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From the sky, two silhouettes descended. Their demeanors were drastically different from ordinary cultivators.

Immediately, Bai Xiao Qi was stunned.

To be blessed with the presence of two such important figures. Xian Ling… who exactly was he?

Bai Xiao Qi revealed her look of shock as she realized she actually did not know Ling Xian at all.

At the same time, Ling Xian was just as surprised at the presence of those two. With his abilities, he sensed just how terrifyingly capable those two were. He shifted his gaze towards Yan Ning Zhi and asked, "Who are those two?"

"This is my father, the Clan Leader, Yan Xiong Fei." Yan Ning Zhi grinned, introduced. "This one is my Master, the array master Jiang Cheng Zi."

Hearing this, Ling Xian smiled and paid his respect, "I am Xian Ling, what a pleasure it is to meet you, Leader Yan, Master Jiang."

"No need to be so respectful." Master Jiang carefully checked out the young man before him and smiled satisfyingly, "Not bad, not bad. Elegant, talented, it is no wonder you are known as the multi-talented Heaven's Favorite on the 36 islands."

Simultaneously, Yan Xiong Fei was observing Ling Xian as well. However, different from Jiang Cheng Zi's kind stare, his gaze was far more evaluating and harsh.

This was normal. After all, he already knew that this man had stolen his daughter's heart. Of course he subconsciously began to evaluate Ling Xian.


Ling Xian frowned slightly, unsure why Yan Xiong Fei would look at him in such a manner. That was no polite.

Yan Ning Zhi noticed this too and croaked, "Father…"

Yan Xiong Fei finally realized how his action was inappropriate. Unwillingly, he softened his gaze. However, the moment he did so, he noticed something and he froze.

Because he noticed Ling Xian's cultivation level.

At the same time, Jiang Cheng Zi felt the terrifying energy as well. They exchanged glances and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

Completion level!

They used their own Qi to test and confirm this. When it became certain that they were not wrong, the shock in their eyes became more dense.

Reality was that they only decided to personally greet Ling Xian due to his status as the array master. Otherwise, his title of being a Heaven's Favorite alone was not enough for them to personally pay a visit.

But now, they realized that they HAD to personally welcome him. He was of the same level as them, and was at such a young age. They must treat him with caution.

Instantly, the way they looked at Ling Xian was much less arrogant.

Noticing the slight change in behavior from the two, Ling Xian silently exclaimed, [it is all about capabilities after all. If I was still in the foundational level. No matter how talented I am, they would not think anything of me.]

[Luckily, I have broken through to the completion level and can now speak with these two. If I wasn't in the completion level, even if I restored the array, I cannot convince them to form an alliance.] Ling Xian was silently glad but also helpless. He thought, [why do I shake the ground no matter where I go?]

After looking at Bai Xiao Qi's eyes that were full of disbelief and the shocked face of Yan Qiong Fei and Jiang Cheng Zi, Ling Xian realized that he had astounded these people again.

Truly, the world shook wherever he went.

"What a multi-talented Heaven's Favorite. It is no wonder that my daughter… ehem, ehem.. that Ning Zhi admires you so much." Yan Xiong Fei complimented. At first he was about to disclose how much his daughter liked him, but he realized how that would be inappropriate so he quickly changed his phrasing.

"It is true."

Jiang Cheng Zhi's gaze was full of respect. He smiled, "Xian Ling, you don't know how much good things Ning Zhi said about you these past years. My ears have grown rough from hearing them."

Hearing this, Yan Ning Zhi's ears turned red. She peeked at Master Jiang, thinking, [when did I ever bring up Ling Xian other than a few minutes ago?]


Ling Xian bitterly smiled and changed the subject, "Leader Yan, I heard the protective array around the mountain has broken down. I wonder if it has been repaired?"

At the mention of this, Yan Qiong Fei sighed and frowned, "The Array of Unyielding Emotions is a very old array. Since the history of time, nobody has been to able to repair it completely."

"Phew, thank god. I am relieved." Ling Xian muttered. What he was worried about was not whether or not he could fix it, but rather, he was afraid others had beaten him to it.

However, the words had been spoken. What greeted him were strange stares from everyone.

'I…" Ling Xian was a little flustered, but quickly realized why they were looking at him in such a manner.

They were all having headaches over the damaged array, yet here he was, saying he was relieved. How could they not stare at him strangely?

If it weren't for his relationship with Yan Ning Zhi and his completion levelled status, Yan Xiong Fei would have beaten him up by now!

"Do not misunderstand everyone. That is not what I meant." Ling Xian explained, "What I meant is that, if the array is not yet repaired, I can fix it."

The entire area was silenced!

Every single person's gaze was fixated onto Ling Xian. Nobody thought he would dare to speak so arrogantly. Even Yan Xiong Fei and them thought he was being too cocky.

Remember, even Master Jiang, the famous array master could not fix the array. What better was the 20 something year old Ling Xian?

"Young man, you better think clearly before you speak." Yan Qiong Fei's expression was serious as he stared at Ling Xian. He said in a low voice, "Don't give other people hope then turn it into hopelessness."

Staring back at him, Ling Xian did not show any fear. He smiled, "If I dare to speak it, then I have the confident to complete it."


Yan Qiong Fei's hope was ignited a bit, "Out of ten, how confident are you about succeeding?"

"At least three." Ling Xian's smile brightened the universe.

He really didn't think that these words darkened the look on Yan Qiong Fei's face rather than brightening it.

"For you to speak so presumptuously, I thought you were 100 percent confident. I didn't think you were only 30 percent so." Yan Qiong Fei snickered. Due to Yan Ning Zhi's relationship with him, he didn't like Ling Xian at the beginning.

Now that he heard Ling Xian was only 30% confident, he naturally was disappointed. Hence, the unpleasantness he was feeling all day was also exploding and he no longer hid his emotions with gentle words.


Ling Xian frowned. After thinking, he realized why Yan Qiong Fei's face darkened. He laughed, "Leader Yan, the 30 percent I talked about was not how likely I think I will succeed. Succeeding wise, I am 100 percent confident."

"The 30 percent I was talking about, was that I am confident to restore the Array of Unyielding Emotions to 30 percent its original state."

Faced with everyone's confused looks, Ling Xian made a presumptuous statement with a smile.
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