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Inside the cave, a skinny hand rose into the air, carrying with it, thunderous speed and energy!

Instantly, the wind blew and the mountain shook!

Ling Xian helplessly shook his head and called out to his Eyes of Execution. The Winged Blitz erupted out of him and blocked the skinny hand.

However, Luo Xin Jie's cultivation level was higher than Ling Xian's. This hit was also out of pure hatred. Thus, its power was incomparable and immediately knocked him out.

[What a horrifying woman…]

Ling Xian silently sighed but did not try to fight against her. Instead, he borrowed the energy from the slap and drifted with the energy. Though the Winged Blitz was destructed from the hit, he was not harmed.

To know that Luo Xin Jie was also of the completion level and was already in the intermediate level, for him to be unharmed from this was enough to prove his powerfulness.

"How dare you take advantage of me."

Luo Xin Jie had a strange look in her face as her expression turned frigid. She was no longer mysterious like before.

She was not a promiscuous girl. She simply liked to seduce guys. This was obvious based on the way she interacted with Ling Xian. However, though she was close to him, she never really threw herself on him.

Growing up, no man has ever touched her, let alone her chest. How could she not feel embarrassed? Not feel angered?

"Miss, I…"

Ling Xian bitterly chuckled. But he found himself unable to explain his actions. It was a fact that he extended his hand and it was a fact that he touched her. How could he explain that away?

"There is no need to explain. Let me beat you up first!"

Hissing, Luo Xin Jie abruptly moved and once again raised her palm. This time, it was heading towards Ling Xian's chest.

Ling Xian smiled helplessly, "If hitting me will ease your anger, then I will accept this one hit."

Thus, he did not dodge. Instead, he raised his chest to welcome the hit.


The palm dashed across the air and landed square on Ling Xian's chest.

As if thunder had struck, Ling Xian's lips began to bleed. However, he did not step back even half a step. He blocked this attack using his physical body.

Luo Xin Jie frowned and coldly said, "Why not use your spiritual energy to block it? Why not doge it?"

"I told you, if hitting me once can ease your anger, then I will take it willingly." Ling Xian's face was a little white as he swallowed hard. If this was anyone else, he would not be standing here and taking this beating. However, he was in the wrongs today, thus he had to accept this.

"A responsible man."

Luo Xin Jie complimented, though her face remained cold, "Sadly, one hit isn't enough. I need to hit you at least three times."

"If it will relieve your anger, three slaps isn't a big deal." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He stepped forward one step, looking like a ruler.


Luo Xin Jie's eyes flashed with a wave of strangeness, "Then be careful. I will not go easy on you."

"Come at me, I will face these three slaps!"

Ling Xian's expression turned rigid. He could hear the frigidness in her tone and did not dare to be reckless. After all, the woman's training was above his. To accept three slaps from her could end his life.

However, he did not regret this decision!

A person, especially a man, need to take responsibilities.

"The second slap is coming for you!"

As her voice trailed off, Luo Xin Jie's hand slapped out. The heaven and earth seemingly split at the killer's instinct.


A terrifying amount of energy rolled out. Her thin hand like a hatchet, slammed into Ling Xian's chest.


As his face turned white, the blood in his chest boiled. Even though he tried to restrain himself with his spiritual energy, he could not control himself and puked out a mouthful of blood.


After puking out blood, Ling Xian stumbled backwards as if his joints had been dislocated. What could he do? Luo Xin Jie was far too overpowering. If he used a technique to defend, he wouldn't have been this hurt.

But, he was willing to accept three slaps from Luo Xin Jie, thus, he was not planning on using his spiritual energy against her. How could he defend with only his physical body though?

Don't forget, Luo Xin Jie was a completion levelled cultivator of the intermediate stage. She was also of the undefeatable realm. On top of all this, she did not go easy on him. For him to have survived two of her slaps was already unbelievable.

Even though he was getting hit, he did not use spiritual energy. Compared to Luo Xin Jie, who was using Qi, they were like a cat and a tiger. For a cat to remain alive after getting hit twice by a tiger, how unbelievable was this?

"You are strong. You are the first person to survive two of my slaps." Luo Xin Jie's expression was calm. But within her stare, she was surprised.

It was obvious that she was stunned by Ling Xian's capabilities.

"Ehem, ehem… You are flattering me." Ling Xian puked out more blood and forced a smile, "Please deliver your third slap."

"With the state you are in, you dare to accept another hit?" Luo Xin Jie raised an eyebrow. Staring at the stumbling Ling Xian, she hesitated.

Ling Xian's lips curled up and made a determined statement.

"It's not about whether or not I dare, it's about whether or not I want to."


Luo Xin Jie complimented. Looking at the resolute Ling Xian, all the anger she felt disappeared, "You take responsibilities for your actions, you are a real man. Plus, your Qi and capabilities are beyond anything I've seen in my life."

Beyond anything she's seen.

These simple words represented a high honor!

To know that Luo Xin Jie did not have an ordinary identity. She had met far too many Heaven's Favorites yet none of them meant anything to her. To have given the person before her such a high compliment represented how extraordinary Ling Xian was.

"You are flattering me again. Please make your move." Ling Xian forced another grin.

"I am afraid you will die." Luo Xin Jie stared deeply into Ling Xian's eyes, "As for this third slap, I will not deliver it today. But, you better remember, you are one slap in debt."

"Thank you, miss. I will remember." Ling Xian was relieved. He already knew that he cannot handle this third slap.

The only reason why he insisted on accepting the third slap was because, for one, he had his principles. For two, he had a way to ensure he remained alive at the end of this.

"Good. Then we will flip over this page. You cannot mention what happened today again to anyone else." Luo Xin Jie's expression was calm. Glancing at Ling Xian, she looked just like a phoenix.

"Today's event involved your innocence. Of course I will not speak of it." Ling Xian nodded. He silently manipulated his own Qi to heal his own wounds.

"Alright, then we can talk about what's important."

Luo Xin Jie's expression was calm. At this moment, she was no longer alluring and flirty, instead, she was like a Goddess who had rules over the world for many years.

"I know you. You are the famous Master Xian. If I'm not wrong, you came from the nine continents."
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