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"Slow down. You feeding those beasts this bucket of water in hope of saving them. Should I call you stupid, or should I call you arrogant."

A questioning statement rose. In that split second, a grey haired elderly descended from the sky. This person wore all white and had a look of arrogance. The way he moved was like he thought of himself as above others – disgusting.

Immediately, people began to swear and curse at this person.

"Dammit, it was this Alchemist Wang who brewed the Dan of the Breakthrough, yet he still dares to show his face right now?"

"Shameless! He dares to question Master Xian. Who does he think he is!"

"Exactly. If the Clan Leader isn't here right now, I would be up there slapping him!"

As he listened to all the cursing around him, his expression did not change in the slightest. He hissed, "Shut up. What are you spewing about? I simply made a minor mistake. I have already found a way to cure all the beasts."

Hearing this, everyone's eyes flashed with fear. Though they hated this elderly, they had to admit that he had some abilities.

This person was a fifth realm alchemist. Because of his honorable status, even Yan Xiong Fei had to show respect towards this person. Therefore, when he scolded the crowd, everyone was somewhat afraid.

Now that these people were no longer talking, Master Wang's arrogant expression intensified. He slowly walked before Yan Xiong Fei and said, "Leader, I am so sorry. I made a minor error with the Dan of the Breakthrough and caused these beasts to suffer. I am here to apologize."

Though this was an apologetic statement, his tone and his expression were not the slightest apologetic. On the contrary, it was full of arrogance and made others feel disgusted.


Yan Xiong Fei was not kind with his immediate response. He didn't feel like this person meant what he said and wanted to slap this guy to death. However, he did not raise his arm.

Because this person here was an alchemist of the fifth realm, making his status a high one on the Trading Island. Even Yan Xiong Fei had to be respectful towards him.

Therefore, Yan Xiong Fei suppressed the anger in his chest and sighed, "Whatever. Since it was a minor error, then I won't blame you."

"Hehe, I knew you wouldn't dare to do anything to me."

Master Wang whispered to himself. His expression grew even more proud, "Do not worry. I have brewed an antidote to solve the issue."

He then walked up to Ling Xian and said in disdain, "You really think a Dan of the seventh level can detox the beasts? You sure do not know how high the sky is."

Ling Xian frowned and glared at him, "A waste of a human who brewed poison dare to lecture me?"

"Who did you call waste of a human?"

Master Wang was infuriated. He had been training in isolation and was unaware of the fact that Ling Xian had repaired the Array of Unyielding Emotions. Therefore, he spoke without much consideration, "You son of a b*itch, what a mouth you got there. I can tell that you grew uneducated. Didn't your parents teach you to respect the elderly?"

Immediately, Ling Xian's expression turned dark. His father and mother were tabooed topics that he never talked about. Staring at the arrogant Master Wang, he gritted his teeth, "I am always respectful towards the elderly, but not towards those who believe they deserve respect just because they are old. After all, You have been speaking vilely to me since we met. What makes you think I should show you respect?"


Master Wang felt both anger and shock as he looked at Ling Xian with killer's intent, "If you are truly capable, then less talking and contest me with your abilities."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, "You want to compete with me and see who can save those beasts?"

"That's right. I want you to know that those little abilities of yours are nothing compared to mine." Master Wang laughed and shifted his gaze towards the crowd, "Everyone, don't be blinded by this person. He brewed an antidote of the seventh realm, how can he fix an issue caused by a Dan of the sixth realm?"

In the Taoism community, antidotes of the seventh realm cannot detox poison of the sixth realm. That was a fact.

Therefore, everyone had their doubts.

Noticing this, Master Wang glanced at Ling Xian, "Therefore, this person is lying to you all. Do not believe his words. The true antidote is under my possession."

He then took out a red Dan. On it were five carvings and exuded the energy of the sixth realm.

Immediately, everyone's questioning look became more obvious. They looked at Master Wang, then looked at the emotionless Ling Xian. Most of them decided to trust the former.

"Young man, to compete with me, you are a bit too inexperienced for that." Master Wang provoked and taunted, "Are you seeing this? Nobody believes you anymore."

"To earn trust, we need to use facts, not words." Ling Xian's expression was calm like usual. He was never shaken up by everyone's doubts.

Because when facts are before everyone's eyes, all the previous doubts people feel will turn into shame. All questioning statements will turn into compliments!

Ling Xian had the confidence to use facts to speak!

"You want facts?"

Master Wang's expression was dark as he continued to taunt, "If you no longer care about your image, then I will fulfill your wish."

"I sure hope you have the right to be so presumptuous. Or else in the end, you will lose your own face and everyone's heart." Ling Xian spoke in a collected manner and extended his right hand towards Master Wang. He then made a statement that was very much arrogant.

"You can go first. If you have the ability to cure the beasts, then I lose."

Immediately, Master Wang's expression darkened. He mockingly laughed, "What an arrogant young man. Today I will make sure you understand the true meaning of being an alchemist."

Then, he walked before a beast and placed the red Dan into its mouth.

Then, a magical scene happened. The beast's eyes suddenly regained their shine and its breathing became more stable. It no longer looked like it was on the verge of death.

Basically, everything seemed to be improving.

As this happened, everyone began to cheer happily and started to look at Ling Xian with pitiful eyes.

He had made the statement just now that he considered himself lost if Master Wang can cure the beasts. Now that the beast's health was improving, his face was already lost.

"Hehe, young man, now you know." Master Wang's face was highly proud, "You think you are the expert with your little knowledge? Pssshhh, you aren't even worthy enough to be my servant."

Staring at the satisfied Master Wang, Ling Xian's facial expression remained nonchalant. He did not panic, but rather appeared a little pitiful.

When Master Wang took out the flaming red Dan, Ling Xian had already inspected it with his spiritual energy and concluded that there was no way this Dan could cure the beasts. This was why he let this man make his move first.

Revealing a trace of coldness that looked just like a sarcastic smile, Ling Xian mumbled, "Don't be too happy too early. Look what happened to the beast."

As his voice trailed off, the beast suddenly shrieked in pain and collapsed onto the ground, no longer breathing.

As if their necks were under the grasp of someone's hand, everyone was speechless as they stood there staring.

That Master Wang was now shaking uncontrollably with a sheet white face.
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