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On top of the mountain peak, thousands of people kneeled down on the ground and kowtowed towards Ling Xian thrice. The sea of thumping noise represented everyone's appreciation and respect. It was loud enough to echo.

This was a grand scene and an unbelievable one!

These people were not kowtowing towards their father or mother, nor were they kowtowing towards an immortal or a Buddha. In their eyes however, the man in white was a god, and was a Buddha!

Without a doubt, at this very moment, everyone was viewing Ling Xian as their second parent!

"You guys…"

Looking at the sea of people who were kneeling, Ling Xian was somewhat baffled. He didn't think everyone would show him such a grand gesture. He felt touched and warm.

"Thank you, Master Xian, for saving my life!"

Everyone said in unison and stared at Ling Xian. They gazes were full of appreciation, respect, and even idolatry.

Many female cultivators were revealing traces of adoration, as if they wanted to run up there and thank him physically.

"It's not a big deal. Please stand." Ling Xian smiled and gestured for everyone to stand up.

Hearing this, everyone shook his head, as if they cannot express their appreciation unless they kneeled.

Seeing this, Ling Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He lost his composure, "What you are doing looks more like I am threatening you all to apologize to me, rather than thanking me."

"I…" everyone chuckled, and realized how strange this scene looked.

"Master Xian, to thank you, I have something of value to give to you."

Someone shouted out. Before anyone could react, the person stood up quickly and took out the treasure he brought.

"Master Xian, I too, brought you something. It's a thousand year-old jade. Even though it's not very expensive, it can help cultivators stay calm. It is a useful treasure."

"My ass! Those jades are very useless. Master Xian, look at what I have, I have a jug of medicinal alcohol. It is a combination of medicinal affects and tastiness. Hehe, to male cultivators, it can bring great benefits."

"Haha, you show him something so ugly and worthless? It's so embarrassing. Mater Xian is an alchemist, why would he even look at that? Master Xian, look at what I have. It's a Gold Cocoon Armor. If you wear it, knives can't pierce you, fire can' t burn you! It's insanely good with defense!"

Everyone chimed in and made fun of other's treasures while talked up their own. The place became a market.

In an instant, the mountain peak grew noisy.

Ling Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He felt warm but also helpless.

A thousand year old jade?

He really didn't have one. But he had something better. To help remain calm during training, what he had was exponentially better.

Medicinal alcohol?

He didn't have that neither. But he had something better. Comparing the denseness of what he had to what was offered, what he had was once again exponentially better.

The Golden Cocoon Armor? Ling Xian was speechless. He had the Armor of the Royal Spirits. Also, as a completion levelled cultivator, why would he need an armor of the foundational level?

What a joke?

But Ling Xian understood that to the people before him, those objects were of great value. But to him, accepting them would be truly useless.

"Everyone please quiet down and listen to me." Ling Xian shook his head and gestured for everyone to stop talking.

The crowd turned silently immediately. It was obvious that Ling Xian held some power over them. Even if the Clan Leader was the one asking them to stop talking, they wouldn't silence so fast.

"Very good."

LIng Xian grinned in satisfactions. "I am very aware of how appreciative you are and it's why you want to give me all these gifts. But honestly, these items will not be of use to me and you need them more than me. So I accept your thanks, but please take back the items."


Everyone was a little startled. They didn't listen to Ling Xian but continued to talk and asked him to accept their gifts.

As they continued to argue, a calm but bitter voice suddenly rung, forcing everyone to unwillingly take back their gifts.

"Stop this. Master Xian isn't taking them is for your own good. Store all your stuff right now.

As the voice trailed off, Nan Gong Ru descended from the sky. He was still wearing the green robe that made him look studious and graceful.


Everyone greeted in unison.

Nan Gong Ru brandished his hand and glanced around. He seemed a little jealous.

He had been hiding in the dark and witnessed how everyone kowtowed towards Ling Xian and saw how everyone wanted to gift Ling Xian their best treasures. This was a treatment he never received. Thus it was hard to not mind it.

"Take back your gifts. Master Xian doesn't need them." Nan Gong Ru waved his hand again and forced everyone to take back their gifts. Once they all put them back did he nod in satisfaction. He then looked towards Ling Xian with a huge grin and formed a fist and cupped it with the other, "Master Xian."

"No need for such etiquette," Ling Xian smiled, "You being here has saved me a trip."

"What is it?" Nan Gong Ru asked.

"Nothing, I simply want to bid my farewells." Ling Xian spoke softly. He had achieved his goal, and he had gained the Devious Burial Flower. It was time to move on.


Nan Gong Ru frowned and tried to keep him, "Why not stay a few more days and let me show you around the Nan Gong Clan?"

"No thanks. You three Clans have each given me a hard task to accomplish, the O Yang Clan is my last stop."


Ling Xian's reminder of the past made Nan Gong Ru smile awkwardly. "Okay, if you are really keen on leaving, then I won't say more. One thing though, if you ever run into trouble, if you ask me, I will not say no!"

"Yes! If you need us, I will help you with my life!"

"Haha, me too! Even if it's something as hard as climbing up the sky, I will do it!"

Everyone spoke up, their tone determined.

Hearing this, Ling Xian felt a gush of warmth. He nodded and beamed, "Nan Gong Leader, everyone, we will see each other soon."

Then, he jumped into the air and broke through the Nan Gong Clan's barrier. He was heading to the north.

He had achieved what he came for, it was natural for him to go to the O Yang Clan and complete the last task.

"I wonder what hardship awaits and what I will gain from it this time."

Ling Xian's lips curled up and anticipation flashed across his eyes.
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