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"Alright, I have given you the chance and you wasted it. Don't call me heartless later."

He then picked up the elephant tusk off the beast skin. He will teach Hua You Du a lesson today.

"Hmmph, I sure want to know if you have a tongue that can make even the false the truth and make a real treasure into a fake one." Hua You Du coldly snickered. Her tone was full of confidence regarding her treasures and full of disdain towards Ling Xian.

Hearing this, Ling Xian beamed, uncertain as to where this woman was getting all her confidence from. If all these objects were real treasures, he would've let it go. But he had used Inner Eyes and determined that there were no spiritual lights emitted by any of them.

Even though the Eyes of Execution did no specialize in valuating objects, they were, after all, fourth ranked Inner Eyes!

The ranking system was not random, it was based on the overall capability of the Inner Eyes. The Eyes of Execution, for example, were mainly used for battles, but also had other abilities. The Eyes of Eagles for example, can zoom in any objects, and the Eyes of Infiltration could look through all objects. Against all these powerful eyes, the Eyes of Execution were still placed higher.

Inspecting and valuating treasures was one of the abilities the Eyes of Execution had. Of course, its abilities cannot be compared to the Eyes of Viewing, which specializes in valuation. But they can at least see spiritual light off real treasures.

Because Ling Xian has never had a need to use it, he's never really revealed this ability.

Right now, he has revealed the Eyes of Execution's ability to evaluate treasures. He saw right through that there are no spiritual light around these objects.

Not all treasures have spiritual light, but those without any hint of them are definitely not treasures. Also, don't forget that Ling Xian had experienced the lost century – his knowledge and experience were better than average.

This was why he was willing to bid his entire storage pouch. It wasn't that he got confused from the temptation, but rather, he simply had the confidence.

"Fragment of the Sixth Samara, wait for me."

Ling Xian grinned confidently as he searched his memory for everything he knew about the Ancient Godly Elephant. He said, "The Ancient Godly Elephant only existed in the previous era. They are known to be able to suppress all that's evil and they symbolize peace. Their tusks are their strongest weapon due to their durability. They could pierce through all defense."

Then, he manipulated his spiritual energy and grabbed onto the tusk and slammed it towards the ground.

However, before the tusk could even bite into the ground, it broke into pieces due to Ling Xian's exertion of his spiritual energy.

Instantly, an angry and pained scream rose.

"My treasure!"

The lady, with an agonizing expression, stared at the broken tusk and screamed, "Pay me back for my treasure! Pay back my tusk!"

"How can you still think it's a real treasure?"

Ling Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He pointed at the broken tusk, "I just told you, the actual elephant tusks are sturdy and strong. That is a fact recorded in history books and nobody can argue. This tusk of yours smashed into pieces before it even hit the ground. Do I really need to explain what this means?"


Hua You Du raised an eyebrow. No matter how dumb she was, she could not deny what just happened. However, she just could not believe that the Ancient Godly Elephant tusk she had been treasuring all these years was a fake.

"Maybe, maybe…"

Her brows locked together tightly. After a while, she finally found a reasonable explanation, "Maybe after thousands of years, the tusk is not as sturdy as before, therefore, it couldn't handle your completion levelled Qi. That is normal."

"You sure don't cry until you see your grave."

Ling Xian chuckled, "Alright, say you are right."

"What do you mean? I am right!" Hua You Du's face flashed with proudness, very happy with the excuse she found for herself.

"Alright, you are right." Ling Xian didn't want to waste time, "Ancient records also said that the Ancient Godly Elephants are also known as Golden Elephants, but the elephants were not gold in color. Do you know why?"

"If I knew, why would I be wasting my breath with you?" Hua You Du hissed, still unable to believe that her own master would've given her a pile of garbage as inheritance.

"Alright, then let me explain."

Ling Xian smiled helplessly. If he didn't care about the fragment, he wouldn't be wasting his time with this big-chested but brainless woman. "The reason why they are also known as Golden Elephants is because their teeth are yellow inside. Look at the tusk you had, it's obviously white."

He then handed the broken tusk to the woman.

Hua You Du frowned as she inspected the tusk carefully. They were white. Her eyes filled with disbelief, "How… how is this possible."

