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On top of the mountain peak, a portrait hung in midair.

The lady in the portrait had delicate features and a kind of beauty that pulsated souls.

Though it was merely a painting, it accurately replicated Yan Xin Yan. It was as if she was standing right before Ling Xian’s eyes.

"No wonder the Immortal of Arrays cannot forget her even today. She really is a beauty." Ling Xian grinned. "There truly is a reason for all her fame. Can I please have this?"

"You want this?"

Yan Ning Zhi was getting more and more confused. However, since she felt an attraction towards Ling Xian, she couldn’t say no. With a smile, she nodded. "Okay, since you want it, then take it."

"Thank you."

Ling Xian grinned again and sent the portrait inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals.

"Ling Xian, let’s chat inside. You hosted me with your Tea of Enlightenment; now I can greet you with a special type of tea that only the Yan Clan has." Yan Ning Zhi softly smiled and extended her arm to welcome Ling Xian.

"I…" Ling Xian frowned and declined, "That’s okay. I still have other things to tend to. I will leave."

"Oh, alright."

Yan Ning Zhi’s eyes darkened. After thinking about it for a while, she mustered her courage and said, "Master Ling, please take care of the jade plate."

"About that…" Ling Xian chuckled bitterly. He wanted to tell her the truth but was too afraid to expose the secret about the Painting of the Nine Immortals. Therefore, he had no choice but to continue his bluff, "Don’t worry. I will keep it safe."

Hearing this, Yan Ning Zhi’s smile deepened. With a red face, she said, "I wonder if you want to hear the story behind the jade plate?"

"Um… I still have places to go. Let’s talk about it another time." Ling Xian has gotten a headache. It wasn’t hard to figure out that Yan Ning Zhi wanted to tell him all the sentiment behind the jade and what it meant to her.

Therefore, he had to decline. If she ended up telling him all about it, he would not be able to play dumb and get himself out of the situation.

"Aye… That’s okay then." Yan Ning Zhi softly sighed, blaming Ling Xian for not taking a hint.

How would she know that Ling Xian had already learned the meaning of the jade? It was because he knew, that was why he couldn’t listen to it. Or else he would have no way out.

"I have other businesses to take care of. I will leave now." Ling Xian left with a grin.

At the very moment, an angry voice erupted.

"Stop right there!"

In the next second, a youth wearing all black landed before Ling Xian. His expression was dark as he stared at Ling Xian with flames in his eyes.


Ling Xian frowned. Looking at the person before him questioningly, he asked, "Who are you?"

"You! You are Ling Xian right?" The youth stared down at Ling Xian and coldly smirked, "Listen, my name is Chen Yao Wei.*"

"You sound just like your name. What a flaunting stance." Ling Xian’s eyes glazed over. Since he showed up in such an unfriendly manner, Ling Xian was somewhat exasperated.

"So what I am flaunting? I warn you, keep your distance from Ning Zhi. Or I will bring out my people and destroy you!" Chen Yao Wei was arrogant.

He was the direct descendant of the Chen Clan. Upon hearing the news that Yan Ning Zhi came to the House of Zi Yang, he followed his uncle and set up a base here. One reason for this was that he decided to continue pursuing the lady that stole his heart.

However, before Chen Yao Wei could even see Yan Ning Zhi, he heard a rumor that made him spit out blood.

The Goddess in his heart waited for ten whole days just to see a man!

To know that Chen Yan Wei pursued Yan Ning Zhi for three years. No matter how hard he worked, Yan Ning Zhi did not express interest in him and treated him with nothing but coldness.

But now, she willingly pleaded to see a man and even waited for ten days. How could his heart take this?

"Oh. So this is what it’s about."

Ling Xian’s brows furrowed together as he shifted his glance to Yan Ning Zhi, "Miss Yan, this was caused by you. Can you deal with it?"

"No worries. I can take it from here."

Yan Ning Zhi’s expression was icy as she stared at the arrogant youth before her, "Chen Yao Wei, I have told you, again and again, to stop meddling in my life. It is no business of yours who I choose to be with. Disappear before me, right now!"

As a Heaven’s Favorite and a beauty, there were countless pursuers after her. Many of whom she detested, but the one she hated the most was the youth standing before her.

For that reason, she never showed Chen Yao Wei any kindness. Now that he even dared to threaten Ling Xian, her anger flared and she wanted to jump up and slap the man to death.

"Ning Zhi, finally, I get to see you."

Watching the beauty before him, Chen Yao Wei’s eyes became inflamed and somewhat dirty.

"Shut up!"

Yan Ning Zhi raised an eyebrow out of disgust, "How many times do I have to tell you. Don’t call me Ning Zhi. You have no right to."

"Hmmph, I don’t have the right to, does he have the right to?" Chen Yao Wei sneered.

Yan Ning Zhi’s level of disgust towards the man has reached an extreme. She scorned, "That’s right. Out of everyone in the world, he is the only one who has the right to. I think you should give it up."

As she spoke, she even hugged onto Ling Xian’s arm and leaned her head on his shoulder.

This scene shocked Chen Yao Wei and overwhelmed Ling Xian.


Chen Yao Wei growled. He was a man who enjoyed dominating everything he likes, and he could not bear the fact that his lady of choice had touched another man. Naturally, when Yan Ning Zhi hugged Ling Xian’s arm, he became infuriated.

"Well, well, well."

Chen Yao Wei looked at Ling Xian with burning killer’s intent, "So you are in love with this little white-faced boy? Then I will kill him today."

"Don’t you dare!"

Yan Ning Zhi let go of Ling Xian’s arm and said in a low voice, "Chen Yao Wei, if you dare to touch a hair of his, I will make sure you die without a tomb!"

"Hehehe, Yan Ning Zhi, it seems like you really are into this little boy." Chen Yao Wei’s face turned more and more monstrous. "You dare to threaten me because of him? Don’t forget, I am the son of the Chen Clan’s Clan Leader! If you kill me today, your life will be lost to compensate for mine!"

"Hmmph, if you touch Ling Xian, even if I die after, I will still choose to kill you." Yan Ning Zhi’s face was frigid. She will never allow anyone to touch a hair of Ling Xian’s.

[Even if she dies, she will not let this man touch me?]

Ling Xian silently thought as he felt a wave of warmth in his heart. He patted Yan Ning Zhi’s shoulder with a kind smile. "You can step back. I am a man, it’s not good to hide behind a woman."

Yan Ning Zhi was a little startled. Remembering the powerful battles Ling Xian was engaged in before, she was no longer worried. She informed, "Okay. This person is the son of the Chen Clan’s Leader. He has a powerful background. If you can, try not to kill him."

"I know what I’m doing." Ling Xian grinned in a gentle manner and stepped forward one step.

Noticing that Ling Xian had stood out, Chen Yao Wei sneered, "Hehe, you piece of trash finally stepping out?"

"How presumptuous." Ling Xian shook his head and retracted his smile. He then made a statement that was far more arrogant.

"Tell me. How do you want to die?"
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