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"Tell me. How do you want to die?"

A statement full of arrogance was made!

Ling Xian’s expression was nonchalant. His white robe tussled in the wind alongside his instinct to kill.

"Fella, do you know who I am? How dare you speak to me in such a manner! You deserve to die!" Chen Yao Wei’s expression turned dark. His mood was already like a flame that burned inside a cauldron, but after hearing that statement, he flared up and reached an extreme point of infuriation.

As the son of the Chen Clan Leader, he has been using his background to take advantage of others. Who has ever talked to him in such a manner?

But now, Ling Xian was treating him disrespectfully and was speaking so calmly. At the same time, he appeared like he never cared in the first place.

This made his hair stand up out of anger and fed him a desire of chopping Ling Xian into pieces.

"I don’t know who you are and I don’t care who you are," Ling Xian softly grinned. As someone who didn’t even care about a Prince, why would he care about this guy’s identity?

"Fella, let me teach you what it feels like to want to die." Chen Yao Wei’s killer instinct flooded his vision.

He knew who Ling Xian was and knew of his heaven-defying achievements. However, he did not care. This was all because the Chen Clan was very powerful and was considered one of the top Clans on the 36 islands!

On top of that, he was the Chen Clan Leader’s favorite son. Therefore, he didn’t care how strong Ling Xian was.

To him, anyone who provokes him faces death!

"Why don’t you come and try." Ling Xian’s gaze was frigid. Staring at the arrogant youth before him, killer’s desire flashed before his eyes.

This person first ordered Ling Xian to stay away from Yan Ning Zhi, as if he was almighty powerful, then he threatened Ling Xian. How could Ling Xian not be angered?

"Fella, you are going to regret this."

Chen Yao Wei’s laughter was irritating as he marched towards Ling Xian. He threatened, "Fella, I advise you to not even touch me. My background is something you cannot deal with. Let me handicap you, or else, you are dead."

[Handicap me?]

Ling Xian’s gaze turned even colder as he stayed where he was without saying a word.

Seeing this, Chen Yao Wei laughed, believing that Ling Xian was scared of his background. Turning even cockier, he tried to slap Ling Xian.


As a direct descendant who was given an endless amount of resources, he had somehow entered the intermediate stage of the foundational level. Therefore, the prowess of this slap was by no means weak.

Sadly, he underestimated Ling Xian.

Faced with this attack, Ling Xian extended a finger and in an instant, all Qi emitted from Chen Yao Wei disappeared.

"Why don’t I handicap you instead."

Ling Xian’s mouth curved up. He slowly made a slapping motion that was seemingly gentle but was actually unstoppable.


After a crisp noise, Chen Yao Wei displayed disbelief on his face. He could not believe that someone just slapped him!

To him, who has always ridden above others, this was a huge humiliation!

"Ling Xian, I want you dead!"

Chen Yao Wei howled, concentrating all his Qi into an arm, he planned to kill Ling Xian here and now!

However, the more he tried to focus his energy, the more shocked he appeared. The horrifying atmosphere he was trying to create evaporated in an instant.

This was because his dantian, the place where he stores his spiritual energy, was broken.

Not simply cracked, but utterly broken.

This abrupt discovery made his scalp itch as the fear he felt climbed up his spine.

To live freely in the Taoism community, cultivation level was the most important factor. A person’s training was far more important than any external factors. However now, his cultivation has been trashed as he lost the center of where spiritual energy comes from. How could he not be fearful?

"You… You handicapped me!" Chen Yao Wei was more than frightened as he glared at Ling Xian poisonously.

The utter destruction of the dantian indicated that he will not be able to walk on the cultivation path ever again. No matter how rare of a treasure was given to him, he cannot be healed.

This was a cruel event. Crueler than killing him!

"You claimed to want to handicap me didn’t you? I simply did it to you instead," Ling Xian almost appeared bored, as if trashing someone’s training was not a big deal.

It was true that he had a big heart and was born with a kind nature. However, his kindness is only shown to those who deserve it. To Chen Yao Wei, who threatened him, he would not just let him go.

The Taoism community is very cruel. If he chose to let it go today, Chen Yao Wei would only get more aggressive.

Therefore, Ling Xian made a move to end it all. Trashing his cultivation meant he would be a mere mortal all his life.

"Dammit, Ling Xian, you are dead! I am going to kill you!" Chen Yao Wei screamed, his voice contained a form of determination that claimed he would not give up until Ling Xian was dead.

"How do you still think you have the right to say thing like this?" Ling Xian displayed a cold smile. Then, he kicked his foot out at lightning speed, and it landed on Chen Yao Wei’s chest.


Like a broken stringed kite, Chen Yao Wei’s body flew meters backward. He lied there, on the ground, puking out blood as he stared at Ling Xian vilely but also sacredly.

He looked like he had just seen the devil.

At this moment, he finally realized his mistake. However, he did not think he was wrong. He simply thought he planned it all wrong and he should’ve called out his third uncle to attack Ling Xian together.

