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Inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals, the earth was shattering into blocks as the rocks and debris were flung into the air from the quake.

Ling Xian’s black hair was tussling in the wind crazily and his eyes shone with jolting electricity. As if an almighty celestial being was descending, the nine heavens and ten hells were changing shapes!

The unparalleled amount of power seeped out of him and announced him as the owner of the Painting of the Nine Immortals. He did not purposely try to suppress himself, which was why this amount of power even exceeded the barrier of the Painting of the Nine Immortals and was transcended into the external world, astonishing all the beasts!

At this moment, countless beasts were crouching down in place. As if they were about to greet the emperor, they carefully kneeled onto the ground and didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

The crane, who was plotting to get rid of Ling Xian a moment ago, was trembling from beak to wing. It was utterly terrified!

"Haha, completion level… I have finally achieved it." Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Feeling the raging power inside his body, he couldn’t help it but to bellow into the air.

His laughter was bright and clear and revealed his satisfaction.

Ever since he stepped onto the road of cultivator, he had always set the goal of reaching the completion level one day. This was because in the Taoism community, completion had the same meaning as powerhouses. In the entire world, they were of upper class in terms of capabilities.

Before becoming a completion levelled cultivator, Ling Xian could still enjoy others’ respect, but he was only known as a Heaven’s Favorite, one of the best of the generation. In the eyes of the Elders, he was merely a sprout with potential, and would never treat him as if they were on the same level.

But today, he had finally become a completion levelled powerhouse. This meant he could now dominate others and even lead groups of cultivators. Not only did his capability improve drastically, allowing him to kill foundational with the flick of a finger, he has also reached a new height in the Taoism community. He could now walk shoulder to shoulder with the older generation and determine the fate of those weaker!

This was why Ling Xian had anticipated this day for a very long time. Now his wish was finally fulfilled. He could now ride on the cloud and peer down on majority of the cultivators. How could he not be satisfied?

"From this moment on, my life is no longer as thin as a piece of paper. Facing completion powerhouses, I can now slaughter, I can now kill!" Ling Xian’s expression was calm. Remembering the elder dressed in red who once greatly wounded him, and remembering Noble Xiao Yao from the Zhou Dynasty, his lips curled up into a cold smile.

"Red-Robed Freak, Noble Xiao Yao, wait for my return. I will go back to cut off your heads."

Ling Xian’s expression was emotionless. Thinking about how fatigued he was after battling those two, he became enraged. However, very quickly, that rage turned into confidence. His smile also became one that was certain that he would win.

What he was today had become the high up completion levelled powerhouse, not merely an ordinary completion levelled cultivator. He was a completion levelled cultivator who broke through from the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!

What is undefeatable completion?

It is a nickname only given to those who have their breakthroughs from the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!

These people are divided into their own separate groups in the community due to their insane battle abilities!

Take Ling Xian as an example: even though he had just broken through to the completion level, his battle capability was the same as those who were known as the best of the completion level. Ordinary completion levelled cultivators couldn't last even a few rebuttals against him!

This is the power of the undefeatable completion !

"Now, I can finally soar above the nine heavens." Ling Xian tightened his fists as he thought of all the advantages he now had as a completion levelled cultivator.

His spiritual energy had become more dominating, his meridians had hardened, even his bones were sturdier. Even his consciousness and brain power had sped up, increasing his intelligence.

These were all the advantages of the completion level. The advantages was shown in all aspects and metamorphosed Ling Xian.

After this metamorphosis, he saw a wide path!

A sparkling path that led him to the peak!

"Is this the power of the completion level…" Ling Xian muttered. With his eyes shining, he thundered his clenched right fist forward.

In an instant, the Qi from the completion level exploded out of him and formed a tornado!


The earth split and the space quivered. Like the end of the world, the entire Painting of the Nine Immortals began to shake!

Then, a fist sized golden Dan emerged above Ling Xian’s head and draped down an infinite amount of gold light. This backdrop made him look like an heavenly being who was untouchable.

It was the golden Dan, the pride of all completion levelled powerhouses!

When battling others, this Dan could be used as a treasured weapon, as it was insanely powerful, more so than any techniques. From the size of this Dan and its texture, one could obviously see how strong Ling Xian was.

The golden Dan is an object that lives with the completion levelled cultivators for the rest of their lives. It is divided into three different realms. The lowest one is bean sized and dark in color. The middle realm produces golden Dans the size of an egg. Its color is brighter, and its power is on the stronger side.

The highest realm golden Dan is fist sized with great shine. Its power dominates!

Without a doubt, Ling Xian’s golden Dan is the highest realm one. This is thanks to his deeply rooted foundational.

