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A pillar of heavenly light shot out and pierced through mountains and rivers!


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the clouds, the silhouettes of the three thousand demons dispersed at once!

Nine heavens and the hells were silenced at once!

Everyone was first startled, then stunned. The pride and arrogance they felt towards Di Tian’s ultimate technique froze on their faces.

A mirror alone had broken down the demon, how overbearing was this?!

How unbelievable was this?!

"Boss… Boss’ strongest technique was broken down."

"Unbelievable. The three thousand demons were howling all at once. Such heaven shattering power was diminished by light?"

"It was a very strong light beam. If I’m not wrong, it’s the legendary immortal light!"

"Is it the legendary Burnished Mirror of Immortality? The light that could destroy all beings? This is far too powerful. To know that the Three Thousand Spiritual Demons was the boss’ ultimate technique and can wipe out almost anything! It was counterattacked by one hit! This is outrageous."

Everyone cheered and gasped as they shifted their gazes onto Ling Xian, their eyes full of disbelief.

"Dammit, you cracked down even my strongest technique!"

Di Tian’s eyes were bloodshot as he clenched his teeth tightly, losing all the composure and collectedness he had before. That heavenly pillar of light broke both the Three Thousand Spiritual Demons and his confidence.

He never would’ve dreamt that his best technique would be destroyed by one person with one attack!

A year ago, when he was battling the number one ranked Hidden Dragon, he used the same move and drove that Heaven’s Favorite in a state of exhaustion and embarrassment.

But before his eyes, Ling Xian had taken down that ultimate technique with merely one move. How could him, the best of the generation Di Tian, accept this?

"Di Tian, die!"

Ling Xian shouted out loud, once again summoning the eternal light. Like a shooting star that left a trail in the sky, it threatened Di Tian closely.


The entire space shook as the ground cracked open. The eternal heavenly light grumbled, forcing Di Tian’s face to change color. His tried to dodge by turning his body horizontal.

However, he was too slow. Even though he successfully got away from the terrifying light, the light still touched him a bit.

Even though he only came slightly in contact with the light, Di Tian’s face nonetheless turned pure white as he coughed up blood in giant gulps.

This scene once again shocked everyone!

For this result to occur even when he was so capable, everyone couldn’t help but feel coldness overtake their hearts.

"Di Tian, if you leave the Palace of Fortune right away, I can let you live." Ling Xian’s expression was calm. He did not feel overly proud of the fact that he just overpowered a rumored to be undefeatable foundational opponent. He was still as calm as ever.

"Let me live? Ling Xian, you are far too contemptuous." Di Tian felt a wave of anger wash over him. He was nicknamed to be undefeatable and has always sat on top of the clouds. Who dared to see him in such low light?

"Why don’t you let me show you the way to hell."

After a cold snicker, Di Tian retreated behind the seven Heaven’s Favorites and gave one order to everyone.

"Let’s attack, together!"

These three simple words represented his resolve to slaughter Ling Xian and revealed his admittance to his defeat.

To him, this was a giant humiliation!

To know that he was nicknamed Di Tian, the best of the generation. The last time he fought against the number one Hidden Dragon, he merely tied but did not lose.

In other words, he has yet to taste loss ever since becoming a cultivator!

However, from now on, there is a "defeat" on his record. He was defeated by Ling Xian!

"Don’t worry boss, leave it to us."

The seven of them nodded lightly. They way they peered at Ling Xian was somewhat fearful. However, when they remembered that they were all attacking together, that fear very quickly turned into disdain.


An atmosphere of power expanded. Every single surge was as heavy as mountain, terrifying as it can be!

"Since fighting solo is no way to win, you decided to go against me as a group?" Ling Xian frowned. Feeling the seven gushes of Qi that did not pale next to his, his heart dropped.

His worst worry was happening.

If he was fighting solo, he was not afraid of anyone. But he was self-aware enough to know that if he fights against a group of them, he might not leave this place alive despite his bravery.

To know that these seven were not random cultivators picked off the streets. They belonged to the top 10 of the List of Hidden Dragons. In the entire 36 islands, they were the best of the generation!

If they fight solo against Ling Xian, they would be no opponent of his. But if they fight together, then even if a real young immortal was here, he might not win!

On top of that, a wounded but still alive Di Tian will also join the collusion. This endangered Ling Xian greatly.

"Fella, you are strong. If we challenge you alone, none of us would be your opponent." A handsome young man revealed a cold smile. "But today, the seven of us are coming together to defeat you. Even if you are the reincarnation of an immortal, it will be difficult for you to survive this!"

"Hehe, that’s right. You dare to challenge the Alliance of Tyrants. Young man, you are dead meat." A man in black sneered.

Ling Xian frowned and sighed lightly. He just concluded his fight with Di Tian. But now, he was about to go up against an even stronger opponent. Trouble sure do come one after another, just like waves.

"It appears I need to give it my all today."

Ling Xian exclaimed. The collusion of seven Heaven’s Favorites was a challenge to his capability. It was a challenge to anyone from his generation!

"Whatever. I need to get the Mystery of the Yellow Fruit before anything else!" Ling Xian’s eyes flashed with sternness as he made up his mind.

Under this circumstance, he didn’t necessarily need to fight to the death with these people. What he needed was to acquire the Yellow Fruit of Mystery so he could break through to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level. Then, killing these people will be easy.

Ling Xian did not waste another word with these people. Turning around, he headed for the tree that carried the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

"Stop him!"

Seeing through Ling Xian’s intention, Di Tian yelled. He was about to make a move when he suddenly spat out blood, and his body collapsed a little.

[God damn, I didn’t think the immortality light would be so damaging!]

Di Tian swore silently. He knew he was gravely hurt, so he hurriedly sat in a lotus position and manipulated his Qi to cure himself.

"Don’t worry boss, leave it to us. We will kill this person right here and right now!"

The young man in white jumped off the ground and headed for Ling Xian. His long right arm slammed outwards!

"Get the f*ck out of my way!"

Ling Xian growled, and his black hair danced in the wind. His terrifying Qi was gushing out in all four directions and forced all seven of the Heaven’s Favorites back three steps.

Then, he extended one hand and tried to grasp onto the yellow fruit.

However, when Ling Xian’s palm was less than an inch away, a sharp blade suddenly flew by, making him retract his hand and turn around to face the seven people.

The situation had unfolded in such a manner, and there was no need for any more explanation.

Battle was the only answer!

Fight until the sky turns dark, kill until the moon loses its glow!

Ling Xian could emerge out of the pool of blood and win the fight, or Ling Xian could fall right here and now and become just another dried up corpse in the Taoism community.

"Ling Xian, if you want the Yellow Fruit of Mystery, you will have to get past us!" The handsome young man grinned eerily, his eyes full of killer’s instinct.

The other six behaved just the same. The terrifying amount of killer’s instinct was unmatchable!

"Less bullsh*t, fight me!"

Ling Xian’s anger was boiling as well and did not want to speak to these people any longer. Disappearing from the scene and quickly reappearing again, he moved with much agility and speed as he headed towards the seven people with a pure intention to end their lives!


A horrifying amount of Qi poured out of him. Ling Xian made his move aggressively and crisply. Pressing down with merely one palm, he trapped all seven of them!

The wind and the clouds shivered at the sight, a tornado swept across the battlefield!
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