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Painting of the Nine Immortals 393 The Holy Treasure of the Chu Clan

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The Chu Clan was located in the middle of the Trading Island and was one of the controlling forces. There were as many powerful figures in the Clan as there were trees in the area. The Clan had been glorious for thousands of years. In the entire 36 islands, it was considered to be one of the most powerful.

When the Chu Clan was mentioned, everyone on the Trading Island would think of this one insane object. This was something everyone knew. It was an holy treasure passed down by the creators of the Chu Clan.

This object was called the Tower of the Seventh Soul. It had the ability to bring down all the devious beings in the world. In the entire 36 islands, it was an overpowering treasure.

The treasure supported the Chu Clan on its becoming of a controlling force!

In other words, the glory the Chu Clan enjoyed today was thanks to the Tower of the Seventh Soul. It was this exist of this treasure that helped the Chu Clan to win the battle of power against the other clans. It was also thanks to the treasure, was the Chu Clan able to be established itself on this island for thousand of years!

This was why this treasure was named the anchor of the Chu Clan. Meaning that as long as the Chu Clan has possession of this treasure, the clan will be able to stop all waves that come its way!

There was also a very interesting rumor about this treasure. According to legends, within the Tower of the Seventh Soul, countless treasures were placed inside the tower. Therefore, if a descendant can pass the test of the tower, then they can get their hands on the other treasures.

One has to admit that the Chu Clan ancestor's ideas were good, as it encourages descendants to continuously improve themselves and get better. What is laughable is that in the past thousands of years, the descendants have only gone as far as the fifth level of the tower. Nobody could surpass the sixth or reach the sixth.

The Chu Clan became a joke for this reason.

After all the work the Chu Clan ancestors put into this, nobody from the clan was good enough to reach the seventh level. How could they not be a joke?

The Chu Clan was very pained about this. However, no matter how much effort they put into this, they could not pass the test. What could they do? The Tower of the Seventh Soul was simply far too difficult to surpass and everyone was feeling desperate!

There was even a rumor that the Chu Clan invited the first Hidden Dragon to attempt it. sadly, the Hidden Dragon only reached the sixth level before being defeated.

This proved just how hard it was to pass the test of the Tower!

The Sun was in the middle of the sky. It was noon.

Inside the study room of the Chu Leader, two middle-aged men were holding onto their tea and were deep in thoughts.

The man wearing gold standing on the left was the Chu Clan Leader, Chu Xing He. The one standing on the right, dressed in white, was his biological brother, Chu Xing Yun.

Currently, they were discussing the matters about the Tower of the Seventh Soul.

"Brother, what if that Heaven's Favorite, Ling Xian, really does pass all the tests of the Tower. Will we have to form an alliance with him?" Chu Xing Yun suddenly spoke.

Chu Xing He gave a confident smile, "Do not worry. Even though that person is talented, he will not easily get rid of the anchor of our clan. Do you not know how difficult it is to pass the test of the Tower?"

"That is true. Even the first Hidden Dragon could only reach the sixth level. He cannot be stronger than that guy." Chu Xing Yun grinned, also not believing that Ling Xian had the ability to reach the seventh level.

"Exactly. It is an impossible task. Why would we think about the possibility of him succeeding." Chu Xing He laughed.

"Haha, you are right, brother." Chu Xing Yun chuckled, but very quickly, he frowned instead, "Brother, but I do think that Yan Xiong Fei has a point. We should work together to defeat that mysterious force."

"I thought about that. The mysterious force making a move this time means it's trying to overthrow the current five controlling forces. But this is merely a guess. If it is not the intention of the mysterious force, us forcing an alliance will undermine all the hard work we have put into establishing this clan." Chu Xing He sighed, "Also, the other two controlling forces also didn't accept the alliance right away. They each had their own conditions Ling Xian must meet. I will not be the turtle that stuck out its head."

"You have a point."

Chu Xing Yun stayed silent for a while, "The point is, no matter what, we will not be at a disadvantage."

"That's right. If he cannot beat the tower, then we have a reason to say no to the alliance." Chu Xing He nodded, "But if he does beat the tower, we will have a lot more treasures and our capabilities will increase. When that happens, we can choose to form the alliance and defeat the mysterious force. It will add to our current glory."

"Of course, there is no way he can beat the tower. Therefore the alliance will not happen." Chu Xing He added. His voice was full of certainty.

"Haha, of course." Chu Xing Yun did not believe in Ling Xian.

"Exactly. So let's not think too much. The result is already determined." Chu Xing He chuckled and concluded.

At that, Chu Xing Yun did not offer any more opinion and changed the subject, "Right, brother, do you know what kind of treasures are hidden in the Tower of the Seventh Soul?"

"Aye, when you speak of that, my head hurts."

Chu Xing He sighed and shook his head, "I don't know. I only know it is an invaluable treasure and we will only find out when we reach the seventh level."

"Even you don't know..."

Since the troublesome face Chu Xing He had, Chu Xing Yun bitterly smiled, "Ancestor sure likes to cause trouble. He could've just passed the treasures onto the descendants. Why did he do this?"


Chu Xing He sighed, "I understand the intention of the ancestors. But pity that the descendants have been weak and we cannot beat the test of the tower."

"The tests are just too hard. And inside, only the foundational levelled Qi is allowed. In the past few thousand years, we haven't had a foundational levelled cultivator of the undefeatable realm." Chu Xing Yun sighed and expressed his helplessness.

"One from the undefeatable realm may not even pass. The first Hidden Dragon was of the undefeatable realm but only reached the sixth level." Chu Xing He was also helpless.

Just as the two of them exchanged their worries, they heard a voice that struck down like lightning!

"I, Ling Xian, am here to pay the Chu Clan a visit!"

Hearing this, Chu Xing He laughed, "He does not know how high the sky is. He actually came."

"Haha, interesting. I am certain that he is here with great confidence. Sadly, even he cannot beat the test of our anchor." Chu Xing Yun gave a taunting smile.

As he guessed, Ling Xian was full of confidence.

After a month of trekking, he had arrived at the Chu Clan. He also had guessed the condition the Chu Clan wanted him to meet.

When he found out about the Tower of the Seventh Soul, his originally confidence level of 50% turned into 80%.

Even the first Hidden Dragon reached the sixth level. Ling Xian did not think he was weaker than the Hidden Dragon!

"The Tower of the Seventh Soul. I sure want to see, if you match up to your name…"

Ling Xian floated in mid-air. Staring at the deeply rooted seven-levelled tower, his gaze was fiery.
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