Majority of cultivators only produce the lowest realm golden Dans. Those who are lucky materialize the middle realm's. Only Heaven’s Favorites who are in the undefeatable realm of the meditational and foundational level, could produce the highest realm golden Dans!

Golden Dans, once formed, cannot be changed. Even after entering the intermediate phase or the advanced phase of completion level, the size of the golden Dan would never change again.

This means the moment the golden Dan is produced, the cultivator’s future is set. No matter how powerful the cultivator becomes in the future, the golden Dan will always stay the same.

The moment Ling Xian produced the highest realm golden Dan, he had surpassed majority of the completion powerhouses in terms of the golden Dan!

"It is true that a deep foundation is related to the advancement of one’s cultivation."

Staring at the dazzling golden Dan, Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He now finally comprehended why the undefeatable realm was the goal of countless cultivators.

It was true. If he didn’t reach the tenth level of Qi, he wouldn’t have been so powerful in the foundational level. If he didn’t reach the undefeatable realm of the foundational level, he never would’ve produced the highest realm of the golden Dan!

"It seems like I cannot be satisfied with myself just yet. I need to work towards reaching the true undefeatable realm of the completion level in order to set a good foundation for my future." Ling Xian murmured and stopped himself from being pleased with himself. He returned to his usual calm self.

Though the completion level was powerful and was enough for him to peer down on others. The distance to immortality was still very high. He naturally would not be satisfied with himself just yet.

This was the difference between Ling Xian and others.

If this was anyone else, who achieved such feat at such a young age, their tails would be wagging high up to the sky. But he did not. His vision was always above others and would never slow down because of where he was now.

"What a Heaven’s Favorite. He produced the highest realm golden Dan." Feng Qing Ming’s facial expression showed how shocked he was. As he stared at the handsome young man, his face turned admirable.

The Untainted was the same, "Not bad. This is all thanks to his good foundation. In both the meditational and the foundational level, he established very deeply rooted foundation. Naturally, he is achieving greatness now."

"Yes, if I’m not wrong. He went into isolation at the age of 20. Two years has passed." Feng Qing Ming pondered, his eyes flashed with shock, "Which means he is only 22 right now!"

"Yes, only 22." The Untainted nodded and exclaimed, "A 22 year old completion levelled cultivator. This attainment, though exists, is considered very rare."


This was the evaluation the Untainted gave Ling Xian!

She had suppressed generations of cultivators and had seen innumerable geniuses. There had been many many instances of heaven defying talents, but very few could be recognized by her.

But now, she had accepted and recognized Ling Xian. More than that, she gave him great evaluations. This was an amazing glory!

Ling Xian was able to live up to this glory!

A 22 year old completion levelled cultivator. He was not even an ordinary completion cultivator, he was a perfect realm one!

Without a doubt, this was an unbelievable event. Even thinking about it made others fear.

In the history of the entire world, there were very very little people who achieved this at this age. Though he broke no records, he was categorized with the group of people who were the youngest to reach completion.

Only twenty two years!

Many people, at this age, was still strolling around the meditational stage. Even Heaven’s Favorites were at the foundational level at this age. But Ling Xian had now entered the completion level and had far surpassed Heaven’s Favorites of the same generation.

Without a doubt, from this moment on, his goal would never be to exceed his generation. Rather, he would now try to go further than the other generation!

‘'At this rate, before long, we will be able to tell him ‘that'".Feng Qing Ming stroke his beard as he showed great expectation.

"It’s still early. We need at least wait for the awakening of the other immortals." The Untainted shook her head, indicating that Feng Qing Ming should not speak too early.

"Um… I guess that’s right."

Feng Qing Ming then muttered, "Oh right. A few days ago I felt that Mountain of the Healing Soul moving. Could it be that he is awakening?"

"That’s right. After a short while, the fourth immortal will wake from his slumber." The Untainted nodded.

"The fourth immortal?"

After hearing the Untainted’s words, Ling Xian spun around and showed up beside the two.

"Your ears sure are sharp." Feng Qing Ming faintly smiled. "That’s right. The fourth immortal will soon be awake. But we are not too sure about when yet."

Ling Xian’s lips curled up. "Today is a great day. Not only did I breakthrough to the completion level, I already received such good news."

"Haha, yes, it is true. Two good things are happening at once." Feng Qing Ming laughed. "Just you wait. I promise you that once that old man awakes, he will give you a great surprise."

"A surprise?" Ling Xian’s eyes brightened and his expectation heightened.

Liao Cang Qiong helped him begin his cultivation journey and gave him two treasures to aid his alchemy journey. Feng Qing Ming passed down his legacy regarding ancient arrays. He wondered what kind of surprise this fourth immortal would bring him?
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