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Inside the meeting hall on the tallest mountain peak in the House of Zi Yang.

Zi Dong Lai sat at the end of the table. To his left was the prominent Ling Xian, who emerged suddenly and acquired fame just as abruptly. To his right was the generational powerhouse, the Demonic Fairy.

Beside them, were the nine Elders of the House of Zi Yang.

These Elders were either middle-aged or elderly. Every single one of them was sitting rigidly, waiting for Zi Dong Lai’s orders.

Zi Dong Lai’s expression was solemn. Glancing around him, he said in a low voice, "By now, everyone’s probably guessed what today’s meeting is about."

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

This news has completely circulated the 36 islands. They naturally knew of today’s topic. Other than discussing and strategizing, what else could it be?

Remember that the Clairvoyant Prodigy’s one statement pushed the House of Zi Yang to become the eye of the storm. This was no celebratory matter.

If uncareful, many things could go wrong.

Seeing everyone’s expression, Zi Dong Lai nodded slowly and exhaled, "I never dreamt in a million years that the legendary Palace of Fortune would be activated in the House of Zi Yang."

Hearing this, everyone fell into silence again. Who would have thought the Palace of Fortune that drove everyone insane would open its doors here?

"Aye… Oh well. The most important mission is to discuss a plan and fight against this." Zi Dong Lai sighed. "Since you all have guessed, then I won’t waste any more words. Let us talk about what we can do to overcome this crisis?"

Yes, crisis.

If nobody knew about the Palace of Fortune opening in the House of Zi Yang, then it is of great fortune for the House as the House can absorb all the treasures in the palace.

However, now, the entire 36 islands have found out. An opportunity had become a crisis.

If the House of Zi Yang chooses to single-handedly retrieve all the treasures, then what awaits it would be the collision of multiple cultivators. When that happens, no matter how strong the House of Zi Yang becomes from the treasures, it will crash and burn. After all, on the 36 islands, the House of Zi Yang is not top notch.


A grey-haired Elder hesitated and said through his teeth, "Headmaster, I think we should take them all! It is the legendary Palace of Fortune. The amount of treasures in there is endless. If we can possess all of them, our capability would grow exponentially and we can start a glorious era for the House of Zi Yang."

As those words were spoken, a few of them frowned.

Ling Xian sighed softly but expressed no opinions.

The situation was clear. It was impossible for the House of Zi Yang to take over the entire Palace itself – no political force could. Or else, they will become the target of all other forces from the 36 islands.

Everyone at the meeting knew this as well. Very soon, someone spoke out, "I don’t agree with you. even though there are many treasures, they aren’t as important as having the House safe and sound."

"That’s right. If every cultivator on the 36 islands hears about our behavior, with our current capability, there is no way we can keep the treasures," another sturdy man chimed in.

"Yes, the House of Zi Yang cannot digest such a large piece of cake. No political force can digest it," a studious-looking middle-aged man spoke.

But of course, there were people who supported the Elder’s suggestion.

"I agree with Elder Wang. Even though we cannot fight off the collision of all other forces, this is still our land. I don’t believe anyone can destroy the House of Zi Yang in such a short period of time."

A skinny looking elderly wearing black then said, "As long as those people cannot destroy the House of Zi Yang, then we can acquire some opportunities from the palace. When that happens, our capabilities will increase drastically. Who will we be scared of then? I also believe there are multiple powerful treasures in the palace. We should be able to grasp the upper hand even though we appear weak now."

Following him, an old man in green whispered, "I agree as well. This is the Palace of Fortune we are talking about. There must be a reason why it chose to open its doors here. Since it is here, then it is ours. Why would we put meat that’s already on our plate on someone else’s? Wouldn’t that be such a pity?"

Then, the nine Elders began a heated debate.

The younger Elder disagreed with Elder Wang’s suggestion. He thought that if they swallowed all the treasures themselves, they will trigger a battle.

Oppositely, the older Elder agreed with Master Wang. He thought getting everything for the House of Zi Yang was the best option there was. Even though the House of Zi Yang was not the most powerful, it still had a place on the island. If they could buy some time, acquire the treasures in the Palace, they could increase their capability.

If they were lucky, they can even get some treasures and be undefeatable!

Honestly speaking, both sides had logic and truth to them. The prior was more conservative and protects the House of Zi Yang from being hurt or destroyed. The latter was thinking more long-term. For the House of Zi Yang’s future, they were willing to bet for a bright future using the Palace of Fortune.

Of course, it was necessary for the Palace of Fortune to have treasures that could strengthen them. If the palace has none, then the House of Zi Yang would be in ruins.

Just as the two parties continued their debate, Zi Dong Lai slammed onto the desk hard, interrupting both parties from shouting out their arguments.


