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Inside the garden of beasts.

The originally improved beast suddenly shrieked in pain and collapsed into the ground angrily. Its eyes were full of helplessness as it took its last breath.

This sudden turn of events shocked everyone but Ling Xian.

Everyone's eyes widened as the joyous look their faces from before froze in place.

As for the arrogant Master Wang, he was now white faced as his body shook uncontrollably. There was no more proudness left on his face, only disbelief remained.

Sadly, reality was right before their eyes. If they refused to believe, then they would be lying to themselves.

The beast had died. This alone was enough to prove that Master Wang did not have the antidote and on the contrary, sped up the process of the beast's death.

This meant that Master Wang was a waste of a human being!

First he poisoned the beasts with the Dan he brewed, then he killed the beasts with his antidote. What was he if not waste of a being?

Nobody was looking at Master Wang in a nice way. Especially Yan Xiong Fei. He was originally very angered by this. He was already pissed off at his arrogant attitude, but what had happened had infuriated him. It was only because of the person's status, did he choose not to make a move.

If Master Wang cured these beasts, then Yan Xiong Fei would've let this go. But the scene before him had proved that this person had no abilities to achieve such feat!

How could Yan Xiong Fei be calm after this? When he saw Ling Xian however, he smiled mischievously. He did not make a move because he had a better idea. He planned for Ling Xian to slap Master Wang in the face before scolding this guy himself.

He planned to punish Master Wang both physically and mentally!

This wasn't because Yan Xiong Fei was a difficult man, but because what Master Wang did was far too out of the line. He was the origin of all the mistakes and he was not at the least regretful. On the contrary, he was highly unkind to Ling Xian.

Anyone would've wanted to teach this person a lesson!

"Impossible… this is impossible…"

Staring at the dead beast, Master Wang mumbled. His eyes full of disbelief.

As the fifth realm alchemist, he had always been high above others. Since he was younger, he had gotten used to being respected and was confident that nothing can hold him down.

Therefore, after the collapse of the beast, he could not believe that the Dan he so carefully brewed killed the beast!

"How… how is this possible?"

Master Wang's face was pale. Thinking about the consequences of his actions, his face turned even more white as his body shook even more violently.

"Nothing is impossible. You didn't know what poisoned the beasts in the first place and used all the wrong spiritual medicines. This can only cause more harm than good."

Ling Xian's expression was calm as he glanced at Master Wang pitifully.

This pitifulness angered Master Wang, "Young man, don't be too satisfied. If I couldn't detox the beats, you cannot neither!"

"How can you still be so arrogant after what just happened?" Ling Xian's gaze was turning frigid as he stared at Master Wang pitifully. He truly didn't expect him to not be regretful after all that.

This made him impatient. He decided to teach his man a lesson.

"Stop spewing useless bullsh!t."

Master Wang's expression was heavy as he stared down at Ling Xian, "I cannot detox the beasts. I do not believe that you can."

"How stupid."

Ling Xian's expression was calm as he glared at him. He then carried his bucket of water and walked towards the beasts.

Seeing this, Master Wang revealed a sarcastic smile, "If my antidote from the sixth realm cannot resolve the issue, what good is a Dan of the seventh realm? On top of you, you have weakened the Dan by dissolving it into a bucket of water. I really do not know if I should call you stupid or overly confident."


Everyone sighed collectively. Though they did not speak, the looks on their faces were all sending the same signal.

They didn't believe the bucket of spiritual water will be effective neither.

Before the arrival of Master Wang, they held hope for Ling Xian. But what happened had proven Master Wang's uselessness and the uselessness of the sixth realm Dan.

How can Ling Xian's spiritual water be useful after that?

What a joke, if a Dan of the seventh realm is ineffective, how can a Dan of the sixth realm be any good?

Sensing everyone's doubts, Ling Xian's expression remained carefree and did not change. The saying still remains – when facts are placed before everyone's eyes, all their disbeliefs will turn into shame, and all questions will turn into compliments!

