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Inside the brightly lit adobe house, Yun Meng wore a long yellow dress. Her tiny frame extremely cute and her features delicate and youthful.

Yun Yan wore a white dress. There was a distinguished temperament to her; incomparably elegant and graceful just like a Goddess.

Though the two were sisters from the same parents, their personalities were distinctively opposite. One was gentle and ladylike, the other was active and lively. However, their beauties were peculiar and unique, hard to determine who was better than the other.

Currently, Yun Meng was playfully looking at Ling Xian and asked, "Master, my sister and I have been strolling around in the meditational level for a long time. Don’t you think it’s time for us to go to the foundational level?"

"Ah, I see," Ling Xian chuckled and pressed her forehead with his index finger. "You want me to brew a Foundational Dan to promote your training, don’t you?"

"Hehe, Master, you sure have sharp eyes. I can’t hide anything from you," Yun Meng laughed and flattered.

"Stop flattering me." Ling Xian stared her down. "Did I not tell you already. You have to break through to the tenth level of Qi before attempting to enter the foundational level."

"Master, it’s not like you don’t know. I am not naturally talented in terms of cultivation. There is no way for me to arrive at the undefeatable realm of the meditational level." Yun Meng pouted, her eyes darkened in disappointment.

To any cultivator, the undefeatable realm is more like a dream than a goal. She was no exception. Especially after Yun Yan broke through to the tenth level, her impatience of getting there was heightened.

However, no matter how much she tried, she could not break through. Slowly, she accepted reality and admitted that she simply does not have the talent.

Therefore, she has given up the dream of entering the undefeatable realm. She came here to beg Ling Xian for a Foundational Dan in order to enter the foundational level.

"That is true."

Ling Xian sighed. After living with the Yun Clan for three years, he has gotten very close to the Yun sisters. This was why he wanted to help the two sisters establish a steady foundation. However, he was also aware that Yun Meng’s talent lies mainly in alchemy, not cultivation. The hope of her achieving the tenth level of Qi was more likely than not, hopeless.

"So, Master, please brew me a Foundational Dan." Yun Meng tenderly laughed and swung around Ling Xian’s arm.

Ling Xian was silent before finally agreeing, "Oh well, I will brew one then."

"Thank you, Master, you are the best!" Yun Meng jumped up and down. Hugging tightly onto Ling Xian like a koala bear, she refused to let go.

"Stop, let go of me quickly." Ling Xian shook his head helplessly. Looking at Yun Yan, he grinned, "You are almost done with your training anyways. Let’s use this opportunity to get to the foundational level."

"I trust your decision." Yun Yan’s face turned red. She originally was here to ask Ling Xian for a Foundational Dan, but she was too shy to speak out.

After all, Ling Xian has done far too many favors for her and her clan. She naturally didn’t want to continue troubling Ling Xian.

"Ok. But the Foundational Dan is different from other medicinal Dans. If I cannot brew one that is tenth ranked, the Dan will for sure leave traces of poison in your bodies that will affect your future." Ling Xian sighed. After a moment of silence, he made a decision that he was not very confident about.

He is going to brew the perfect Foundational Dan that is tenth ranked!

That was the only way for the two sisters to march further on this cultivation journey without traces of poison in their bodies.

However, this was something that’s harder to achieve than flying up to the Heavens. In other words, this was something nearly impossible!

In the Taoism community, every alchemist has two big goals. One was to enter the realm of being a grandmaster, two was to brew a Dan that belongs to the tenth rank. In ways, if an alchemist can brew a tenth ranked Dan, then he or she could die in peace.

Everyone in the entire Taoism community knows that the latter is exponentially harder to achieve than the former!

Even Dans belonging in the lowest realm can almost never be brewed to perfection. Let alone the Foundational Dan, a difficult Dan that belonged to the eighth realm.

Therefore, even though Ling Xian made this decision, it does not mean he will be able to achieve this. However, this courage was rare and admirable.

[This is also a great opportunity for me to test out my own alchemy skills. If I can successfully brew it and give it to my Master as a gift, when he awakens, he will be proud of me.] Ling Xian faintly smiled, as he firmly believed that Liao Cang Qiong would be overjoyed.

A perfect medicinal Dan that is tenth ranked!

If Ling Xian becomes the one to brew it, it would indicate that he has reached the peak of the Eighth Realm and that he was one of the best Eighth-Realm Alchemists. How could Liao Cang Qiong not be satisfied with that?

To an alchemist, brewing a tenth ranked Dan was a lifelong dream. Even if it was someone’s student who achieved it, it is still something to be proud about.

"Master, you can’t possibly be thinking of brewing a tenth ranked Foundational Dan, can you?" Yun Yan’s face was full of reluctance upon realizing Ling Xian’s plan.

"That’s right. Only the perfect Foundational Dan can allow you two to go further on this cultivation path," Ling Xian nodded with a smile. Thinking about the Immortal of Alchemy, who was still in deep sleep, he thought to himself, [I also need to make the perfect Foundational Dan in order to present something of value to Master Liao Cang Qiong.]


Yun Yan’s little mouth opened, her eyes were full of shock. She did not think that Ling Xian’s ambition was this grand.

Yun Meng was also in disbelief. As an alchemist, she knew more than Yun Yan. She was fully aware just how hard it was to brew a tenth ranked Dan.

Though she knew of Ling Xian’s skills as an alchemist and has personally witnessed him brewing an eighth ranked Dan. But the difference between a tenth ranked and an eighth ranked is far more than just two levels, it’s infinitely harder!

For an eighth ranked Dan, as long as you had enough natural talent and the will to succeed, there is a great chance that you can brew it. However, to make a flawless and perfect Dan is harder than flying up to the Heavens!

It’s nearly impossible!

Therefore, she didn’t think that Ling Xian would be able to brew it.

That was normal. No cultivator would believe Ling Xian, they would only call him presumptuous.

Tenth Ranked Dans are far too rare and has become a myth in the cultivation community.

"Master, are you ill? Why are you saying nonsense? A tenth ranked Foundational Dan… Don’t be dumb. Just brew one that is seventh or eighth ranked is good enough," Yun Meng persuaded, afraid that Ling Xian would lose himself in the process of brewing a tenth ranked Dan.

Hearing this, Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Knowing that neither of them believed in him, he didn’t want to explain.

The reality was that he wasn’t all that confident either.

After all, a perfect Dan hasn’t been seen in thousands of years. Even if it was a First Realm Alchemist, he or she might not be able to achieve it.

But one must try before knowing the result.

If one doesn’t even have the guts to think about it or try it, then it really will be hopeless.

"Whether or not it can be brewed, we’ll have to see," Ling Xian faintly grinned, "Have you prepared the spiritual medicine required to make a Foundational Dan?"

"Yes," Yun Meng responded.

"Then let’s go, we shall brew this outside."

Ling Xian smiled and walked out of his home.

No matter how difficult it is to brew a perfect Foundational Dan, he had to give it a try!

For the future of the two sisters, for him to test his alchemy skills, and for Liao Cang Qiong to be proud of him, he must take out the cauldron and begin the brew!

Even if he fails, he’ll be a little crestfallen at most.

But if he succeeds, then it will be another heaven-defying achievement from him!

The entire world will be astonished by his accomplishment!
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