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Inside the cottage, Zi Hua Shang suppressed the sadness she felt and said, "Please wait. I will divide up my storage pouch."

Then, she took out half of the objects and wealth in the storage bag and handed them to Ling Xian.

However, just as she was about to take out even more, Ling Xian shook his head, "There is no need. Even though Headmaster wants me to have them, I do not lack money. You probably would find more use for them than me."

"That’s no good. My father wanted you to have them. Why would I disobey?" Zi Hua Shang shook her head lightly and stubbornly persisted for Ling Xian to take it.


Ling Xian helplessly smiled. How much wealth has the House of Zi Yang accumulated over the years? Without a doubt, it’s an astronomical number. Even if it’s only half, it is probably an unimaginably large amount.

Any cultivator would agree to this right away. However, Ling Xian was wealthy enough. Plus, he doesn’t care much for materialistic objects.

This was why he shook his head and said seriously, "You keep them for yourself. This kind of stuff is useless to me. But it’s different for you. You need them to rebuild the House of Zi Yang. You need money."

"But…" Zi Hua Shang hesitated.

"There are no excuses. To regain glory for the Zi Yang House, not only will you need labor, you need an endless amount of wealth."

Ling Xian contained a smile and pointed out the window, "Those cultivators out there fought to their deaths for the House of Zi Yang. Their faithfulness is something you do not need to doubt. Therefore, you have to use all your resources to keep your talents and help them improve. That is the only way to reconstruct the House."

"I…" Zi Hua Shang frowned, unsure what Ling Xian meant.

"Perhaps you do not understand right now. But once you grow up a bit more, you will."

Ling Xian grinned. "You just have to know one thing. Other than your direct family, nobody will sacrifice for you without reason. Therefore, you have to use your resources to keep your people and establish trust. They must follow you without any bad thoughts. Do you understand?"

"I understand. Don’t worry. I will do what you are telling me." Zi Hua Shang bit her lips and nodded thoughtfully.

[She is young after all. Perhaps only around 17.]

Ling Xian thought about it silently, knowing full well that Zi Hua Shang did not really understand him. This was normal, not everyone is like him. Not everyone can have such a mature mentality at a young age.

After all, time is a mysterious concept in this world. Not everyone is lucky enough to have lived through a century and obtained a lifetime of colorful experience.

"Okay. I do not know if you really do understand now or not. But if you do as I instruct, you will get it one day."

Ling Xian smiled faintly and retracted it quickly. "I am about to go into isolation. Within this period of time, no matter what happens, nobody can disturb me. Understand?"


Zi Hua Shang nodded. The way she looked at Ling Xian was full of appreciation, respect, admiration, and somewhat reliance.

"Okay. Go on now." Ling Xian waved his hand.

Nodding her head lightly, Zi Hua Shang glanced at Ling Xian one last time before scooping up Zi Ying Xiong and left the room.

"Now, I have to do what I planned to do." Ling Xian frowned and began to think about the future.

After what happened with the House of Zi Yang, he had realized that he had not trained enough. Even though it was true that after becoming the victor of the foundational level, he should be at the same level as a completion powerhouse, fighting against two of them still meant he was at a disadvantage.

This became obvious from the fight between him and Li Jian Yi and Ning Wu Ji.

The most he could achieve was not losing. He could not kill the completion leveled cultivators. After all, the spiritual energy in him changed properties after breaking through to the undefeatable realm. A gap still remained between him and the completion level.

This gap made him feel powerlessness and desire before Zi Dong Lai’s death.

"I have to hurry up and enter the completion level."

Ling Xian thought to himself and decided to breakthrough to the completion level first. That way, he can really become someone who is undefeatable on the 36 islands. He can slaughter, he can kill.

After all, the entire Shi Ao Island has fallen into the hands of two political parties. If he wants to protect the Zi Yang descendants, he has to break through to the completion level. Or else he could only protect himself in the face of danger.


Yearning flashed across Ling Xian’s eyes as he muttered to himself, "Legend has it that to enter that stage, a long time is required. The step of turning spiritual energy into a gold Dan would take at least a year. There are also multiple steps after that one. I have to first break the immortal trap to achieve anything."

"I wonder how long of an isolation I will have to be in then. Perhaps two to three years is my guess." Ling Xian frowned and murmured to himself, "If the two parties come to find everyone during that time… then wouldn’t the Yun Clan be in danger?"

Very quickly, he suppressed this worry. Because the two forces may come and find them regardless of his breakthrough. He will only have the power to defend if he breaks through. If he doesn’t have his breakthrough, only death awaits.

What’s there to hesitate about?

"I have decided. I will first tell Yun Yan and senior brother Yun. In case they accidentally disturb me." Ling Xian made a decision and disappeared into the room.

First, he came to where Yun Hai was and told him how he decided to be in isolation for a while. Then, he went to Yun Yan’s room and repeated the same thing.

Then, Ling Xian did not return to the cottage room. Instead, he went to the mountain valleys behind the Forest of Purple Bamboos.

This place was full of ancient trees, and the mountain valleys rose and fell. Hidden within them were thousands of beasts. However, Ling Xian had inspected the area a year ago. There were not too many powerful beasts. The strongest ones were of the eighth realm.

They were also defeated by him.

"Da Hei, Er Hong, San Bai, come out now!"

Ling Xian stepped into the valley and shouted into the forest, as if afraid that the beasts wouldn’t hear him. He even used the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger technique.

Invisible sound waves expanded and blew across like a tornado, breaking all the ancient trees.

Instantly, the entire mountain range quivered!

Countless beasts’ bodies shook and searched for the source of the noise. Their eyes were full of fear.

Even the king of the beasts reacted the same. It was not because the White Tiger roar was too terrifying, but because they identified the owner of this voice.

My god!

Why is that terrifying human back?!

At this moment, countless monsters crouched down as their intelligent brains flashed with that same thought.
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