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The Zither of the Crouching Dragon was a heavenly instrument that had been known for thousands of years. Though in the long history of Taoism, it had only appeared once, it was wildly known alongside the Eyes of Execution!

There were three heavenly songs of the Zither. The first one being the Petrified Wind Waves with the ability to freeze all living beings. The second song was the Crouching Dragon. This song was one that was known by everyone. It was also because of this song, was the Zither named the Zither of the Crouching Dragon.

Legend has it that 12,000 years ago, the first owner of the Eyes of Execution displayed this move and ended up taming a real dragon. From this legend, it becomes obvious how dominating this song is.

This was why when Ling Xian spoke the name of the song, the Second Elder and them had a change of face.

"Not good. Let's hurry! We cannot let him play the song!"

Shouting, the Second Elder's black hair began to tussle as horrifying Qi poured out of him and swept in all four directions. He used all his might to manipulate the Golden Dan inside him. Then, he raised a hand and smacked towards Ling Xian's head!

At the same time, the other six completion levelled cultivators, who knew of the strength of this song, summoned their strongest known techniques. They swore to kill Ling Xian with one move and were unwilling to give him a chance to play the Crouching Dragon.

"You think you can stop me?"

Ling Xian glanced around coldly as his entire demeanor changed. No longer looking like the delicate and graceful immortal, he turned into an angry God. His terrifying Qi rumbled and shook up the entire area!

"Song of the Crouching Dragon, kill!"

After a loud scream, Ling Xian played the zither aggressively. His black hair tossed in the air as the Song of the Crouching Dragon began to be played!

Clang… clang…

Music began to play that echoed throughout the world. Rays of invisible sound waves roared and sliced across the sky. All 10 of Ling Xian's fingers moved as the style of music drastically changed. No longer soft and gentle, it turned violent like stormy lightning strikes!


The invisible sound waves began to expand alongside the heavenly lights. Immediately, the techniques from the Second Elder and others were destroyed. Then, Ling Xian's song changed again in an even more aggressive manner.

Every played note was like a thousand-men army was striking. It was like horses were dashing, heavens were shocked, and the mortal world was destroyed!

"Dammit, such terrifying music!"

The Second Elder's expression changed. His blood was boiling from the Song of the Crouching Dragon. The rest of the completion levelled cultivators were the same. Every single one of them was ridden with fear. However, the seven of them were completion levelled powerhouses after all. Though they were in shock, they did not lose their composure.

"So what it is the Song of the Crouching Dragon? I do not believe this song can really tame a dragon!" The Second Elder shouted out loud as his hands waved around in the air. An explosion of bright light exuded out and headed towards Ling Xian.

"Then why don't you try."

Against the light, Ling Xian's expression was peaceful and not at all fazed. However, the way his fingers played the zither was more rushed and powerful.


After one ring, the Song of the Crouching Dragon turned aggressive. Invisible sound waves shot out of the zither, sharp like swords.

In that instant, all heavenly light sent by the Second Elder were destroyed. This again made his face drop, as he couldn't believe how violent the Song of the Crouching Dragon was.

He wasn't born in the right era. Though he had heard about the zither, he had never personally experienced its supremacy. Of course he didn't truly understand it.

Twelve thousand years ago, this song, played by its first owner, was so blindingly powerful that an entire generation fell into awe. All powerhouses from the era were shaking from fear.

And now, the Song of the Crouching Dragon was being played again after 12,000 years. The power of it was unstoppable!

"Second Elder, to die because of the Song of the Crouching Dragon is not a humiliation."

Ling Xian then played with all 10 fingers. The perfect techniques with the power of the Zither made the song sound very passionate. There was something magnetic about this.

Immediately, everything within 10,000 radius became engulfed with sound waves. Tall and ancient trees began to collapse one by one. Only leaves were left behind.

At the same time, the Second Elder and them were white faced as their blood continued to boil under the vibration of the sound waves. They were unable to move forward.

"Dammit, we cannot let him continue."

The Second Elder finally learned his lesson and realized that he cannot listen to this any longer. Thus, he forced down his boiling blood and flashed before Ling Xian in a second. He then slammed down towards his head!

After the slam of his palm, the terrifying Qi began to explode with the power to split open heaven and earth!

However, against this slam, Ling Xian did not panic. Instead, he smiled a sarcastic smile, "You think you can kill me by standing close to me? You underestimate me."

Each of Ling Xian's finger held onto a string of the zither and pulled onto them until a crescent shape was formed. He then suddenly let go!

Immediately, two unstoppably violent sound waves roared out of the zither. Like arrows that were aiming for the moon, one sound wave pierced the Second Elder's palms and the other clashed onto his chest.


