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The O Yang Clan was at the most north of the Island and was one of the controlling forces of the Island. However, its capability was relatively weak. Of course, weak, in this contest, was in comparison to the other four Clans. It was strong enough to control the Trading Island.

It was noon by now and the Sun was draping down warm rays of light that peeked through the tree branches.

Ling Xian's eyes were semi shut as he laid on top of a thick tree branch and enjoyed the warm afternoon Sun.

After 10 days of travelling, he had arrived at the most north border of the Trading Island. He was now only one hour away from the O Yang Clan.

Thus, he decided to take a short rest here. After all, in the past two months, he had travelled all around the Trading Island. Even though he was not exactly exhausted, he was mentally tired from all the battles.

"Phew… I am feeling a lot more relaxed now."

Ling Xian had a soft smile on his lips as he finally let himself be lazy. Even though he didn't want to do much right now, he knew that he had a lot of weight and responsibilities on his shoulders. If he wanted to enjoy life, he will have to wait until he took care of everything.

"I will wait a bit longer. After I deal with the Bai Clan, I will take a trip around all 36 islands and enjoy the sceneries before heading back to the continents." Ling Xian grinned and closed his eyes. He decided to rest for 30 more minutes before moving again.

Just then, he heard a series of steps from the trees behind him. The footsteps were headed towards him.


Ling Xian frowned and muttered to himself, "The footsteps are not orderly and the persons appear to be in a rush. Seems like someone's in trouble."

Just then, two silhouettes wearing bloody robes suddenly jumped out the bushes from before him. Their footsteps were messy and they appeared very exhausted. Behind them, more silhouettes chased after and killer's intent was seeping out of them. Despite the Sun, the atmosphere was cold.

"So someone really is being chased."

The group of pursuers were inching closer and closer. Ling Xian frowned and saw clearly of the two people close to him. There were one man and one woman. The man was a big eyed, middle-aged guy, and the woman was a girl of beauty.

The middle-aged man was pale faced as his steps became even more hasty. His black robe was dyed with blood and it was obvious that his injuries were grave. The woman was also covered in blood. Her eyes were dark, but perhaps because she was protected by the man, her injuries were nowhere near as serious.

But it seemed like these two were not going to get away.

The two of them realized this as well as their expressions were of desperation.

"Uncle Yong, just give up on protecting me. With you capabilities, you should be able to get away." The woman appeared anxious and her big eyes lost their shine.

Cough, cough…

The man named Uncle Yong coughed up some blood and forced a smile. He consoled, "Miss, my life was granted by your family. How can I just leave you here."

"But, if you don't get away now, both of us will have to die here." Wan Er's face was white like a sheet of paper, her voice began to shake as well.


Uncle Yong sighed a long sigh and desperation flashed across his face. "If I ran with all I got since the beginning, I could've gotten the chance to get away. But now that I'm injured, there is no way I can get away."

Hearing this, Wan Er's face turned even more white.

As they conversed, the footsteps behind them got even closer. Their killer's intent was flooding over the area and the pair trembled at it.

"Dammit, are we really going to die here?"

Sensing their enemies, Uncle Yong clenched his fists. He was full of desperation and unwillingness to die. However, as he was about to give up, he noticed Ling Xian, who was sitting on the branch above his head. He suddenly became overjoyed, as if he saw a chance at life again. He yelled, "Friend, please help me. I will thank you greatly after!"

"Thank me?" Ling Xian shook his head. He continued to sit there against the tree without any intention of helping.

He knew very well about the Taoism community. To put it bluntly, everyone in this community was constantly being pursued and killed. If he helped everyone who needed help, then he would be considered a live Buddha.

He was not all that generous.

Thus he had no plan to help.

Realizing that Ling Xian wasn't going to do anything, Uncle Jong became even more desperate. The woman's face turned even more pale as she found it more difficult to stand tall.

"Haha, die!"

A man dressed in black suddenly laughed out loud. The sword in his hand sliced across the air and headed towards the middle aged man's neck with the intention of piercing it.

"Get the hell away from me!"

Sensing the killer's intent behind him, Uncle Yong fought back with his own Qi. Qi of the advanced stage of the foundational level poured out of him and deflected the sword.

Sadly, if he wasn't injured, he may be an opponent of this enemy. But since he was so hurt, after deflecting the sword, he stumbled back a few steps and puked out blood.

