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The gigantic Sun hung high, draping down golden rays of light that reflected off the sandy beach.

The wide and endless ocean was calm, as if there was never a battle.

However, at this very moment, many Heaven’s Favorites’ emotions were flooding like tidal waves. They were shocked to their cores.

On the golden beach, Ling Xian held onto the Sword of Execution with his left hand and gripped onto the Halberd of the Divine Warrior with his right. He stood there with a tall back like the God of War.

Around him, over 10 Heaven’s Favorites were lying on the ground, white-faced, and dim-eyed. They were muttering things like "impossible" and "I must be dreaming".

It was true. To these charming Heaven’s Favorites, they never would’ve imagined things to unfold in such a manner. Especially those who have already been defeated by Ling Xian, they could not accept this.

One hit!

They collapsed onto the ground after one hit! The impact on their confidence and their undefeatable mentality was unbelievable!

Even Long Zhan, who lost after ten rebuttals, was behaving sluggishly due to disbelief.

He was the strongest descendent of the Long Clan, when has he ever been defeated within ten attacks?

However, the reality was before his eyes, and it forced him to accept this.

At this moment, every single Heaven’s Favorite, whether they were standing still or on the ground, has recognized Ling Xian’s horror.

At least in terms of fighting abilities, within 36 islands, nobody was his opponent.

At the same time, everyone understood one thing.

The Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation was a joke.

An international joke!

Such a horrifying Heaven’s Favorite, how could these people annihilate him?

Right now, the Sun was spreading down warm sunlight. But all the spectators could feel was chilliness.

Gazes after gazes were fixated on Ling Xian, full of shock, disbelief, and a hint of fear.

"Who else?"

Another statement was softly spoken in an extremely natural manner. It was as if the one he was about to fight against was not a Heaven’s Favorite, but a mortal who never practiced Taoism.

Yes, in Ling Xian’s eyes, these people were no different than mortals.

Other than Long Zhan, whom he had ten rebuttals with, Ling Xian thought nothing of the rest of them. They weren’t even at the peak of the foundational level, they could only be killed by him within seconds.

With his dominating skills, regular Heaven’s Favorites pose no threat to him. Even if they were Heaven’s Favorites from the same cultivation level, he could easily defeat them.

"How come nobody is talking? How come nobody is stepping out?"

Everyone held onto their silence. Ling Xian’s lips curled up and taunted, "What, are you afraid now? How laughable. You behaved so presumptuously moments ago, and now you all turned deaf? Where is your arrogance? Where’s your cockiness?"

"Ling Xian, though I admit you are strong, why are you insulting us? You have no right to talk to us like this!"

"Yeah! How dare you insult us?"

"Yeah, we are famous Heaven’s Favorites. Who do you think you are? You dare to humiliate us so, you are seeking death!"

A few Heaven’s Favorites expression were grim as they argued.

Others simply sighed. Though they felt humiliated, they didn’t snap back at Ling Xian because they couldn’t find the reasons to. They were also not as dumb as those select few who spoke in such a moronic manner.

How dare you insult us?

How laughable of a statement!

"This is so funny. How do you even come up with jokes this funny?"

Ling Xian chuckled, but quickly retracted his smile. "I have never met any of you in my life before, and I have nothing against you. Yet you came knocking on my door, spitting humiliating things in my face just because you have been pampered as Heaven’s Favorites. Why is it that only you are allowed to offend me, but I cannot insult you?"

"Very good. You asked me why I am insulting you? Then let me tell you…" Ling Xian’s lips curved up again. A statement saturated with arrogance rumbled in everyone’s ear like a piercing thunder!

"Because I am stronger than you!"

Instantly, the battlefield was silenced.

Every single Heaven’s Favorites became infuriated by this statement as they have never felt so humiliated in their lifetime!

However, nobody argued!

Their tightened firsts loosened powerlessly. Even those Heaven’s Favorites who previously spoke stupidly to Ling Xian couldn’t find anything to argue back with.

They had no reason to.

He was absolutely correct. It was all because he was stronger than them!

In the beginning, these people purposely insulted Ling Xian and behaved as if they could repress him because they truly believed they were stronger. But now, it was a proven fact that Ling Xian was the more powerful one.

How could they argue?


Every single of them was now red-faced. Half of this was due to anger from Ling Xian’s statement, the other was due to embarrassment.

Remembering the presumptuous ways they behaved, their faces felt hot, and they wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

They were also beginning to regret everything, regretting that they shouldn’t have been arrogant and that shouldn’t have offended Ling Xian so nonchalantly in the beginning.

If they came for friendly battles, why would Ling Xian slap them in the face? Why would Ling Xian humiliate them with his words?

It was too late.

These people could only swallow their pain and bite their tongue as they drown in humiliation and bitterness.

They asked for this! They deserved this!

"Look at you all. It seems like you are in denial," Ling Xian’s expression was collected, glancing at everyone, he uttered out another statement.

"You don’t admit your defeat? Duel me again!"

This simple statement exceeded the arrogance of his previous statement!

It represented Ling Xian’s fearlessness and his burning confidence!

Duel him again?