Zi Dong Lai’s expression was as heavy as water as he glanced everyone in the room. The moment his eyes met the Elders, each one of them lowered their head and stopped speaking.

Not only was he the Supreme Headmaster of the House of Zi Yang, he was also a completion leveled cultivator. The nine foundational leveled Elders naturally stopped their arguing.

"You are all right and I agree with the points you’ve made."

Zi Dong Lai’s expression was serious as he continued to talk, "To the House of Zi Yang, the Palace of Fortune is a very important opportunity but also it poses the risk of the House being completely destroyed. Some people want to play it safe, others want a bright future. I can understand all of you. What I need, however, is not you fighting each other, I need a well-rounded plan."

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes sparkled and remained silent.

How could there be a flawless plan?

The two options have been established. To either give up or to take all of them as its own. To think of an option that satisfies both parties, how was that possible?

"Sigh… I knew there isn’t an option that would make both sides happy." Zi Dong Lai exhaled deeply and shifted his gaze to Ling Xian. "Ling Xian, tell me, what are your thoughts?"

Ling Xian frowned. He didn’t think Zi Dong Lai would ask him. But since he was pointed out, he couldn’t just say nothing. After a moment of silence, he murmured, "I want to ask everyone here a question."


Everyone was startled and said in unison, "Please speak."

"Okay, then I shall. If I am wrong, please do not blame me," Ling Xian grinned, "I wonder if everyone has considered the possibility that, what if the rumor was false? And it was intentionally passed around to push the House of Zi Yang into a war?"

As soon as those words left his lips, the entire hall became silent. They stared at Ling Xian, eyes full of shock.

"Everyone, there is no need to look at me this way. Am I saying something wrong?" Ling Xian chuckled. "Please think about it carefully. If the scenario I spoke of was true, and the House of Zi Yang chose to take all the treasures for itself, where would the House end up?"

Everyone frowned. Zi Dong Lai was the same as he carefully thought through what Ling Xian said.

It didn’t require much careful thinking.

It was simple, if the rumor was false and the House of Zi Yang chose to be selfish, then everyone will attack the House.

If there was no Palace of Fortune, and the House of Zi Yang cannot acquire any treasures, it would not have the ability to defend against anyone. When that happens, no matter how much the House of Zi Yang tries to explain, nobody will believe anything other than the fact that the House of Zi Yang tried to take everything from the Palace of Fortune.

When that happens, the House of Zi Yang will have no future. There would be no second result.


Everyone realized the point he was trying to make and gasped.

"I see that you all know what I am trying to say," the corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Unintentionally, he saw the Demonic Fairy’s emotionless face. This was nothing unusual to her.

Elder Wang hesitated, and tested the water, "But… it was a rumor that the Clairvoyant Prodigy confirmed."

"I am not sure just how psychic this Clairvoyant Prodigy is, I only care about whether or not this is a trap, a trap that targets the House of Zi Yang specifically." Ling Xian’s face was serious. He again glanced at the Demonic Fairy. Her expression remained emotionless.


Elder Wang no longer spoke. His supporters were changing their minds as well.

"Think about it. If this whole thing was a scheme, then what awaits the Zi Yang House?" Ling Xian gently smiled, "Ok. That is all I will say. The rest is up to you to decide."

Then, he stared at Zi Dong Lai, waiting for his decision.

Honestly, if Zi Dong Lai decides to give up the Palace of Fortune and allow everyone to enter at will, it will be advantageous for Ling Xian. However, the reason why he suggested this was not for selfish reasons. He really did put the well-being of the House before himself.

This was because he was suspicious. Suspicious that this is all a scheme.

Because of the Demonic Fairy.

Since this woman has the word "demon" in her name, then she definitely is not as simple as she appears. On top of that, the fact that the Palace was activating in the House of Zi Yang was known by her a month ago. It could be assumed that she leaked the news.

"What Ling Xian said has some weight to it. Based on the past, every time the Palace appears, it appears in the middle of nowhere. For it to be here in the House, is very suspicious," Zi Dong Lai sighed. He looked at everyone with a stern expression. "Therefore, I have the decision that once the Palace of Fortune opens, I allow everyone to enter!"

Hearing this, those conservative Elders smiled. Those who wanted to take the risk were disappointed but did not argue.

"Good. Then that’s it. Meeting adjourned," Zi Dong Lai waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to leave.

"Yes, Headmaster."

The Elders said in unison and left one by one.

Ling Xian and the Demonic Fairy were amongst them.

However, after they left the peak, Ling Xian suddenly stopped the Demonic Fairy.

"Qin Yan Ge, do you want to explain?"
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