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The steaming hot sun draped down an infinite amount of golden light that dyed the five colored sky golden.

Before the cabin, the lady in white stood calmly. Though there was not a single trace of makeup on her face, she still had the grace to bring the entire nation to her knees. Her simple dress tightly wrapped around her and it became hard to ignore her figure.

This was a woman whose beauty has reached an extreme. Enough to move souls, enough to make any man fall.

Ling Xian concealed a faint smile on his lips. His white robe flowed in the wind like an immortal. Especially since he broke through to the undefeatable realm, this aura around him became more obvious and more extraordinary.

Even if he was put in a group of Heaven’s Favorites, people would notice him right away.

"Miss, tell me where Di Tian is. I will go take care of him for you." Ling Xian grinned. His tone was not at all filled with disdain towards Di Tian, he simply appeared that he did not care.

It was as if he was about to face a mortal, not Di Tian, who was nicknamed to be the strongest of the generation.

"If this was like before, of course, I can tell you where he is. But he stole 30% of my control of the garden, and I cannot locate him." The lady in white nodded her head, indicating that she had no way of knowing.

Ling Xian frowned. The Palace of Fortune was so big. Without an exact location, how will he find the man? It seemed impossible.

"Don’t worry. I think I know just the place."

Seeing Ling Xian’s frown, the lady in white murmured, "Yesterday, one of the seven manors, the Manor of Light, was activated and agitated all the cultivators in the Palace. I am guessing he went there."

"The Manor of Light activated too, I see."

Ling Xian faintly grinned and confirmed, "Then that’s it. There are a lot of treasures at the Manor of Light. He must be there."

"I am guessing so too. You humankind is always filled with greed. There are an immeasurable amount of treasures inside the Manor of Light. There is no way people wouldn’t waver," The lady in white said softly.

"Greed is an emotion everyone has." Ling Xian smiled and paid respect to the lady in white. "If that’s the case then I will make my move."

"OK. I wait for your good news." The lady in white nodded gently, her eyes flashed with anticipation, and she reminded, "After exiting here, head east."

Ling Xian’s lips curled up, he told the lady to stop thinking about it, and marched forward in giant steps out of this little garden surrounded by fog.

Outside, Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun were sitting lazily on top of giant rocks, waiting for Ling Xian to come out.

"Brother, you finally came out." Fang Yun’s eyes sparkled as he ran over excitedly.

Ling Xian grinned calmly. "Let us go. I have a new location target. The Manor of Light."

"Hehe, what a good target. I love treasures." Fang Yun’s eyes turned brighter. Imagining Ling Xian dominating the place and how as a result, he can finally get some treasures, he drooled.

"Look at yourself."

Ling Xian glared at Fang Yun, then greeted Lu Chao Xian. Then off they went.

Just like that, the three of them walked out of the Medicinal Garden of Immortality and headed towards the east.

On their journey, they would catch glimpses of cultivators passing by them to hurry to the Manor of Light. It was obvious how tempting any one of these seven manors was.

One could claim that when the Manor of Light was activated, every single cultivator from the Palace of Fortune was moved by it. They stopped what they were doing and rushed there for fortunes.

After all, inside the Palace of Fortune, it was one of the ten places with the most treasures inside . For cultivators to hold such a strong attraction was not a surprise.

Even Ling Xian’s heart wavered. This was why he had two goals with today’s trip.

One was to chase after and kill Di Tian.

Two was to snatch some treasures from the Manor of Light.


This place was covered in ancient trees. Leafy branches covered the sky.

It was a dense forest.

Yan Ning Zhi’s expression was fatigued and worried. Her white robe was dyed with blood. She was running at a fast speed inside the forest, trespassing by through the trees like a flying butterfly.

Within this graceful scenery was ridden with exhaustion.

Behind her, four men’s shadows were moving hurriedly. Each one of them had enough war-like qualities to disperse the clouds and send shudders down people’s spines. At a time like this, Yan Ning Zhi felt like she was in an icy hell, frozen to death.

"Am I going to die here..."

Smiling wryly, Yan Ning Zhi’s expression turned stern as she muttered to herself, "No. I cannot give up. I cannot die here."

Then, she clenched her teeth and unleashed the secretive technique her family passed down to her. Her speed increased drastically, and she became even more agile.


The men behind her felt a flash of darkness and they could no longer see Yan Ning Zhi.

They frowned. A man in black said, "Boss, she disappeared."

"Don’t worry. She can’t get out of my palm."

The man leading the way snickered as cold energy rushed out of him and swept left and right.


The ancient trees shook, leaves fell, and the entire forest was restless.


After puking out a mouthful of fresh blood, Yan Ning Zhi’s face turned white. She was forced out by that man’s spiritual energy.

"Hmmph, Yan Ning Zhi, let me see where else you can run to."

Hissing, the young man’s face darkened, his eyes full of murderous intent.

