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This place was a luscious bamboo forest that was lively and vibrant.

Gentle wind blew across. In response, the bamboo leaves first fell to the ground then swirled alongside the wind. The scenery was blindingly beautiful.

This was the meeting location of the tea party.

It was early in the morning, but a battle ring and an antique looking tea house had already been built inside the bamboo forest. The battle ring was built for those who wanted to compete with one another and the tea house was built for those who wanted to rest and chat casually.

Inside the battle ring, a fight had already begun.

The battle was between a man dressed in white and a man dressed in black. They moved in insanely fast speed and attacked without hesitations. In the blink of an eye all, they have exchanged more than 10 moves. It was apparent that it would be hard to figure out who the winner was in a short amount of time.

Outside the ring, more than 10 young men and women stood and watched the battle intently.

"After a year, Nan Gong has gotten a lot stronger. I predict that he will win this." A slim woman pointed to the guy in white and grinned.

"Hmmph, it is hard to predict right now. But I do think Nan Gong Feng is the more likely winner." Another man chimed in.

"I don't think so. Their level of training is similar, I think they will likely tie." A handsome young man shook his head in disagreement.

As the group of Heaven's Favorites discussed, Ling Xian and Yan Ning Zhi descended from the sky and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"Sister Yan, you finally came."

A girl dressed in yellow ran before Yan Ning Zhi. After noticing Ling Xian, who was dressed in all white, her eyes brightened. Shifting her gaze between the two of them, she smiled mischievously.

"Ni Zi, what are you staring at?" Yan Ning Zhi's cheeks were red as she sneaked a peek at Ling Xian. She only sighed in relief after deciding that he was not angry.

Noticing Yan Ning Zhi's small movement, the girl in yellow got even more curious. She teased, "Hey now, this atmosphere is like you got caught in a love affair. Sister Yan, are you in love?"

"Dammit Ni Zi! If you speak so uncarefully again, I will hurt you!" Yan Ning Zhi glared at the woman with a puffy red face.

"Okay, okay, I will stop." The lady in yellow smiled. Staring at the calm Ling Xian, she asked, "Sister Yan, introduce us. We are very curious."

It was true. Other than the two who were in battle, everyone was fixated on Ling Xian. Their eyes curious.

To this group of Heaven's Favorites, Ling Xian was a stranger. Nobody knew his name.

Yan Ning Zhi beamed and introduced, "This is Xian Ling, a guest of my clan."

The entire place silenced at those words.

After a full minute, an unsettling voice finally broke the silence.

"Master Xian? The one who repaired the Array of Unyielding Emotions?"

"Exactly." Yan Ning Zhi nodded, looking rather proud. It was as if Ling Xian's achievements were shared with her.

After gaining confirmation, everyone gasped and stared at Ling Xian in shock.

A few days ago, the news of Ling Xian repairing the Array of Unyielding Emotions had spread all around the Trading Island. There were talks about this man at every street corner and in every restaurant.

Master Xian.

These two words seemed to be infinitely bright. Even the Sun was overshadowed by this name.

Ling Xian's name was said all around the Trading Island!

How could these Heaven's Favorites not know him?

"So he is the… rumored legendary Array Master…. Unbelievable, he is younger than the rumors." The girl in yellow mumbled, her eyes still drowning in shock.

All of the other Heaven's Favorites reacted the same. They did not think that they could personally meet this legendary character.

But, these people were Heaven's Favorites after all. They regained their focus after a while but the way they look at Ling Xian now was a lot more respectful.

Those who are capable are always respected no matter where they go.

"Shocked another group of people…" Ling Xian smiled bitterly to himself. He didn't want to be treated like a rare treasure always. Therefore, he stepped onto the stairs of the tea house.

Seeing this, Yan Ning Zhi whispered something into the girl in yellow's ears. Then, she walked up too and sat across from Ling Xian.

"Hey look, Miss Yan is so nervous around this person and is acting like she is a subordinate. How interesting." A young man teased before glancing at the battling Nan Gong Feng. He said meaningfully, "We will have a good show to watch now."

Everyone there smiled, as if understood. They first looked at prominent Nan Gong Feng then looked at the mysterious Ling Xian – their eyes flashed with anticipation.

To the Heaven's Favorites of the Trading Island, the fact that Nan Gong Feng liked Yan Ning Zhi, was not a secret. This person had already announced publicly that he would not marry unless the bride was Yan Ning Zhi. That announcement included the statement that whoever got too close to Yan Ning Zhi, he would take their heads.

This was why everyone was highly anticipating the interaction between the two Heaven's Favorite.

On the third level of the tea house, beside the window.

Yan Ning Zhi personally made Ling Xian a pot of tea and asked carefully, "Why did you decide to sit here? You don't like the atmosphere at the battle ring?"

"Not that I don't like it, it's that I don't want to be treated like a rare jewel all the time." Ling Xian grinned and sipped on his tea. He then looked towards the battle ring.

"I am glad you are not mad." Yan Ning Zhi flashed a huge smile and began to pay attention to the battle ring as well. When she noticed that one of the competitors was Nan Gong Feng, she became worried.

The battle inside the battle ring was reaching the end. Though the youth in black was not weak by any means, it was difficult for him to win against the strongest Nan Gong descendant. After taking on one slam, it became obvious he was near his defeat. Then, Nan Gong Feng threw him off the battle ring.

The result did not shock anyone.

After all, it was the best of the generation, Nan Gong Feng.

To know that the Nan Gong House was one of the five controlling forces of the Trading Island. Inside their clan, there were as many geniuses as clouds in the sky. To stand out in such a setting meant Nan Gong Feng deserved his title and it wasn't hard to imagine how dominating he was!

After he jumped off the battle ring, he saw Yan Ning Zhi inside the tea house. His phoenix like eyes lit up instantly. But when he saw Ling Xian across from him, his expression immediately darkened.

"He dares to be so close to Yan Ning Zhi. How gutsy."

Nan Gong Feng's expression was heavy. In a split second, he arrived at the third level of the tea house. Then a statement full of killer's intent was made.

"You are seeking death!"
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