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Inside the stone room, the three Heaven’s Favorites knew that they only had one chance. Therefore, the move they made was their strongest technique.

The endless flame burned, the sharp sword soared, the five tall mountains free fell. All three techniques, without exceptions, were as overbearing as it could be as they shook all four directions.

On top of those was Di Tian’s three thousand demons. The combination of these four techniques truly shocked the Heaven and the Earth!

"How smart of you. You know one hit cannot wound me, and I can slice around as much as I like," Ling Xian complimented, his expression was like he was describing something trivial. He didn’t think anything of these four people’s attacks.

If this were the him from three days ago, facing the alliance of four Heaven’s Favorites, he wouldn’t dare to be reckless. But today, he was the undefeatable one from the foundational level, why would he see anything of these techniques?


After an earth-shattering loud rumble, the spiritual energy from the undefeatable realm was unleashed.

Ling Xian made his move aggressively. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exuded a borderless amount of light and swept away all clouds!


The Halberd sliced across the sky, instantly diminished the sea of fire and stabbed through the five mountains. Then, it snapped the three-meter-long sword in two.

Finally, the black Halberd arrived before the three thousand demons.

Spinning around, Ling Xian’s right arm shook. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with an even more violent energy that shattered the silhouette of the demon!

One hit destroyed four techniques!

Undefeatable battle abilities!


All the silhouettes in the sky disappeared without a trace. Di Tian and everyone else spat out blood as they stared at Ling Xian with horror in their eyes.

One hit had killed four techniques?

How… How was this possible?!

The four Heaven’s Favorites appeared sluggish. They did not want to accept this result.

Everyone at the scene reacted in the same manner, even though they were aware that Ling Xian reached the undefeatable realm of the foundational level.

They never expected him to be as strong as this!

They all knew who Di Tian was. They also knew about those three men. They were all prominent Heaven’s Favorites whose capabilities surpassed those from the same generation.

Therefore, when these four people’s techniques were destroyed by Ling Xian after one hit, they were shocked to the extreme.

Gaze upon gaze landed on Ling Xian. Everyone’s expression was frigid. If they had to describe the emotion they were feeling, it would be disbelief.

But facts end all debates.

No matter how little these people chose to believe, reality was before their eyes. They were forced to accept.

"This isn’t possible!"

Di Tian shouted into the sky. He stared deadly at the shadow that was hanging in mid-air with a look of unwillingness to give up.

"A pitiful person who does not want to accept reality." Ling Xian glared at Di Tian, feeling too lazy to speak anymore. In a flash, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior howled again.

"Boss, be careful!"

A young man’s expression drastically changed. He pushed away Di Tian and then formed a hand seal to summon a defensive technique in the hope of stopping the black Halberd.

The result was that a bloody flower formed on his chest.


The man puked out a mouthful of blood as his complexion turned pale white. His head snapped back, and he no longer breathed.

Instantly, Di Tian woke up from anger and recognized the reality.

"Dammit, we aren’t his opponent. Retreat!"

After a loud scream, murky air surrounded Di Tian as he dashed towards the door of the stone room.

Seeing this, the remaining two Heaven’s Favorites followed him and ran for their lives.

However, in the next moment, a shadow using an even faster speed pierced across the sky and reappeared before the stone door. Then, a monstrous amount of spiritual energy rolled out and engulfed the entire stone room.

"You really think you can leave?"

A statement full of killer’s instinct rang out. Di Tian and them shuddered and stopped their steps. They stared at the man before them in horror.

Ling Xian held onto the Halberd with his right hand as he bore the white wings on his back. Like a heavenly god who just descended, he stood there without moving. There was a grandeur to him that was highly threatening.

"Don’t burn this bridge Ling Xian. You really want to kill us all?" Di Tian’s expression was grim and was furious to the extreme. However, facing the strong Ling Xian, he could only suppress his anger and pleaded against his will.

Ling Xian’s expression was calm. He pointed the Halberd at Di Tian and said, "I have given you a chance before. You didn’t treasure it."


Di Tian clenched his teeth. Ever since he grew up, he was always high above others. Who dared to disrespect him?

After meeting Ling Xian, however, he met his nemesis. He was repressed everywhere he went and humiliated every time they saw each other. He was knocked out to a point where he felt too ashamed to show even a patch of his own skin!

How could the arrogant him accept this?

"Dammit, I am going to give it my all fighting you!"

Di Tian angrily growled. Horrifying Qi seeped out of him that swept all debris off the ground in all four directions.

At the same time, the other two Heaven’s Favorites exchanged glances. They then clenched their teeth to encourage each other and to prepare for one last battle!


Ling Xian breathed out one simple word and didn’t want to waste any more time with Di Tian and them. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior emitted an infinite amount of light.


An endless amount of heavenly light swept into the sky like a tidal wave that was borderless and violent.

Instantly, those two Heaven’s Favorites lost all strength to resist. Their bodies were flung out by the Halberd of the Divine Warrior as all their meridians snapped.

Then, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior did not lessen its impact. Under the desperate stare of Di Tian, it slammed into his chest.


Puking out fresh blood, Di Tian’s eyes widened. He then collapsed onto the ground and took his last breath.


A famous cultivator who’s talent could not be surpassed was instantly killed by Ling Xian.

The entire battlefield was silenced.


After a moment, a series of gulping noises filled the air. Everyone’s gazes fixated on Ling Xian full of shock and horror.

But mostly, there was respect.

Respect shown towards admirable celestial beings.

"Dead. The best Heaven’s Favorites, the demon who could compete with the first Hidden Dragon, Di Tian, died just like that?"

"Unbelievable. After one strike, Di Tian was dead. He couldn’t even resist."

"No, I saw it clearly. Di Tian did resist a little, but it was useless. Before this victor of the foundational level, all resistance is futile."

"Sigh, this person can be called undefeatable of the foundational level."

"Yes, Di Tian died. The other seven Heaven’s Favorites from the top 10 Hidden Dragon’s List also died. All of us here were defeated by him as well. If he is not the most powerful of the foundational level, nobody else deserves that title."

"Aye, undefeatable foundational. Comparing myself to him, I am worse than a mortal."

Everyone at the scene sighed a long sigh, as the look in their eyes turned as bitter as ever.

Just like that person had said. Compared to Ling Xian, they were worse than a mortal."

What could they do? Ling Xian had broken through to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level. Other than cultivators who were at a higher level than him or those who belonged in the same realm as him, everyone could be killed in an instant by him.

Therefore, mortals, or foundational cultivators, were no different to him.

Without a doubt, the Ling Xian now had truly reached the full extent of the foundational level.

The title of being the undefeatable foundational cultivator was given to him shamelessly.

This day, this moment, Ling Xian, at the age of 20, became an undefeatable foundational!
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