"How's it not?" Ling Xian shook his head, "Everything I'm saying is recorded on historical records. If you don't believe me, then search it up yourself. But most importantly, I do not see any spiritual light given off by this treasure."


Since everything Ling Xian said had had proof, Hua You Du finally stopped arguing. She had nothing to argue against, as all the facts were placed before her.

"It seems like you are not one to try and rip off others. You were the one who got ripped off." Ling Xian grinned, "Alright, since I have proven my point, can you keep your promise and give me that fragment?"

"Wait a minute."

Hua You Du clenched her teeth. She recalled how serious her master looked when he asked her to keep the tusk safe and became infuriated. She so very much wanted to find her Master right now and ask him what this was about.

Luckily, some logic remained with her. She knew that under the circumstance, it was not the right time to go find her Master. She had to ask Ling Xian to inspect all her other treasures.

"Miss, perhaps you want to break the promise?" Ling Xian frowned.

Hua You Du shook her head. She simply no longer believed everything her Master had said, "No, I just want you to inspect all my other treasures. They were all given to me by the same person so I want to know if they are all fake."


Ling Xian sighed helplessly, "Okay, count me unlucky, let me look for you."

He then picked up the rusted knife off the beast skin and thought about it, "If I'm not wrong, you probably thought this was the famous Dragon Slayer."

"That's right." Hua You Du's eyes flashed with shock.

"The exterior does look like it. Even the carvings are surprisingly accurate. Sadly, it's a fake."

Ling Xian continued softly, "It is well known on historical records that the Dragon Slayer lost its spirituality, which is why it looks just like an ordinary knife. The knife you have is delicately carved and also rusty. Despite the similarity to the real one, it isn't hard to see that it is not the real one."

"First, the material. The real Dragon Slayer is made up of molten gold and dragon blood…" Ling Xian grinned, stating proof one by one.

There were not a lot of historical records about the Dragon Slayer. The only reason why he knew so much about it was because he saw the real Dragon Slayer during the lost century.

After a while, Ling Xian finally finished speaking. After taking a peek at the dumbfounded Hua You Du, he asked, "You believe me now right? In summary, this knife is a worthless one. Of course, if you have the habit of collecting antiques, it may be worth some spiritual stones."

Hua You Du watched with her wide eyes and parted lips, unable to believe Ling Xian described to her in such detail what the real one looks like. Despite the fact that she had no way of arguing, she soon turned shock into anger, "Goddamn you, Master. Just you wait! You dare to lie to me with a bunch of trash."

"There are a few more objects left. Do you want me to continue?" Ling Xian looked at the rest of the objects on the beast skin.

"Speak. Why not?" Hua You Du gritted her teeth, "I sure want to see if any of the items here is real."

"I'm afraid that you can't handle the truth." Ling Xian grinned.

"It's okay. Speak. After you are done, I will hand you the fragment with two hands." Hua You Du continued to grit her teeth as she realized how much her respected Master had lied to her. Her lungs were about to burst.

"You said it, don't blame me."

Ling Xian teased with a cold smile, "Also, after I'm done, you better give me the fragment I asked for, or else I will have to take by force."

Then, he picked up the old and ripped up scroll and stated exactly why it was fake.

He continued to pick up the objects one by one. Hua You Du's anticipation also turned into anger time after time. She was stomping her feet by the end.

As time went on, all the Heaven's Favorites found out something interesting was going on here. They walked up and listened to Ling Xian's explanation alongside Hua You Du.

After half an hour, Ling Xian placed down the last of the objects and finally looked up to Hua You Du. He exhaled in shock.

Because 40 to 50 people have converged around by now. All of them widened their eyes in respect.

Even Yan Ning Zhi, who knew of Ling Xian's abilities, were surprised at the amount of knowledge he had.

How would these people know that it wasn't because Ling Xian had great knowledge, it was that he was lucky than the average joe and lived through a lost century.

That century granted him with colorful experiences and widened his perspective. What he learned from that time put him at the same level as those in the original level!

This was why he could point out why these objects were fake.

Even though a lot of people knew and thought these objects were fake, they were judging purely based on the appearance. Ling Xian however, could point out the specifics.

How could they not feel respectable towards him?

Those with great knowledge are respected no matter where they go. This rule applies even in the Taoism community.
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