"Killing you will only dirty my hands." Ling Xian stared at Chen Yao Wei and raised his hand. "Three counts, and disappear before my eyes. Or else, you deal with the consequences."

Then, he began to count.

After "one", Chen Yao Wei’s expression turned into one of horror. He wanted to stand up, but he realized he was very much wounded and could not do so.

By now, Ling Xian had counted to "two".

This shocked Chen Yao Wei, forgetting all about his reputation, he began to crawl.

Under the threat of death, he crawled faster than usual. After Ling Xian shouted out "three", he was already on the stairs by the mountain peak and was crawling downwards.

He hastily fled, as embarrassing as one could be.

It was obvious how fearful he was of Ling Xian. Or else, why would the little master of the Chen Clan choose to run away in such a humiliating manner.

Watching Chen Yao Wei leave, Ling Xian shook his head, unable to understand why so many arrogant people exist. Isn’t it easier to treat others with kindness?

"The strong take advantage of the weak as much as they want. What a cruel world." Ling Xian sighed.

If what happened to him today happened to a young cultivator without background, they would have to take Chen Yao Wei’s beating and humiliation without resisting.

Luckily, Ling Xian had the capability. Anyone who dared to try and chasten him would only end up crumbled before him!

"Ling Xian, what happened today is because of me. I apologize." Yan Ning Zhi walked forward, her face very apologetic.

"It’s okay. That person was brainless. I am unlucky." Ling Xian brandished his arm, not taking what happened today seriously.

However, Yan Ning Zhi appeared worried. She hesitated, "Ling Xian, the Chen Clan, and my Clan are both powerful forces on the 36 islands. That person was the favorite child of the Chen Clan Leader. You handicapped him, he will not let that go easily."

"That’s not a big deal. I will handle anyone who comes at me." Ling Xian softly grinned. His tone did not seem like he was demeaning the Chen Clan, rather, it sounded like he simply did not care.

The Chen Clan was in fact, very powerful, with many completion leveled cultivators. However, Ling Xian was fearless. With his current capabilities, he may not win against completion leveled cultivators, but he can run away easily.

On top of that, the Palace of Fortune was opening soon, and he was almost done studying the Immortal of Array’s legacy. Once he gets his hands on the Fruit of Mystery, he will be able to reach the undefeatable realm of the foundational level, which will allow him to break through to the completion level.

Soon he will turn into a dragon that peers down from above!

Seeing how casual Ling Xian handled this whole thing, Yan Ning Zhi’s eyes were glistening. She felt like Ling Xian was profound and unable to read.

If this were anyone else, when they hear the name Chen Clan, they would shake with fear. However, Ling Xian did not seem to mind at all and behaved as if nothing has changed.

This confidence was extraordinary.

However, Yan Ning Zhi was still somewhat worried. Gritting her teeth, she said, "Ling Xian, do not worry. I will tell my dad right now and ask him to take care of this whole thing."

Hearing this, Ling Xian’s heart warmed. He smiled. "Thank you for your kindness. But I was the one who caused this scandal, I rather not involve you."

"No. I caused this whole thing, I cannot just sit and not do anything." Yan Ning Zhi shook her head, her eyes determined.

Ling Xian chuckled. "There really is no need. The Chen Clan might be powerful, but we are in the House of Zi Yang. They cannot hurt me."

"But…" Yan Ning Zhi wanted to say something more, but before she could, Ling Xian interrupted her.

"There is no ‘but’. I know you are saying all this for my own benefit, but do not worry about this anymore. I have my own plans." Ling Xian shook his head, his tone didn't allow any more discussion.

"I… Okay…"

Yan Ning Zhi nodded but did not speak more. She had made up her mind that if the Chen Clan comes and causes Ling Xian trouble, she will do something about it.

"Then, I will leave."

Ling Xian grinned and readied himself to leave this place.

However, at this instant, a mysterious and eerie atmosphere suddenly engulfed the entire House of Zi Yang.

In the next second, a magnificently looking Palace of Fortune materialized in midair, exuding an infinite amount of heavenly light. Surrounding it was an eternal and ancient feeling.

Immediately, the wind blew, clouds converged, and all the land shook!

"This is… the Palace of Fortune is activating!"

Ling Xian’s spirit picked up as his eyes exploded with energy.

At the same time, countless people were looking up to the sky. Staring at the mysterious Palace of Fortune, their pupils were filled with heat and flame.

Palace of Fortune is full of fortune!

Inside will be an infinite amount of rare treasures, earth-shattering weapons, and never known before techniques!

In other words, inside, was everything every cultivator could ever want!

As long as they can get in, they will be able to get what they want!

Currently, every single cultivator who set up base in the House of Zi Yang has gone insane. Flying into the sky speedily, they aimed directly at the Palace of Fortune.

It was not hard to predict that a bloody storm was about to strike.
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