Many Heaven’s Favorites felt a flare of anger again that was soon replaced by powerlessness.

More than 10 Heaven’s Favorites were on the ground, including Long Zhan. This bloody truth proved to them that even if they go up to him and challenge him, only one result awaits.

Knocked out within one move!

Yes, other than this result, nothing else awaits them.

Of course, these people were at an age of vitality on top of their presumptuousness. Some people really couldn’t handle Ling Xian’s invitation for another battle and stood out.

It was a young man dressed in black.

His name was Lu Chao Xian.

"Ling Xian, I admit you are powerful. But you cannot disgrace us." Lu Chao Xian’s face was grim. Despite his stomach tossing and turning, he stood out hot-blooded.

What he wanted to achieve was to redeem the Alliance a little.

The turn of event has transformed the situation into whether or not the Alliance could save some face, as opposed to whether or not the Alliance could annihilate Ling Xian.

Their goal of this trip was to destroy Ling Xian. But now, Ling Xian casually defeated more than 10 Heaven’s Favorites, where do they put their faces?

Therefore, he bravely stood out in hope of saving some face.

"Very good. You are acting like a man," Ling Xian nodded and pointed at Lu Chao Xian with his Halberd of the Divine Warrior, "Come at me. If you can block one attack of mine, we’ll consider it my loss."

"One attack?"

Lu Chao Xian felt a wave of anger. As the strongest descendant of the Lu Clan, he has dominated the 36 islands and was the idol for the younger generation. Who dared to challenge him to block merely one attack?

This enraged him, he snickered, "Ling Xian, you are being far too smug."

"Yeah, Ling Xian, you are being far too smug. Lu Chao Xian is the strongest out of us all. Even the Demonic Fairy wouldn’t speak the way you are speaking!"

"Exactly! Brother Lu, teach him a lesson! Teach him just how high the sky is and how thick the earth is!"

"Yeah! Avenge us!"

Seven to eight Heaven’s Favorites rediscovered the sparks in their eyes after Lu Chao Xian stood out. It was obvious how confident they were towards him.

The rest of the Heaven’s Favorites sighed to themselves, not feeling very confident regarding Lu Chao Xian.

"Too smug or not, you will find out after you battle me." Ling Xian grinned and took one giant step forward.

Immediately, the wind blew in all directions. A terrifying amount of spiritual energy roared into the sky like a tidal wave!

"What a powerful vigor!"

Lu Chao Xian’s pupils retracted. Not daring to be reckless, he summoned the strongest technique he knew of right away.


An infinite amount of light drowned the space as the terrifying Qi circulated. Lu Chao Xian marched one step forward, and the drum-loud rumble pierced everyone’s ears. Even the air vibrated!

Then, he stepped forward another pace. Another "dong" split open the ground!

Immediately, the blood in everyone’s chest boiled. Staring at Lu Chao Xian in awe, they were all guessing which horrifying technique he was using!

Remember that these were all Heaven’s Favorites, for a technique to make their blood boil meant it was very dominating!


Ling Xian frowned slightly out of shock and muttered to himself, "No wonder others placed so much hope on you, you are somewhat capable."

Seeing Ling Xian’s hint of surprise, Lu Chao Xian became confident, "Ling Xian, everyone knows that even the first ranked Hidden Dragon does not look down on a group of heroes!"

Ling Xian beamed lightly and said something that made everyone spat out blood due to anger.

"I do not look down on heroes, I look down on you."

Lu Chao Xian’s expression changed, and he laughed coldly. "Alright, then let me give you a taste of my March of Thunderclaps!"

"What? He said this is the March of Thunderclaps?"

"Oh my god! It’s the legendary March of Thunderclaps! No wonder his Qi was so imposing!"

"Haha, Ling Xian is dead for sure. The March of Thunderclaps is very powerful and is well known on the 36 islands. Even ghosts cannot get away from this technique."

Everyone appeared joyous and confident, thinking that before the March of Thunderclaps, Ling Xian was without a doubt, dead!

This really shows the powerfulness of this technique!

"What about the March of Thunderclaps? You won’t escape the fate of being a loser." Ling Xian smiled, his confidence brightened the universe.

"Why don’t you give it a try!"

Growling, Lu Chao Xian focused all his Qi into his two legs and marched forward in midair!

Instantly, the earsplitting thunder once again roared!

The first step of the march!

The infinite amount of terrifying Qi dispersed throughout the air, forming a gigantic bubble of pressure. Everyone gasped as their blood continued to boil!

However, faced with this mysterious strength, Ling Xian appeared emotionless. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior slowly disappeared in his hand and was replaced with a glistening mirror!


An eternal dash of heavenly light howled and smashed forward carrying the strength of the ocean!


Another giant rumble shook the entire space!

In the next second, Lu Chao Xian crumbled from the sky like a broken-winged bird.

Blood gushed out of him while he was still in the air.

The battlefield was silenced!

Everyone turned sluggish as if they lost their soul and only their physical bodies remained.

Only one word kept on flickering in their minds, reinforcing the result of the Alliance’s movement.


On this battlefield, all the Heaven’s Favorites here have lost!
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