After spewing out a mouthful of fresh blood, the Second Elder was knocked out for 10 metres like a kite with a cut string.

This result made the other completion levelled cultivators' faces change color.

"Dammit, our distant attacks are useless, our close range ones are failing too. Could it be that we just have to wait till he finishes playing?" The Second Elder's hair was now in a disarray. As he stared at the immobile Ling Xian, his gaze became poisonous and anxious.

The two shots of sound waves knocked him out and also made him realize the terror of this song.

"I cannot wait till the song is finished playing. The song's named Crouching Dragon, if he really finishes…" an elder opened his mouth to speak. However, half way through, he stopped.

What he wanted to say however, was understood by all. The song was named Crouching Dragon, meaning upon the completion of the song, even a dragon will bow down. Them completion levelled cultivators will of course bow down as well.

These people all originally thought they were powerful, but knew that they cannot be compared to real dragons. Thus, as much as they feared, they were also helpless.

"We cannot just sit and do nothing!"

The Second Elder gritted his teeth and screamed, "No matter what, we need to attack together. I do not believe a heavenly song can stop all seven of us!"

He then made his move. Terrifying Qi seeped out of him and headed to Ling Xian.

At the same time, the remaining six cultivators made their moves. All of them displayed their strongest techniques in hope of killing Ling Xian here and now!

Every single one of them was of the completion level with horrifying capabilities. Now that they were attacking together, they had the strength to end the world!

However, despite this astonishing attack, Ling Xian did not move. His two hands suddenly slammed onto the zither and the music disappeared at once.

In the next second however, the music from the zither reappeared. This time, it was even more violent, even more passionate!

With the strength of a thousand soldier and ten thousand horses, the music echoed through the 10,000 kilometers radius. The music was layered, emotionless, and ruthless as it greeted all the techniques sent by the seven completion levelled cultivators!


After an earth shattering rumble, the attack sent by the alliance of the seven completion levelled cultivators found it hard to defend the heavenly song from the Zither of the Crouching Dragon. Immediately, the attack was diminished!

Then, the music continued to echo and broke all branches in the forest before turning them into dust.

At the same time, the seven people alliance puked out fresh blood. Their bodies showed countless spots of bruises.

"What ruthless music, what a horrifying person!"

Everyone's face was pale as they stared at Ling Xian in fear. Even the Second Elder was slightly shaking as he found it hard to hide the fear on his face.

At this moment, they felt regretful. Regretful for trying to cause Ling Xian trouble.

This was all because the Ling Xian who was playing the Song of the Crouching Dragon was far too terrifying. Terrifying enough for them to feel desperate!

"I told you, I cannot win against the gods or tame a dragon," Ling Xian was expressionless as his fingers hovered above the strings of the zither. He paused his playing and glared at everyone. He then made a statement that caused great humiliation to the Second Elder and his subordinates.

"Sadly, you are not gods nor are you dragons."

The Second Elder and them became infuriated. Ignoring their wounds, they headed for Ling Xian.

"This last few sections of the song is to send you on your way." Ling Xian's fingers glided across the zither before he pressed down.

Immediately, all was silenced.

In the next second, Ling Xian's 10 fingers danced across the zither at a speed that would blind others. Along with it, music from the zither poured out. Very different than the sounds from before, this time, it was loud and clear. Like an ocean and a mountain high waves, it drowned out all other noises and at the same time, it was crystal clear and crisply moving.

Despite the song's clarity, its powerfulness did not lessen. Instead, it grew.

Ding, Ding Ding…

The sound, like swords leaving their sheaths, stabbed onto everyone's heart. The sound waves rippled out, breaking all trees and splitting open the ground.


The Second Elder and them puked out blood again and was frozen in midair from the music. The few cultivators of the intermediate stage could not handle the power of the zither and began to bleed from all places on their bodies. They then died.

This scene sent chills down the survivors' spines. They quickly manipulated their Golden Dans in attempt to block the music. Sadly, the Zither of the Crouching Dragon was a heavenly instrument. Its power was not something they could block.

If Ling Xian's cultivation level was merely of the beginning stage, then the Second Elder can of course defend and kill him. But reality was that Ling Xian's capability was equivalent to an advanced stage. With the power of the zither, these people cannot defend.

One by one, they became white in the face and were losing heavy amounts of blood. Their breathing weakened as well.

"The last song is to send you on your way."

Ling Xian inhaled deeply and manipulated the undefeatable Qi. Then, all 10 of his fingers plucked at the Zither!

The next second, one musical note rang and the silhouette of a gold dragon formed in the sky and roared. Its roar sent sound waves miles ahead and everything before it crumbled into pieces!

At the same time, the Second Elder and the remaining cultivators… also crumbled into pieces!
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