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Inside the room, Bai Xiao Qi appeared confused. She couldn't understand. Now that the leader had changed, why would her title of a heir be of any use?


Ling Xian helplessly smiled, "Think about it, if your identity as a heir is useless, then why were there assassinators the moment you stepped off the ship? It is very obvious. Your existence is a threat. This is why your second uncle sent people to kill you."

"But, he has already gotten the leadership position. My title should useless." Bai Xiao Qi frowned, still lost.

"You are so dumb."

Ling Xian shook his head helplessly and paused. He then explained, "It is very obvious. Your second uncle, though snatched over the leadership position, he did it in a violent way and did not follow any rules. Based on my guess, many of the Elders and the older generation do not want to bow down to him. They are only simply pretending to be following him due to the chaotic situation."

"You, on the other hand, is the heir they elected. If you go the Bai Clan with enough capability to fight against your second uncle, I believe the older generation, who respect traditions, will choose to stand by your side. On top of that, I believe your father is not a simple character. He must have a plan in place."

Ling Xian's lips curled as his eyes sparkled with intelligent light.

His deduction was good. Though it was somewhat different than reality, he was 70 to 80 percent correct.

"Xian Ling, you are so smart." Bai Xiao Qi's beautiful eyes blinked. Against the unknown and scary future, her confidence grew and she was more at ease.

This was all thanks to the intelligent young man before her.

"I am not that smart, you are just too dumb." Ling Xian grinned, he didn't think it was a big deal.

But to Bai Xiao Qi, he was simply far too smart. She admired, "To be able to deduce so much just by observing the small details is something ordinary people can do. Xian Ling, I wish I was half as smart as you."

"As you grow older, your mentality will mature. Then, you will be able to achieve this too."

Ling Xian skipped over this topic, "Anyways, even though the danger we are about to face did not lessen and will only grow more dangerous. However, if you handle this under the name bringing justice and righteousness, we can do this easily."

"Okay. I will listen to you." Bai Xiao Qi nodded. She wasn't exactly listening to Ling Xian, she was simply distracted by his use of "we".

"Since the history of time, every emperor fought under the name of fighting for the common people. Since you have the title of a heir, then you should be the next leader of the Bai Clan. This, without a doubt, makes things easier for us." Ling Xian concealed a smile. Though his heart still felt heavy, he was a little more relaxed than before.

Despite that, he still didn't dare to be uncareful. He had to use everything he had got to deal with this. After all, if Bai Xiao Qi went into this chaos without true capabilities, she would only be ruthlessly killed.

After all, the second Elder of the Bai Clan was supported by the mysterious House.

For this reason, Ling Xian was stressed and full of worry towards the future.

Bai Xiao Qi thought of this as well, she found it hard to hide the worry.

Seeing this, Ling Xian laughed, "It is useless being worried. Though our situation is dangerous, it's not the end of the road."

Then, he stood up to leave, leaving behind one statement.

"Let's go. We will stay somewhere near the Bai Clan and wait for the right opportunity to make a move."

Hearing this, Bai Xiao Qi began to walk like a compliant follower.

Just like that, the two of them headed downstairs, planning to get close to the Bai Clan and investigate further.

When Ling Xian saw the bulletin board of the motel however, he jumped back.

A piece of spiritual paper was pinned there and many cultivators surrounded the paper with excited expressions. They discussed the content of the paper.

"The Yan Clan's array is broken? How can that happen? Other than the Bai Clan, I didn't hear anything about the Yan Clan being attacked."

"The array that protects the Yan Clan's land has existed for centuries and centuries. Because it's been so long, it has been losing power slowly. I think this time, it is completely failing. Now they have no choice but to seek help."

"I cannot believe that the day has come when one of the five major Clans, the Yan Clan, would be asking for help from others. Interesting."

"Based on what I know, Miss Yan's Master is Jiang Cheng Zi. The Yan Clan should not need external help. Could it be that Master Jiang cannot repair the array?"

"That is most likely the case. Or else the Yan Clan would do something like this so lightly. They posted this all over town, asking for help. They are even offering such heavy compensation. I am wavering."

"So what you are wavering. If Master Jiang cannot help, who can help in the entire 36 islands?"

"Yeah, Master Jiang's name is widely known and is a very capable array master. An array even he cannot fix cannot be fixed by someone like you. The Yan Clan is going to be disappointed. Nobody can help them."

Hearing all the discussions, Ling Xian understood what the post was about. He grinned and muttered to himself, "What a heaven granted opportunity. I have to go to the Yan Clan this time."

"You are going to the Yan Clan?" Bai Xiao Qi frowned.

"Yes. The Yan Clan is in trouble. If we go fast enough, we can get ourselves an ally." Ling Xian faintly smiled, thinking that they could really get themselves a friend this time.

Based on what everyone else was saying, the array that protected the Yan Clan's land was very important. If he could restore it, then he would acquire appreciation from the entire Yan Clan.

Therefore, even if the Yan Clan did not openly help Ling Xian, they could provide him with some information. He then, could take the opportunity to go to the Yan Clan ancestor's grave. Two birds with one stone!

Ling Xian thought about all the possibilities and his eyes brightened.

Bai Xiao Qi thought of all the advantages as well. But she didn't think that Ling Xian had the ability to fix the array. She rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Stop joking. An array that Master Jiang cannot repair can be fixed by you?"

"Whether or not I can restore it, you will see when the time comes."

Ling Xian grinned again, his handsome face was very confident. "Then it's decided, we go to the Yan Clan. If we can really become allies, then the rest of our journey will be easy."

"Psh, you talk as if you can really restore it." Bai Xiao Qi mumbled, "Whatever. It is useless to go to the Bai Clan at this moment anyways. I'll listen to you."

"If you don't listen to me, then I will leave you behind." Ling Xian's lips curled up and laughed at the furious look on Bai Xiao Qi's face. He then walked forward and left behind a determined statement.

"Let us move. Our target… is the Yan Clan!"
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