the sky darkened and countless stars appeared in the sky. With enough strength to split open the earth, the stars slammed towards the four clans' soldiers!

Hommmm, hommmm, hommm…

The ancient stars fell through the sky. The four Clans were already weak. Under the impact of this attack, they immediately began to puke blood. Even those who blocked the stars became pale in the face.

The four Clans once again weakened greatly. They were not going to last much longer.

"Dammit, why isn't Ling Xian here yet?"

Yan Xiong Fei swore under his breath as he continued to defend against the opponent's attacks.

The rest of the completion levelled powerhouses also prayed for Ling Xian's arrival. Though they were very aware the situation before them cannot be changed by merely one person, every time they thought of Ling Xian's accomplishments, they placed all hope on him.

It was as if he was the definition of miracle and can create miracles with his presence.

"Haha, stop struggling uselessly. Go die!"

The leader of the mysterious House continued to bellow as he formed more hand seals. In an instant, terrifying Qi rolled out of him. Then, countless number of stars appeared in the sky. Every single one had enough strength to break rocks! They were all headed towards the four Clans!

"Oh no!"

Yan Xiong Fei frowned as he manipulated his Golden Dan in attempt to block this horrifying attack.

The rest of the completion levelled cultivators made their moves as well. Some chose offensive moves, others chose defensive ones. Without an exception however, everyone had a heavy expression. Their foreheads all showed hints of sweat.

The attack just now was far too powerful. They had to treat it seriously.

This move from the mysterious House was one of their strongest ones. The strength of it was unimaginable. How could they defend against it?

Unable to hold up against the ancient stars, some people died on the spot. The others were white faced and began to tremble.

Grasping onto this chance, the mysterious House made their move again. Bands of terrifying Qi dashed out of their bodies as they planned on ending this war.


This was the thought shared by all cultivators from the four clans. They knew very well that with their current conditions, it will be hard for them to defend against this. Therefore, hopelessness appeared on their faces.

The enemies revealed their proudness. They were already imagining the scene of all opponents collapsing after this move landed.

Just then, a song sudden rang, loud and clear. However, as crisp as it sounded, power was hidden in it.

The way the song sounded in everyone's ears was like water hitting rocks or birds singing in trees.

In that instant, wind no longer blew and clouds no longer floated. The over-powering attack no longer moved neither. Everything, as if frozen in hell, no longer felt the passing of time or the transformation of space.

There was only music. There was only one silhouette.

"The state of the war… the mysterious House is not to be underestimated."

Ling Xian sighed and began to walk by from afar. Every step he took, he accompanied it with a pluck of the string. The Song of the Petrified Wind Waves played and froze everything in space.

Though the Song of the Petrified Wind Waves was strong, the mysterious House was not an easy opponent. After being frozen for a couple of seconds, they broke through the technique.

Instantly, the area returned to normal. All eyes were now on Ling Xian. They found it hard to hide their shock.

Freezing objects?

How unbelievable was this?

The mysterious House was astonished and began to act defensively. The four clans were also surprised, but after realizing it was Ling Xian, they became ecstatic.

"Xian Ling, you finally came…"

Looking at the handsome silhouette, Leader Yan sighed in relief. The heavy rock in his heart finally dropped. Everyone was the same. As if they met their savior, they became relaxed and confident.

What could they do? Ling Xian had done far too many shocking things and he had established himself as an almighty figure. These people thought of him as someone who can do anything and was capable of miracles. Thus, when they saw him, they saw hope.

"I am sorry for being late."

Looking at the wounded crowd, Ling Xian frowned, "Leave the rest to me."

Ignoring Yan Xiong Fei and their shocked looks, he stepped out and Qi immediately flew. It engulfed everyone before him.

"You plan on fighting us solo? You sure are gutsy." The leader of the mysterious House coldly snickered, "You are Xian Ling, aren't you."

"That's right. It's me."

Ling Xian's expression was calm as he felt the opponent's profound demeanor. He couldn't help it but to frown because he knew that he was no match against him. However, he wasn't worried. Because he had a helper.

The leader of the mysterious House chuckled, "I can tell that you are powerful. But you alone cannot change the result of the war."

"We won't know until we try."

Ling Xian revealed a confident smile. That and his white robe made his temperament immortal-like and graceful.

Even if the enemy was the leader of the mysterious House, he was somewhat worried, "Extraordinary and multi-talented. Sadly, many Heaven's Favorites cannot live past me. You should blame your bad luck for provoking opponents you shouldn't have provoked."

"Then let's not waste any more time."

Ling Xian wiped off his smile and turned cold, "Make your move. Let reality speak. Will you end my dream of becoming an immortal, or will I diminish your ambition of taking control over the Trading Island?"

The Zither of the Crouching Dragon then began to shine brightly. Then, Ling Xian placed his slender hands above the strings and began to play.

Immediately, the Song of the Crouching Dragon started again. Between the music notes were battles of passion and ruthless killer's intent!


After one note as a prelude, millions of note began to play. Ling Xian plucked the strings and swore that he will bury all enemies alone!
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