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On the seventh level of the Tower of the Seventh Soul.

Ling Xian was focused like never before as he crazily manipulated his own Qi until it is at its peak. He was now prepared for the upcoming matchup.

In front of him, stood two men dressed in white. They had the same visage as Ling Xian, and their demeanors were the same as well – just as horrifying.

The only difference was that the two men before him were utterly lifeless, as if they were walking corpses.

It was obvious that those two were also Ling Xian. The Tower had used some kind of technique to make them appear human-like. Despite the fact that they were definitely fake beings, their capabilities will not pale next to Ling Xian's.

In other words, Ling Xian was about to face two of himself. How could he not be prepared?

To know that even though these two fake people were formed by the Tower, they were equipped with the same capabilities as Ling Xian. Whether it was the Eyes of Execution or the profound amount of experience, they were all up to par to the real Ling Xian!

If there were only one, then perhaps he could win. But there were two of them, how could he fight them?

"Phew… could this really be the end of me? Will I really let everyone out there treat me like I'm a joke?" Ling Xian's heart dropped. Even though the last six levels were difficult, to him, they weren't too bad. All he had to face was some extremely ferocious beasts.

This was why he was able to step all the way up to the seventh level within an hour!

But now, Ling Xian has found out that his opponent was himself. Even with his resolution and determination, he couldn't help it but to smile wryly.

Fight? How could he fight? It was impossible.

Even though he knew that the possibility of him winning was low, he didn't want to give up. Because giving up meant he will have to accept all the laughter from outside. This will also a dark shadow that's impossible to get rid of in his heart!

"I cannot give up this easily and let others laugh at me." Ling Xian wiped the smile off his face and grew even more determined, "I have already arrived at the seventh. I cannot give up easily. So what there are two of me? I will definitely be able to get past it!"

The moment his voice trailed off, he dialed up his spiritual energy even more. His spirits began to burn like flames.

Then, just as his Qi reached its peak, the two men in white suddenly made their moves.

In an instant, the entire area lit up with an dizzying amount of light. Two silhouettes with undefeatable amount of energy descended from the sky!


The first move they made was shocking enough to break mountains and split open the sky!

What could they do? They were, after all, a clone of Ling Xian. Their capabilities were obviously going to be undeniably terrifying. In the foundational level, they could be considered undefeatable!

"So strong!"

Ling Xian's face changed color as he summoned the Halberd of the Divine Warrior in defense.

However, these two copied his movements and each unleashed their Halberd.


The three Halberds clashed into each other. The Tower immediately shook and silenced!

In the next second, Ling Xian spat out a mouthful of blood and stumbled back more than 10 steps.

What could he do? These two were far too strong. If there was just one of them, he had 50 percent chance of winning. But they were making moves together. Even if an Immortal was here, he would be easily suppressed.

"I sure am a little regretful. Why did I go down the undefeatable realm route? Now there are two people as strong as myself. Is there a way for me to survive?" Ling Xian grinned bitterly. But very quickly, he built up his determination again.

So what there are two of them?

He has to overstep his limit and pass the test of the Tower!


Ling Xian shouted out loud as his black hair tussled in the wind. Transforming into the God of Warrior, he greeted his clones!

Even though he knew well that it is more likely for this battle to end badly, he will not retreat. He had his beliefs and his determination that he will surpass the hardest test he had ever had to face and reach a new height!


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior was impossible to stop. Ling Xian no longer reserved himself as he displayed all his capabilities. The terrifying amount of Qi rolled out of him and rose up as high as the ninth level of heaven!

It was obvious that he was very strong as a foundational cultivator. Strong enough to make all other foundational cultivators feel helpless. But don't forget, his opponents were just as strong!

Therefore, his shocking attack was easily defended by his clones. They also took a chance to attack themselves and headed straight for Ling Xian's throat!

"Hmmph, get the f*ck out of my way!"

Ling Xian gruntled before summoning his Eyes of Execution in a delirious manner. All the other transformative properties of the Eyes appeared and defended against the attacks.

He had gone completely crazy as he let his Qi take over him.

Ling Xian knew very well that if he did not attack with all he had got, then he will only get exhausted and be beaten by those two!

Thus, he let himself go crazy. Crazier than he's ever been before!

"Get away!"

Ling Xian's jet black hair continued to flow in the wind as he let his Qi swirl all over him. He made an oath to himself that he will kill those two. This was the moment that he will show off everything he had ever learned in the past!

His opponents, however, did not retreat in fear. They too, began to display all the moves Ling Xian knew in preparation for their match!


Ling Xian's black hair draped down his back as he bathed in his own blood. He was obviously getting weaker and weaker, but he did not retreat even half a step!


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior swept across the air and the Sword of Extinction swung from the opposite direction. Ling Xian moved with exaggerated movements, carrying with him an unwillingness to lose!


A series of clangs and clunks rang through the air. The three shadows chased each other in mid-air. Every single one of them was diffused with an infinite amount of energy. Like an immortal, they all had enough power to kill all living beings!

The exact same tactics, the exact same capabilities… the only difference was that it was two versus one!

But, what could he do?

At this point, he had no way out. The only path for him was to fight on and kill all in sight!

Fight, fight, fight!

Fight until the sky darkens and the earth disappears! Fight until his last drop of blood evaporates!

Kill, kill, kill!

Kill until the moon no longer shines! Kill until there is no one else blocking his way!


Ling Xian had lost it. Even though he was covered in blood and he had reached his limit. At this moment, he had squeezed out all the potential he had as he attacked even more explosively and aggressively than before!

At the same time, all five transformative weapons were beside him as they all emitted an unmatchable level of energy. The Tower couldn't help but to shake uncontrollably!

This will be his strongest attack!

This will be his last attack!

If this attach cannot kill those two, then Ling Xian will only face death.


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud as a terrifying atmosphere formed. The five different weapons were infused with Ling Xian's determination and his beliefs. They all began to attack the two silhouettes.

The undefeatable amount of energy was something even the Tower of the Seventh Soul could not repressed. The energy travelled for miles, shocking even those outside the Tower.


Five different colored eternal light sliced across the sky with thunderous power and immediately diminished the two silhouettes.

How invincible!
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