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The Sun had just rose. Since the creation of the perfect Foundational Dan, half a month had passed.

Because the abode Ling Xian was staying at was completely demolished, he temporarily moved to the mountain peak where Yun Yan stayed.

Currently, he sat inside a newly built room, enlightening himself with the inheritance from the Immortal of Arrays.

To him, the most important matter on hand was waiting for the opening of the Palace of Fortune and stealing the Yellow Fruit of Mystery. Then, he needed to break the Immortal Trap in order to reach the completion level right away.

To achieve all his goals, he needed to work hard and thoroughly understand Feng Qing Ming’s inheritance.

Currently, he was completely focused on the matters at hand. He was completely unaware of how much chaos the 36 islands were in because of him.

He had no idea that a powerful alliance was on their way to challenge him.

However, even if he knew, the most reaction he'll have would be a little surprised. Then, he would laugh at all this silliness and carry on with his business.

After three years of solitude and training, Ling Xian has grown even more collected and his undefeatable mentality was even more polished. Why would he feel troubled by those who wanted to provoke him?

He didn’t care much for them. The stronger the opponent, the better for him. He would never quiver in fear because of an enemy’s capabilities.

"Master, master."

A clear and crisp voice suddenly rung, awakening Ling Xian.

He slowly lifted his head and gaped at the pretty young woman with a smile. "Ah, look at you. Ever since I moved here with you guys, you have called me Master hundreds of times. You really don’t let me quietly train do you?"

"Master, I am bothering you because I have something to discuss with you!" Yun Meng stuck out her tongue. Her movements were energetic and cute.

Ling Xian shook his head helplessly and asked, "What is it?"

"What else? Someone else is here with gifts." Yun Meng giggled, her eyes flashed with proudness.

Though those people weren’t here to visit her, in her mind, since Ling Xian was her Master, anyone visiting him made her feel proud.

"Not again…"

Ling Xian bitterly chuckled, getting a headache.

Ever since he brewed a perfect Foundational Dan, everyone came to visit him. Whether it was morning or night, there was always a long line before his door.

Though this was anticipated, when it actually happened, he was still deeply troubled.

He had the intention to say no, but he could not handle everyone’s thick skin.

Remember that those people were of the powerful or of the wealthy!

They were all people with reputation and status.

To see Ling Xian, they ditched their prestigious positions and had done every shameless thing possible. How could Ling Xian simply reject?

In the end, Ling Xian had to greet them all.

Once he started, he couldn’t stop. Without a reason to decline those who came after, he sustained a headache out of annoyance.

If Ling Xian’s actual thoughts were spread around, a countless number of cultivators would curse him for being unappreciative.

To be visited by powerful figures with expensive gifts was a scenario every cultivator imagines and fights for!

If this event actually happens in their lives, they would wake up in the middle of the night laughing.

But what about Ling Xian?

He has what everyone wants, but he was annoyed by it. How could others not be jealous?

Luckily, others will never be able to read his mind. If they could, many cultivators’ hearts would be broken out of jealousy.

"Hehe, Master, you are getting annoyed, aren’t you?"

Looking at Ling Xian’s as-if-in-pain face, Yun Meng smirked, "What are you getting annoyed about? Just let those people come in, get the gifts, then shoo them away."

"You think I am greedy like you?" Ling Xian glared at her, "They are all trading their gifts for favors. Do you know what that means? You take their gifts today, you need to work for them tomorrow."

"So what, you have to. Setting up arrays or making Dans are easy for you," Yun Meng smirked again, she didn’t think any of this was a big deal.

"Though that is the case, where would I find the time?" Ling Xian shook his head helplessly, "You think everyone’s like you? Who plays around daily and doesn’t work hard at all?"


Yun Meng rolled her eyes and said, "Training is so boring. You are training day after day, are you not tired of it? playing around every day is free and fun."

"You… talking to you is wasteful." Ling Xian sighed and shifted his gaze to Yun Yan, "What good ideas do you have?"

"Hmm…" Yun Yan paused. Hesitantly, she suggested, "If you do not want to see those people, I can get them to go away."

"Do you have a way to solve the problem at the root?" Ling Xian asked.

"You can claim that you are now in seclusion for cultivation purposes and do not want to see anyone," Yun Yan thought about it.

Ling Xian was silent for a while. Based on the situation, this was the best idea right now. It would decline those people nicely and allow him some peace.

"Okay, then it’s settled. Let’s do it that way," Ling Xian nodded softly, "Go tell everyone I am currently training for a new technique and I refuse to see anybody. Tell them to leave."

"Yes, I will do that now."

Yun Yan nodded and walked out of the house.

Seeing this, disappointment appeared on Yun Meng’s face. She said in a low voice, "Master, is this really ok? Everyone came with expensive gifts."

Perhaps she wanted to emphasize the important part of this matter, she enunciated the "expensive" part of her statement.

Obviously, she wanted those gifts.

Ling Xian understood and laughed, "Girl, you really are stingy."

"Stingy? I am economical. Master, I am thinking on your behalf. These are all gifts of great value, of great great value." Yun Meng pouted and drew a big circle with her arms to indicate how expensive those gifts were.

"No matter how valuable they are, I do not need them. I can generate that wealth by selling a few Dans. There is no need to accept their gifts and owe them favors," Ling Xian faintly smiled, didn’t care much for those gifts.

With his abilities today, what he was saying was no exaggeration. Putting aside his ancient array knowledge, his ability to easily brew seventh ranked Dan was enough to make him rich.

It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to make the claim that his wealth was like a stream that never runs dry. He could have as much supply of spiritual stones as he wanted. Why would he care about these people’s offerings?

This was the difference in social status and capabilities.

If this was anyone else, they would smile so much their lips couldn’t close if there were people lining up with gifts. They would want as much gift as possible.

But Ling Xian thought of it as a headache and even annoyance.

This was all because, with his status and capabilities, he doesn’t care about those things.

One has to admit that Ling Xian’s transformation was far too aggressive.

Within five years, he metamorphosed from a handicap who didn’t even have change in his pockets, to today, a peerless Heaven’s Favorite who’s accomplishments were glorious and prominent.

Such graceful transformation was definitely heaven-defying.

Just like that, Ling Xian decided to live in seclusion in order to truly grasp Feng Ming Qing’s inheritance.

Time passed little by little.

Half a month later, an event occurred that rattled the entire 36 islands. Only then, did he pause his studies and burst out his front door.
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