"Uncle Yong!"

Wan Er lost her composure and ran before him. Realizing that he wasn't dead, she sighed in relief. But quickly, her sigh turned into a snicker. So what he wasn't dead? He will be dead soon.

"Ehem… ehem…"

Uncle Yong coughed up more blood, knowing that he will most likely die here. But he didn't want the woman to die as well. Then, he stared at Ling Xian again and once again asked, "Mister, this woman here is the eldest daughter of the O Yang Clan. If you save her, then the O Yang Clan will repay you."

After he spoke, Ling Xian frowned. He was about to ask more but was interrupted by the pursuer.

"Hehe, so what you are from the O Yang Clan? You are barely save yourself and you dare to make promises?"

The leader of the group snickered and shifted his gaze towards Ling Xian. He then said threateningly, "I recommend you to go wherever is chill and don't get yourself involved with this. Whoever meddles with the Bai Clan dies."

"The Bai Clan?"

Ling Xian frowned. He was intelligent and immediately guessed what was going on. His heart fell.

The leader of the group of pursuers was from the Bai Clan. The middle aged man was from the O Yang Clan. It became obvious what was going on.

The Bai Clan had started attacking the weakest of the controlling forces – the O Yang Clan.

As Ling Xian felt troubled by this, his guess was confirmed. The O Yang Clan's capabilities were weaker than the other forces, but they had been in power for thousands of years and will not be taken advantage of this easily. Even the powerful Bai Clan cannot easily defeat them.

The scene before him, however, represented another fact. The Bai Clan was really starting to attack the O Yang Clan. This left him with one possibility – the Bai Clan was getting support from the mysterious House. If not, they wouldn't dare to offend one of the controlling forces.

"The mysterious House must've heard something. So it's now making moves – starting with the weakest force." Ling Xian frowned and felt immensely stressed.

Just how powerful was the mysterious House? That he wasn't sure. But he was certain that if the O Yang Clan was wiped out, then his allies will weaken. This meant when he openly fought the mysterious House, he will have a low chance of winning.

"Aye, seems like I have to step in."

Ling Xian silently sighed. He wasn't going to meddle. But if the woman was one of the O Yang's, and the pursue was the Bai Clan, he had to make a move.

This was all because the O Yang Clan was his alley and the Bai Clan was his enemy.

"Heh, good."

Ling Xian's silence made the man in black think that he was now afraid of the Bai Clan. Thus, he turned more proud and arrogant.

Uncle Yong and O Yang Wan Er had now completely given up. As they cursed at Ling Xian for being a scared cat, they loosened their fists and decided to give up on opposing.

"Hehe, die."

The man in black laughed and walked before the two of them, "Do not worry. The O Yang Clan cannot hold on much longer anyways. Very soon, you will be joined by many. You won't be lonely on your road to death."

He then raised his sword and aimed for the two's heads!

Instantly, the two of them chuckled in pain and glanced at Ling Xian, as if trying to imprint this emotionless person's face into their brains. What they saw however, startled them.

Because the two of them saw Ling Xian jump before them in less than a second. Then, he extended two fingers and placed them around the long sword.

"I never said I am not going to meddle."

Ling Xian's expression was calm. After glaring at the man, he put some strength into his fingers.


After a crisp noise, the sword shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

Everyone was stunned in an instant.

The man in black especially, revealed how shocked he was and quickly stepped back. He shouted, "Young man, you dare to meddle with the Bai Clan's business? You must be tired of living."

"The Bai Clan?"

Ling Xian revealed a grin of sarcasm and coldness. After he agreed to help Bai Xiao Qi, he was deatined to be standing against the Bai Clan.

In other words, he was at a position where either he died or the Bai Clan died. Thus, why would he be afraid of the Bai Clan?


Ling Xian's expression was calm before this threat. He then casually dusted his sleeves. No heavenly light poured out and there was no terrifying howls. He simply dusted his sleeves, gently, and slowly.

Then, everyone saw an unforgettable scene.

The man in black displayed a face of pure terror as he collapsed onto the ground, no longer breathing. His widened eyes were flooding with agony and fear.

Everyone turned to Ling Xian with utter shock in their eyes.

A casual dust of his sleeve killed the man?

Just how powerful did he have to be to achieve that?!
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