"Chen Yao Zu, if you kill me, aren’t you afraid my dad will start a war against your clan?" Yan Ning Zhi’s face was cold and white. She worked hard to maintain a threatening face in hope of scaring off those men.

The man called Chen Yao Zu scorned, "Yan Ning Zhi, don’t forget where you are right now. Even if I kill you, nobody will know it’s me."


Yan Ning Zhi clenched her teeth, her face full of grief. She was a woman after all. No matter how much light shone upon her, she still feared and knew what it felt like to be desperate.

The her right now was feeling these two emotions. Because she could see that Chen Yao Zu was not just scaring her off, he was planning on going through with it.

"Yan Ning Zhi, it is because of you, my brother, Chen Yao Wei is now handicapped. An eye for an eye is what i want," Chen Yao Zu’s face was frightening. Every time he remembered his little brother being handicapped and becoming a mortal for the rest of his life, his anger boiled and flared.

He did not know that his brother asked for it, and nobody was to blame.

Or in other words, even if he knew the reason, he would not blame it on Chen Yao Wei, he would still say it is Yan Ning Zhi and Ling Xian’s fault.

This was the mentality of Chen Yao Zu. He was arrogant and unreasonable!

"Hmmph, he asked for it! He deserved it!" Yan Ning Zhi growled, manipulating her Qi silently, planning to use her life to start one last fight.

"You b*tch! When my brother pursued you, you could’ve just ignored him. Yet you seduced that little white-faced boy and you handicapped him! Damn you!"

Chen Yao Zu was enraged as his spiritual energy washed out of him and landed on Yan Ning Zhi’s body.


Yan Ning Zhi could not at all react before she was slammed outwards and puked out blood.

Though she was a genius array master on the 36 islands, her training was merely in the intermediate stage of the foundational level. She could not block an attack from someone at the peak of the foundational level.

Cough… cough…

Yan Ning Zhi puked blood again and forced herself to stand. In a cold voice, she said, "Who are you calling a white-faced man? I warn you, if you dare to insult Ling Xian again, I will use my life to end us both!"

"Well well well, you are hardly saving yourself yet you are still protecting that little white-face? So what I curse him? What can you do to me?" Chen Yao Zu once again lifted his sleeve, and a gush of wind landed on Yan Ning Zhi.


Yan Ning Zhi’s facial expression turned paler as fresh blood soaked her white robe. However, she held on and did not allow herself to fall.

"Chen Yao Zu, what kind of nice guy did you think your brother was? If he really loved me, then he wouldn’t have been cold towards me even if I didn’t love him. But do you know what he was thinking? All he wanted was to get me onto his bed. This kind of person… I regret not killing him!"

Yan Ning Zhi’s white face was determined.


Chen Yao Zu’s anger shot up to his brain and he ordered, "Yan Ning Zhi, I will give you another chance. If you agree to come home with me and take care of my brother for the rest of his life, I will spare your life!"

"You’re dreaming!"

Yan Ning Zhi appeared weak but was in fact, as determined as can be. Why would she ever accept a request like this?

"Well then, I will first kill you, then kill that white face Ling Xian!" Chen Yao Zu’s face was grotesque. His intention to kill was flooding out like tidal waves and immersed the entire forest.

Then, an ice blue sword solidified out of thin air. The temperature of the entire area dropped.

"Even if I die, I will not give you the opportunity to hurt Ling Xian." Yan Ning Zhi gritted her teeth, decided to end her life along with Chen Yao Zu's.

"Let us die together!"

Screaming, Yan Ning Zhi formed a hand seal, and five black pillars appeared, all vibrating with energy.

It was the array she learned from the ancient ruins.

Looking at the five pillars, Yan Ning Zhi thought of Ling Xian, and a smile found her lips. But very quickly, this smile turned back into grief.

"Ling Xian, you accepted my token of love. But I am afraid I cannot wait for the day you return it to me…"

Yan Ning Zhi beamed. Her side profile turned frigid again. Looking at Chen Yao Zu, she made an emotional statement.

"Let us die together."

As soon as she spoke, the five pillars illuminated with mysterious lights. They called out to each other and exploded with divine powers that changed the color of the sky and shook the ground!

Instantly, Chen Yao Zu and his company’s faces changed as they felt Qi from the peak of the foundational level. Their hairs stood on their ends.

"This… feels like… the undefeatable realm!"

Chen Yao Zu’s face changed colors. He didn’t think Yan Ning Zhi would have this ace card up her sleeve.

"Hmmph, it’s too late for regrets. With my capabilities, activating this array will hurt myself. But I rather die with you than not harm you at all."

Her face was determined. Clasping her hands together, she finished the last step of the array and was ready to strike the men before her dead.

Even though she knew, once this array activates, she will be swallowed by it. When that happens, only death awaits her.

But to stop Chen Yao Zu from hurting Ling Xian, this was the only way.

Just as she formed the hand seals and was ready to summon the array. A tone full of determination and courage rang, instantly bringing light back to her eyes.

"Stop! I'm here now."
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