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The burning heat from the Sun reminded everyone that it was now exactly noon.

The beach was silent. Everyone placed their gaze on Ling Xian in anticipation.

Anticipating him to agree to Yan Ning Zhi’s challenge.

Because their faces were already swollen from Ling Xian’s slaps and they no longer cared about how they looked.

They have lost in terms of battle capabilities. That was well established and was set in stone.

Therefore, they were hopeful that perhaps they could regain some of their pride from ancient arrays and alchemy.

"What do you say? Do you accept or no?" Yan Ning Zhi worked really hard to appear nonchalant. Though in reality, her heart was very anxious. She was afraid that Ling Xian would say no. Then, she would have no chance to save the reputation of this Alliance.

Ling Xian couldn’t help it but laugh. "Why would I accept? Give me a reason."

Yan Ning Zhi’s heart pinched as she clenched her teeth. "If you say no, then it means you are afraid."


Ling Xian mocked, "Whatever you think is fine. I have no time to play around with your morons. Leave here quickly and end this chaotic drama."

Then, he impatiently waved his hand and walked away.

He didn’t plan to compete against her in ancient arrays. It wasn’t that he was afraid, it was that he was uninterested.

Seeing that Ling Xian was leaving, Yan Ning Zhi panicked, and everyone else panicked too. They were hoping that ancient arrays would be their turning point. How could they let Ling Xian walk away?

Majority of this group began to speak, using provocation to trigger Ling Xian’s battling desires.

"Ling Xian, are you scared now? Aren’t you known to be the grandmaster who restored the Zi Yang House’s Array of the Purple Clouds? Why aren’t you even accepting the challenge?"

"He’s most likely scared. Restoring the Array of the Purple Clouds? That was just a rumor. If it was true, why wouldn’t he accept Sister Yan’s challenge?"

"Exactly. He obviously doesn’t live up to his title. Is the Zi Yang House’s Array that easy to restore? He must be doubting himself."

Every Heaven’s Favorites opened their mouths to mock, hoping this will force Ling Xian to agree. Then, they can reclaim some face with ancient arrays.

Of course, after those words were spoken, Ling Xian paused and turned around.


Ling Xian displayed a taunting smile as he looked at everyone before him, "You’re all working really hard to provoke me. How are you so sure that you can repress me in ancient arrays?"

"Sister Yan is the apprentice of Master Yang Cheng Zi. Her ancient array knowledge is profound and the best of the younger generation. Even some of the older masters are not as good as her!"

"Sister Yan’s skills in ancient arrays are unparalleled. She is so enlightened, some people even appointed her the number one of ancient arrays!"

"That’s right! In ancient arrays, Sister Yan is the absolute best. Everyone on these islands agrees with this!"

Seeing that Ling Xian turned around, everyone became excited. They complimented Yan Ning Zhi’s powerfulness to stress out Ling Xian a little.

Sadly, they were about to be disappointed. If this were anyone else, they would feel pressured by Yan Ning Zhi’s bright title, some may even fear.

But who was Ling Xian?

He was like a celestial being who feared nothing!

On top of that, he was the inheritor of the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays, why would he be afraid of Yan Ning Zhi?

However, Ling Xian felt somewhat surprised.

In Taoism, array masters are rare, exceeding the rarity of alchemy and weaponry. To even enter the field required a high level of enlightenment. To achieve anything required even more talent and skills. Some array masters wonder around the field but cannot fully enter. Even then, the community accepts these mediocre practitioners as array masters due to the short supply.

For Yan Ning Zhi, who was around 20 years old, to be named the best of the islands, meant she truly was extraordinary.

Her talent with arrays must be out of the world. Or else there was no way for her to be named the best!

Therefore, Ling Xian was a little surprised. Smiling a little, he said, "Interesting. No wonder they are so confident about you."

"Less bullsh*t. I ask you again, do you accept?" Yan Ning Zhi lifted an eyebrow and stared at Ling Xian.

"If I say no, you will mock me again. Though I do not care, I do not enjoy a bunch of flies flapping around my ears," Ling Xian concealed a smile and suggested, "I do not have a lot of time. How about this. I will set an array right now. If you can make the same array, then we’ll count it as my loss. What do you say?"

"What…" Yan Ning Zhi frowned and hesitated.

Under normal circumstances, the duel between array masters is organized through agreement prior to the duel. The most common way was for the two parties to cast their individual arrays. The winner is the one with the array that has a stronger flow of Qi and lasts a longer period of time.

This kind of duel was the fairest and most reasonable.

Ling Xian’s suggestion was not fair nor was it reasonable.

There were countless forms of arrays. Nobody would know for certain which array the opponent chooses to cast. If the particular array Ling Xian sets were one Yan Ning Zhi has never seen before, then she would lose?

How was that fair?

She shook her head, "I cannot accept this. It isn’t fair to me."

"I know what you’re worried about."

Ling Xian grinned, "Don’t worry. The array I want to cast is the most basic one, the Mingling Spirits Array. You should know that one."

"What? The Mingling Spirits Array?"

Yan Ning Zhi gasped. Not because she was unfamiliar with this array, but because this array was far too ordinary and common. It was the most fundamental array, the one that every array master knows of.

"Yes, the Mingling Spirits Array." Ling Xian nodded.

Yan Ning Zhi gawked at Ling Xian with caution, unsure why he would choose such an array.

If they follow the process of a regular duel, then having them cast the array at the same time could determine who’s was better quality.

The problem was the process Ling Xian suggested.

If Yan Ning Zhi could cast the same array as him, then he would lose. Any deemed array master could cast a Mingling Spirits Array, is he admitting his defeat?

Everyone understood this as well. They began their chatter and laughed at Ling Xian.

"Haha, how interesting. How is this any different than throwing out a white flag?"

"I knew it, he has no real abilities."

"Ling Xian, just say you lost. This method is asking for humiliation!"

"Yeah, just admit your loss. Then, tell everyone that the Array of the Purple Clouds was never fixed by you. You are simply a liar!"

"Admit it like a man!"

Everyone mocked him thinking that Ling Xian was going to lose. The presumptuous attitudes of theirs returned.

Because, with ancient arrays, they were certain they could win against him. But, they overlooked one important aspect.

On the battlefield, they have been dominated by Ling Xian.

Very quickly, they remembered this cruel reality and immediately shut their mouths. From a bunch of lions, they transformed into fluffy clouds with no temper.

The demon-like person had made a statement.

"Shut up if you want to live."
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