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"What a victor of the foundational level. What a powerful Heaven’s Favorite. To have such powerful fighting abilities, is he human, or is he a God?"

A skinny and old elderly sighed, his tone full of shock.

Hearing this, all the other completion-leveled powerhouses nodded. The way they stared at Ling Xian was full of shock along with thick admiration.

Just as the elderly had said, Ling Xian’s current behavior was like a human and also like a God.

With the foundational strength to defend against two completion leveled powerhouses, and to remain so courageous without stepping back even once. How unbelievable was this?

If this behavior was not considered godly, then nothing can be.

"No wonder your name rattled 36 islands. Now that I have witnessed it today, you sure live up to it." The studious young man fanned himself as he stared at the silhouette in the sky. "I heard he was merely an honorable guest of the Zi Yang House and has no master."

Hearing this, all the completion-leveled cultivators paused. When they shifted their gaze back to Ling Xian, they were full of shock and admiration, along with a trace of heat.

It was as if they saw a rare treasure.

That was true. A foundational victor who was without a master was no different than a rare treasure. Maybe even more valuable!

Try to imagine. If a political force acquired Ling Xian as an apprentice, then how much honor would this force receive? And how fortunate of an event would this be?

He was a rare victor of the foundational level!

It wasn’t hard to predict that with his talent, as long as he doesn’t die young, he will become a powerhouse of a force while ensuring the glory of the force for three thousand years!

A powerhouse, three thousand years of glory, these highly tempting concepts appeared in every completion-leveled cultivator’s brain. Then, the way they stared at Ling Xian became even more heated.

It was obvious, every completion-leveled cultivator was wavering and wanted to accept Ling Xian into their own House.

"Haha, such a Heaven’s Favorite. He is the Qing Ming House’s!" A middle-aged man laughed, unable to hide his satisfaction towards Ling Xian and his determination to take Ling Xian under his wings.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he was mocked by the studious-looking man. The man waved his fan and teased, "A House as little as Qing Ming House wants to try to acquire this apprentice? What a joke. Your House is too small to raise Ling Xian, this God-like creature."

"Hmmph! My House may be small, but is yours, the Wu Ji House, big?" the middle-aged man snickered, the flame in his chest burned.

The studious man grinned. "At least as a whole, the capability of the Wu Ji House is stronger than yours by a whole level."

"A whole level?"

The middle-aged man scorned, "You are simply self-claiming you are stronger. Everyone on the 36 islands knows that you have been suppressed by my House for centuries. Yet you still have the audacity to make that claim?"

"Hmmph, you want to fight?" The studious man frowned, no longer brandishing his fan.

Seeing this, the elderly lost his composure and chuckled. As a mediator, he stopped the two, "Stop arguing, you two. Both the Qing Ming House and the Wu Ji House are top forces of the 36 islands. This is something everyone agrees on. There is no need for debate. It is also not the time to be fighting over Ling Xian. We need to worry about whether or not he can make it through this battle alive."

Hearing this, the studious young man and the middle-aged man sneered, but they did not continue their fight. Instead, they focused on the astonishing battle before them.

Currently, in the sky, was a war that was in full swing and was intensifying.

Ling Xian held onto the sword with his left hand and the halberd with his right. Every move he made rattled the space and created a gush of wind in all directions.

Li Jian and Ning Wu Ji, these two completion-leveled powerhouses, were ruthless. Every move they made was made with the determination to take Ling Xian’s life.

Despite the aggression these two displayed, Ling Xian was immobile like a mountain. The way he stood was like he was a sage.

The battle has grown sluggish. It will be difficult to determine the winner in a short amount of time.

The battle below them, however, was getting more violent and was not looking too good.

Despite the help of more than ten foundational elders, the Zi Yang House was finding it difficult to stop the people from the other two forces.


Using numbers as their advantage, the two forces continued to bluntly attack without consideration. They killed to their full desire.


Screams rose one after another and entered everyone’s ears. Within a short moment, more than ten Zi Yang descendants fell to the ground.

At the same time, a completion-leveled Elder descended from the sky, catalyzing this life and death situation and helping out the team that was already winning.


Personally witnessing the collapse of a completion-leveled Elder turned Zi Dong Lai’s eyes red. However, he had no strength in him to help. He merely watched as the Elder died.

"NO! The House of Zi Yang has been around for tens and thousands of years, it cannot die in my hands!" Zi Dong Lai clenched his teeth as he glanced at the battlefield and the collapsed descendants. His eyes were full of sorrow and helplessness.

Moments later, he gritted his teeth and made a decision.

"Ling Xian!"

After a loud growl, Zi Dong Lai entered the war zone. He brushed shoulders with Ling Xian and stuck a storage pouch to his belt. Then, his spear exploded with energy that made the two completion-leveled cultivators stumble back.


Feeling Zi Dong Lai’s little movement, Ling Xian frowned, "Headmaster, you…"

"Don’t ask anything, just listen."

Zi Dong Lai’s expression was stern as he rose the gold spear before his chest, "Listen. What will happen here today is something the House of Zi Yang cannot escape. However, I do not want the legacy of the House to be destroyed. Therefore, I want to ask you for something."

Ling Xian remained silent. Though he couldn’t see Zi Dong Lai’s face, he could feel the deep grief and the weight of the situation on the leader of the House. His heart softened, and he whispered,

"Please speak of it. If it’s something within my abilities, I will accept."

Hearing this, Zi Dong Lai was relieved. With his back against Ling Xian’s, he said, "You see how the situation is. With the House of Zi Yang’s capability, we cannot win against the two major forces. Therefore, I hope you can take a few descendants of mine and pave a path out of here to ensure the House does not die here today."

So it really did come to this.

Ling Xian silently sighed. He had guessed Zi Dong Lai’s intention and realized the difficulty of what he was entrusted with. To pave a bloody path out of this place during the war was more than difficult. It was more like trading nine lives for the survival of one person.

Logically, he was not related to the Zi Yang House and could simply sit by the side and watch. However, faced with Zi Dong Lai’s final request, he didn’t have the heart to say no. He merely nodded heavily and muttered, "Headmaster, please do not worry. I will give it my all to ensure the House of Zi Yang lives on."

"I am relieved now that you have said that."

Zi Dong Lai’s lips curled up in a relaxing way. "Ling Xian, the House of Zi Yang owes you way too much. In this lifetime, I have no way of returning all the favors. But if there is a next life, I will repay you no matter what I have to do."

"This isn’t about doing a favor. I met you, I have gotten to know you, and I am not going to watch others exterminate the House of Zi Yang."

With what was happening right here and now, his eyes were getting damp.

"Ling Xian, to have gotten the chance to know you is one of the most fortunate things that happened in my life. It was a pity that I didn’t have a chance to rejoice with you over drinks."

Zi Dong Lai sighed deeply, and his expression turned frigid right away. In a low voice he said, "Ling Xian, everything is up to you now."

When he finished speaking, his silhouette flashed. A gold spear emitted an infinite amount of light that threatened the two completion-leveled powerhouses.

"Li Jian Yi, Ning Wu Ji, you want to destroy the House of Zi Yang? You will have to pay with your own blood!"
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