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Painting of the Nine Immortals 401 The Unnamed Flower

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The Nan Gong Clan was located at the very west of the Trading Island. Created by the powerhouse Nan Gong Ao Tian, it had thousand years of history and had always been one of the leaders of the Island. Its history was ageless and glorious.

Different than the other clans, the Nan Gong Clan was very low key and there were rarely any news about this Clan. However, there was a rumor about the Nang Gong ancestor that everyone knew about.

Rumor has it that this person had little talent and a very normal background. In the early years of his life, he was at the bottom of the pool of cultivators. However, one day out of nowhere, this person suddenly rose up to a completion levelled cultivator as if consumed some kind of spiritual Dan.

Then, this person's cultivation journey aggressive moved along without obstacles. After he created the Clan of his own, he suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if evaporated.

The only thing he left behind was the Nan Gong Ao Tian in the history books. Then, according to a cultivator of his own generation, the reason why this person rose quickly and disappeared suddenly, was because of flower.

An unnamed flower.

Towards this rumor, people obviously did not believe it. How could a flower create a powerhouse and lead to his disappearance?

What a wild story!

Then, in the many years that followed, the Nan Gong Clan had many powerhouses die suddenly of unknown causes.

After that, everyone felt shivers down their spine and linked this to the mysterious flower.

In the many years after, there would be powerhouses dying in the Nan Gong House sporadically. Every single one of them would die a strange death and nobody knew how they died. Due to this, everyone now firmly believed that this was caused by the unnamed flower.

As time on, the conditions of the Nan Gong House slowly stabilized. Even though many powerhouses would still die of unknown causes, the number greatly decreased. As time went on, people started to forget about this.

However, that mysterious and strange flower was imprinted in everyone's heart and the story was passed down generation after generation.


The sun just rose, draping down golden light that reflected off the endless ranges of mountains.

Here was the establishment of the Nan Gong Clan.

Because the Nan Gong Clan was very low key, it had minimal interaction with other Clans. Unlike the other controlling forces who constantly had visitors, the Nan Gong House was quiet and empty.

But just now, a visitor had arrived. A young person wearing all white with an extraordinary aura.

It was Ling Xian.

After half a month of travel, he finally arrived here and has found out the information he wanted to know. After he learned about the unknown flower, he too, felt chill down his spine.

Just what kind of strange flower could create a powerhouse?

Just what kind of mysterious flower could cause the sudden disappearance of a powerhouse? Then, like a curse, it was passed down the descendants of the Nan Gong House?

All these mysteries made Ling Xian very curious. Thus, despite the chill he felt, he came anways.

"This is the Nan Gong Clan…"

Staring at the grand mountain ranges, Ling Xian smiled and marched forward to step into this mysterious Clan. However, after walking only a few steps, a golden sheer of light appeared and stopped him.

Seeing this, Ling Xian's lips curled up, "I was wondering why there were no guards and no barrier. So the barrier only activates after someone arrives."

He then began to manipulate his Qi to smash the barrier before him. Since he busted into the Chu Clan before to scare them off, he planned on doing the same to the Nan Gong Clan who hadn't been treating him nicely neither.

However, just as he was about smash open this barrier, a helpless voice suddenly rang.

"Master Xian, it's not nice to be so violent the moment you arrive. Since I am greeting you in person, let's not fight?"

In the next second, a middle aged man walked out of the golden light and arrived before Ling Xian.

This person's brows were long and face was angular. Wearing a green robe, he appeared kind, gentle, and elegant.

"Leader of the Nan Gong Clan?"

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow and checked out the man before him. He felt like this person didn't look like someone who was very respected. On the contrary, he looked like a student.

"That's right. I am Nan Gong Ru, it is a pleasure." The elegant man paid his respect and checked out Ling Xian. A trace of fear was hidden behind his eyes.

Chu Xing He had warned him and told him all about what Ling Xian had done. After all, how could he not be afraid.

"You are being too kind." Ling Xian waved around his hand and smiled, "Has Leader Nan Gong been purposely waiting for me?"

"Yes, for someone like Master Xian, of course I have to wait for you to greet you." Nan Gong Ru smiled kindly and his attitude was very respectable.

One was because he was naturally gentle, two was because he had heard everything from Leader Chu. Thus, he must be careful about how he was presenting himself before Ling Xian.

What could he do? Ling Xian had turned the Chu Clan upside down. Anyone would be careful before him right now.


Ling Xian meaningfully looked at Nan Gong Ru and smiled, "I did not inform you about my arrival. I wonder how you received the news?"


Nan Gong Ru awkwardly grinned, knowing that Ling Xian had guessed that the Chu Clan had told him, "Master Xian's arrival is highly anticipated by my Clan. Let us talk more inside."

He then extended his arm to lead Ling Xian in.

Seeing this, Ling Xian beamed. There was no need to be rude because of something so small. He entered the Nan Gong House.

He then followed Nan Gong Ru into a palace.

The palace they were in was very spacious and minimalistic. Other than day to day objects, there weren't much else. Even the common Pearls of Moonlight were nowhere to be seen. It was obvious that Nan Gong Ru did not live lavishly and was very simple.

"Master Xian, come sit."

Nan Gong Ru smiled gently and brewed two cups of tea.

Hearing this, Ling Xian sat and sipped on the tea. He then said, "I am a direct guy. I know you are having difficulties and you know why I am here. Let's not waste each other's time and get right to it."

"You sure are straight forward."

Nan Gong Ru lightly chuckled. Against the handsome young man, he asked, "I am a little curious. What difficulties are you assuming I am having?"

"There is no need to play dumb."

Ling Xian tauntingly glared at him, "Aren't you having a hard time dealing with that unnamed flower?"
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