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Painting of the Nine Immortals 330 Sorrow and Appreciation

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Behind the Yun Clan’s mountain was the beautiful Forest of Purple Bamboo.

This place was just like a painting. The air was fresh, just like the home of an immortal.

Every time the wind blew, the purple bamboo leaves would rustle and lift into the sky. Doing their own dance routines, the beauty of it all was endless.

"This place hasn’t changed at all. It’s still so beautiful." Ling Xian floated in midair and peered down at the Purple Bamboo Forest. The corner of his lips curled up slightly.

After he descended, gazes upon gazes shifted to him and exclaimed loudly.

"LOOK! It’s Master Ling!"

"What? Master Ling is back?"

"Thank God, thank the Buddha, Master Ling finally came back."

"Haha, I knew it. Master Ling is almighty. Those two forces were weaklings, how could they stop him?

Silhouette after silhouette hopped out of the bamboo forest and tightly surrounded Ling Xian. Their faces were full of surprise.

Watching the ecstatic crowd, Ling Xian beamed. He then shushed everyone, indicating for them to quiet down.

Everyone’s mouth closed in an instant. They moved cleanly without hesitation. It was obvious how high of a status Ling Xian was in these people’s hearts.

"I have to two things to speak about. First, I want you all to meet the Supreme Headmaster one last time." Ling Xian whispered. He put the black coffin on the ground. Then, he flapped around his sleeve, and the coffin opened.

Everyone’s face flooded with sadness immediately. Staring at the middle-aged man, who was lying there peacefully, they couldn’t help but cry. Zi Hua Shang and Zi Ying Xiong rushed to the front.


After a heart wrenching scream, Zi Ying Xiong began to cry as he held onto Zi Dong Lai’s arm. "Father, wake up. I am Ying Xiong. Open your eyes and look at me!"

Zi Hua Shuang, on the other hand, did not cry. She was a few years older after all and understood how to be strong. She has predicted this scene. However, despite her lack of tears, the sadness in her stare was dense and heavy. It was obvious that she was forcing herself not to cry.

Everyone at the scene was even sadder. Even Ling Xian was feeling down.

After a long time, the cries began to fade. Everyone watched as Zi Ying Xiong’s little body quivered and collapsed.

Luckily, Ling Xian’s eyes and body were fast. In a flash, he arrived beside Zi Ying Xiong and held onto him.

"Master Ling, how is my little brother?" Zi Hua Shang’s expression changed drastically and asked in haste.

Ling Xian frowned and used his spiritual energy to scan Zi Ying Xiong’s body. He realized Zi Ying Xiong merely faintly and sighed in relief. "It’s not serious. He has passed out from sadness. Nothing major."

"Thank god. I just lost my dearest father, I cannot lose my brother as well." Zi Hua Shang sighed.

"Don’t worry. He will be okay after a moment of rest."

Ling Xian waved his hand and placed Zi Ying Xiong beside a purple bamboo and returned to the crowd. "I will now talk about the second thing. This concerns everyone’s lives. You should all remember this."

Instantly, everyone shed their expressions of sadness and turned serious.

"I think you all know what is happening now. The House of Zi Yang has been destroyed, and we are now deemed fugitives. The other two political forces will for sure search every inch of the ground to find us and kill us." Ling Xian’s expression was stern. "I have discussed this matter with the Yun Clan leader, and he has agreed to let us all stay here for the time being."

"What? We can stay here? This is great! We don’t have to live our lives running and hiding."

"This is all thanks to Master Ling. Without him, we never would’ve escaped or be able to stay at the Yun Clan."

"Yeah, the Yun Clan is only allowing us to stay because of Master Ling. There is no other reason to run the risk of letting us stay here."

Everyone chimed in and stared at Ling Xian with thankfulness. Without exception, this gratitude came from deep within.

These people knew very well that they were only able to live and have a place to sleep because of Ling Xian. Without him, they would’ve died in that battle.

Therefore, everyone here, over a hundred of them, were appreciative of Ling Xian to a point where they were willing to lose their lives for him.

Sensing everyone’s thankfulness, Ling Xian did not doubt that if he ordered these people to kill themselves right now, they would slit their own throats.

Of course, he would never do that.

"You don’t need to thank me. I am merely doing what your Headmaster has asked of me." Ling Xian sighed. "Since the Yun Clan is willing to let you stay here, I hope we can establish some ground rules."

"One, follow every rule of the Yun Clan. Do not argue with the descendants of the Yun Clan and do not fight."

"Two, and the most important one. Do not enter and exit at will. Cultivate and train here peacefully and quietly. If the news spreads about your whereabouts, not only will you die, the entire Yun Clan will be attacked. The Clan has agreed to keep you despite the danger, so I do not want to see bad things happen."

"Three, the mountain valley behind you lives countless beasts. I hope you can form teams and prey those beasts every day. First, it will sharpen your battle skills. Second, the corpses of the beasts are resources you can use. You cannot ask the Yun Clan to provide you with training resources can you?"

"These three points are all. Now answer me, can you abide by them?"

Ling Xian’s expression was calm as he glanced around, the temperament of being a victor was all around him.

"Master Ling, do not worry. All three points are reasonable. We can do it!"

"Yeah, the Yun Clan only allows us to stay because of you. We will not cause you trouble."

"Yeah, don’t worry Master Ling. Whoever does not follow these points, I will be the first to kill that person!"

"Yeah, me too. I will not allow any bastard to behave badly!"

Everyone agreed in unison, their tone was determined.

Ling Xian nodded. He stated these three points because he did not want to bring any trouble to the Yun Clan. He also believed that these people could attain them.

After all, they all fought for the House of Zi Yang. No matter how immoral they were, they cannot be that bad.

"Okay, then go on with training," Ling Xian muttered before whispering to Zi Hua Shang, "Follow me for a second."

Then, he scooped Zi Ying Xiong off the ground and walked towards a wooden cottage.

Seeing this, Zi Hua Shang became confused. But due to her appreciation and because of Ling Xian’s capabilities, she marched forward and followed.

Very soon, they entered the cottage.

The moment they entered, dust suffocated them. Ling Xian frowned. "You have been staying here for days, and you didn’t come inside this cottage?"

"Sister Yun Yan said this is where you live, and nobody should enter," Zi Hua Shang answered in a low voice.

"That girl…" the corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He waved around his sleeve, and all the dust in the room was swept off.

Then, he put Zi Ying Xiong onto the stone bed and turned to Zi Hua Shang. He then said something that brightened the girl’s eyes.

"The Supreme Headmaster left something for you."
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