"Master Wang, open your eyes wide and recognize that realms do not represent everything." Ling Xian spoke softly and walked before a beast. He then dipped his finger into the water before pressing his finger between the beast's brows.

Then, he walked towards the second beast and pressed between its brows.

After half an hour, Ling Xian did the same to all beasts and finally turned to Master Wang, "Remember my advice to you: do not be too arrogant. There will always be better people outside your range of vision."

"There are definitely many alchemists stronger than me in the world, but that alchemist is not you!" Master Wang proudly laughed, "Haha, aren't you really strong? Then please tell me, why are there no changes to the beasts' conditions?"


Everyone sighed in unison and was no longer hopeful.

"Why are you so rushed?"

Ling Xian's expression was calm as ever as he glanced around, "widen your dog eyes and look at them clearly. Are they improving or no?"

Just then, the beasts began to react.

The hundreds of beasts were no longer spitting out white foam as their eyes regained their shine. Their breathing stabilized and in front of everyone's shocked stares, they slowly stood up.


The hundreds of beasts howled energetically.

This had proved that they had all regained their health after Ling Xian treated them!

Facts were now before everyone's eyes. No more words were needed.

At this moment, everyone's expression was shocked as they stared at the hundreds of beasts. Their faces were filled with disbelief!

How was this possible?

How can he simply press between their beasts brows to detox them?

Everyone gasped. Even Yan Xiong Fei, who believed in Ling Xian, was shocked at this turn of events.

Even though he always believed that Ling Xian could cure the beasts, he thought the whole bucket of water had to be used up before he could achieve so. He didn't think that a little dab would've regained the beasts' health!

This… was unbelievable!

Remember that Master Wang tested them before. For something a Dan of the sixth realm could not achieve, how can a Dan of the seventh realm achieve it so easily?

On top of that, it was not an entire Dan of the seventh realm. It was a spiritual Dan dissolved into a bucket of water. The water was not even used up! There were half a bucket of water left!

What the hell!

Master Xian, why are you so heaven defying!

Nobody knew what to say next as they stared at the young man the same way they stare at a God!

They all wanted to say one thing to Ling Xian – [Master Xian, you are playing with us right? The Dan you brewed is not of the seventh realm but of a first realm, right?]

Everyone was speechless and found Ling Xian to be as profound as the sage.

Master Wang on the other hand, was now pale faced and his heart had died.

"Impossible… how is this possible…"

Master Wang was in utter distraught. Looking at the now healthy beasts, his heart was full of disbelief.

If Ling Xian failed to cure the beasts, he would feel a little better, but the scene before him had proven many things.

The most important thing it proved was that he was not as good as Ling Xian!

A Dan of the sixth realm was outcompeted by a Dan of the seventh realm, how was this acceptable?

"This is impossible!"

Master Wang shouted as his hair began to dance in the wind angrily. Like a provoked lion, it appeared that he wanted to eat the person before him.

"Like I said, nothing's impossible. Realm is a good indication of many things, but not everything." Ling Xian glared at him, "You asked for all this embarrassment, who are you trying to blame?"

"No, how could I lose! Impossible! I am of the fifth realm! How can I lose next to a youth!" Master Wang gritted his teeth. He was going crazy.

"Facts are laid out before you and you are refusing to accept. How sad." Ling Xian shook his head as pity flashed across his eyes.

Noticing the pitiful look in Ling Xian's eyes, Master Wang felt a pinch of pain. He stared down the young man in white and smiled a sad smile.

"Yes, facts are before my eyes… what reasons do I have to not accept this?" Master Wang, as if lost his soul, turned white in the face.

Despite all the unwillingness, he must accept the truth!

At this very moment, he had been defeated by Ling Xian! His arrogance was long lost, his confidence had crumbled. He had lost his soul and all that remained of him, was his shell of a body.
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