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The golden lightning sliced through the sky and hammered down onto Ling Xian!

The terrifying demeanor of it perplexed every surrounding cultivator. Everyone’s sense of fear reached a new extreme!

This strike was composed of the golden lightnings, which surpassed the power of the silver ones from before!

Even Ling Xian’s expression changed. In a rush, he unleashed the fifth transformative quality of the Eyes of Execution.

A reflective mirror appeared out of thin air and shot out a penetrating ray of light that shook the land below!


The Heavenly light howled and brightened the sky. The space it dominated was blurring and almost breaking.

In the next instant, the gold lightning finally met the heavenly light. An explosion blasted in space as they came into contact and then both parties disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, Ling Xian sighed in relief. He knew then that he could most likely defend himself against this God’s Trial.

However, in the next moment, his heart fell. A chill snuck up his spine as he felt like he was being thrown into an ice cave.

Hoooooooom bangggggggggg bangggggggggg!

The night sky was suddenly bright again as countless golden lightning bolts slithered throughout the clouds.

Then, thunder began to rumble and wind started to blow!

A sea of thunderous and bolts-filled clouds was brewing. The terrifying atmosphere made everyone quiver as the earth quaked.

"Oh my god… As if one golden lightning wasn’t enough, there is now a sea of them!"

"This is really the end then. The golden lightning is the strongest attack out of all lightnings. Now that there is a sea of them, Master Ling cannot defend against them all!"

"Yeah, a regular lightning bolt is scary enough. With a sea of them, the Gods are really trying to kill Master Ling!"

Everyone exclaimed in grief as they stared intently at the violent scenery.

Even the Demonic Fairy and Zi Dong Lai were no exceptions. Looking at the horrifying scene and at the proudly standing Ling Xian, they sighed. It was as if they were already picturing Ling Xian washing away in the sea of thunderous clouds.

God’s Trial was overpowering. To any cultivator, it was a giant catastrophe. Even those with Heaven defying talent and unsurpassable skills would not treat a God’s Trial lightly. The most they could do against it was to wait for it to end and clutch onto their own lives.

However, how many Heaven’s Favorites like that have there been in history and are alive today? Saying there are as many of them as they were phoenixes was even an exaggeration!

That was even under the circumstance that the lightning bolts were the silver!

Before their eyes, however, a God’s Trial beyond their expectation was released. An even more advanced type of gold lightning was striking!

Catastrophe has become an understatement to describe this situation! The Gods are aiming for extinction!

"I cannot believe that a perfect Foundational Dan would provoke such dominating attacks."

Ling Xian grinned bitterly. He has encountered this once during the Lost Century. At that time, only silver bolts of lightning were used. Even then, he almost died as the lightning slashed open his skin and made him bleed out.

Compared to that time, the current situation was much graver.

It wasn’t hard to imagine just how terrifying this golden lightning sea was!

"Phew… whatever. I have to somehow get through this," Ling Xian slowly breathed out a gush of murky air. In the amount of time the clouds were brewing the bolts of lightning, he dialed up his spiritual energy. His Qi, alongside the blood in his body, were burning up like flames.

At the same time, the four divine weapons materialized again, as the giant Heaven Shadowing Palm emerged behind him.

A full attack!

This was the Ling Xian that was in his most aggressive and violent mode!

At this point, he had no way out. He could only face the God’s Trial in hope of surviving it.

"Come at me, I will not die easily. Even if the Gods mean to kill me, I cannot comply!"

Ling Xian’s expression was rigid. After enhancing his physical abilities to the extreme, he rushed towards the lightning willingly!


As if knowing that Ling Xian was urging closer, the thunderous clouds were angered. Without resting, another golden bolt slammed down!


Ling Xian shouted as the Winged Blitz slowly extended themselves, creating a gush of wind that blew for miles. It blocked the lightning that surrounded Ling Xian.

Though the Winged Blitz was speedy, it didn’t possess great offensive qualities. The moment they touched the bolt of lightning, they crumbled back into a murky gaseous state and returned to Ling Xian’s eyes.

Luckily, Ling Xian was experienced with battles. He quickly summoned the Heaven Shadowing Palm and destroyed the two lightning bolts that were aiming to take his life.

If he didn’t move fast enough, these two bolts would’ve made him puke blood.

"How domineering. God’s Trial really is not something normal people can handle," Ling Xian frowned, for once, he was thoroughly feeling the fear brought by the God’s Trial.

Hoooom, Hoooom, Hoooom!

The lightning continued to fall from above with the intention of turning everyone into ashes!

This was the unstoppable God’s Trial. It was also the most difficult opponent Ling Xian had to face since becoming a cultivator!


Wearing his golden Armor and carrying his Wings, he held onto the Sword with his left hand and grasped onto his Halberd with his right. Above his head, floated a reflective mirror. Just like the God of Warriors, his grandeur was overpowering!

Shooting up to the sky, he willingly bathed in the God’s anger. Unleashing his best abilities, he confronted God’s Trial with difficulty.


Against the golden bolts of lightning, the former four transformative qualities of the Eyes of Execution barely blocked them.

Only the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality stood out from the rest. The eternal Heavenly light diminished a countless number of lightning bolts!

However, the bolts of lightning seemed to be endless. Every time the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality diminishes some bolts, more and more appeared.

Ling Xian felt numb and exhausted.

Sadly, since he has gone so far, he had to march on and pray for the God’s Trial to end soon.

Finally, after another few rounds of explosions and eruptions, the thunderous clouds finally dissipated in the sky and peace returned back to the night. Though it was still night time, the atmosphere was a lot less depressing and bleak.

The moonlight regained its shine and the stars rediscovered their beauty.

Under the moonlight, Ling Xian’s flesh was torn and his eyes were dark. His Armor of the Royal Spirits was dyed bright red, and he appeared to be so weak that he might die any second.

The Sword of Extinction and the Halberd of the Divine Warriors have both snapped in half.

Even the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality has darkened.

No doubt, this was the first time Ling Xian incurred such serious injuries!

It was not hard to see just how tragic this battle had been!

"Ehem, ehm… Finally, it’s over. It’s a God’s Trial after all, caused me so many wounds." Ling Xian’s face was pale white. He puked out plenty of blood as he felt weaker than ever.

All the spectators were gawking at the weakened Ling Xian, none of them taunted nor laughed.

Everyone’s eyes opened wide as they stared at Ling Xian the way they would stare at an Immortal. All there was in their eyes were respect and disbelief.

This was the God’s Trial that could end the life of anyone.

On top of that, those were not the regular silver lightning bolts, what was unleashed today were golden ones!

To put it bluntly, even if the youngest Immortal was here, he may not have been able to make it through this!

But Ling Xian made it through.

Though he has been wounded to a point where he was barely breathing, and he was spitting out blood, he still survived. Overlooking the process and only looking at the result was enough to incite the whole world!

Remember that since there have been changes to Heaven and Earth, very few people can even trigger a God’s Trial. Even to those who could, they would’ve turned to ashes after the Gods’ first strike!

In the entire world, in the entire history, only one type of insanely talented cultivators could even trigger a God’s Trial.

This was something everyone agreed on!

Before everyone’s eyes, today, not only did Ling Xian cause a God’s Trial, he also just made it through a God’s Trial. This meant he was far more talented and far more brilliant than the group of people others considered to be insane!

The title undefeatable Heaven’s Favorite, from this moment on, has been redefined!
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