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"Master Lin, if you cannot give me a proper explanation for what happened here today, I guarantee you that you will not be able to walk out of the House of Zi Yang!"

Zi Dong Lai was bathing in his own rage as his desire to kill boiled.


Reading that one sentence that was written on all four books, Master Lin’s face turned pale white.

No questions asked. All four books had the same sentence written on them.

[When repairing an Array Board, only array techniques are required. There is no need for any tangible material.]

Ling Xian was not wrong. Even if he were, the ancient records would not lie. Even if we step back four thousand steps and say that the ancient record was wrong, there was no way all four books were wrong.

The evidence was irrefutable!

Master Lin, with a sultry face, begged, "I… Headmaster Lin, I did not lie to you intentionally. Please listen to my explanation."


Zi Dong Lai sneered, "Explain my @ss! All four books have records saying that restoring an Array Board doesn’t need any materials yet here you are telling me you didn’t lie to me intentionally? Did water get into your brain and you forgot the most basic rule of ancient arrays?!"

This angry statement silenced the entire area. However, before long, a boisterous discussion followed.

"Sh*t! He calls himself an Array Master?"

"Such nerves! He dares to lie to the House of Zi Yang. He deserves to die!"

"I thought so highly of him every time someone mentioned his name. I didn’t think he was a con-artist! This whole situation is so laughable!"

"I’ve disliked him for a very long time. If he doesn’t give me an explanation today, I will chop him into millions of pieces!"

Everyone at the scene was extremely angry. Staring at the quivering Master Lin, they so wanted to dash forward and slaughter the scum!

Fortunately, everyone here was logical and still remembered his respectable identity. They stopped themselves from behaving irrationally.

Listening to the angry insults thrown at him, Master Lin remained silent. He knew very well that there was no way out for him but at the same time, he remembered there were two other people who he could rely on. He decided that he might as well blow this out of proportion. Going back to his arrogant ways, he scorned, "An explanation from me? In your dreams! I lied to you, so what? What can the House of Zi Yang possibly do to me?"

"You wanna die?"

Zi Dong Lai’s anger was simmering out of him as a terrifying amount of Qi engulfed the entire area.

However, facing this completion leveled cultivator’s rage, Master Lin straightened his back and continued to speak with disdain, "Don’t blame me for not reminding you that the House of Xuan Yang and the House of Ling Jian are all allies of mine. If you dare to touch a hair of mine, the other two forces will send armies to take down this House!"

Zi Dong Lai’s face changed. He wanted to kill this person right here and now, but he couldn’t because he had to take the entire House into consideration.

Killing this person now would only grant him with short-term satisfaction and the entire Zi Yang House might get dragged into it. That was a result he refused to see.

"Ay… Whatever. You can leave now."

After a long sigh, Zi Dong Lai revoked his Qi and decided to let the man go.

"Headmaster, you can’t!" everyone shouted in unison.

"It’s okay. Just let him go," Zi Dong Lai waved his hand and stopped others from continuing to speak.

Hearing this, nobody said anything anymore despite how much they didn’t want to resign.

"Haha, I knew it. Zi Dong Lai, you don’t have the balls to touch me!"

Seeing that Zi Dong Lai had pulled back his spiritual energy, Master Lin began to laugh hysterically. He did not stop there and turn away. Instead, his face was getting exaggeratedly arrogant, "What a bunch of useless fools! To tell you the truth, I have no way of fixing this array. Nobody can fix this in the entire world. You should just give it up."

Nobody responded.

Every spectator had their hands in fists, and their veins were popping out of their foreheads. The way they stared at Master Lin was full of killer’s desires.

However, since Zi Dong Lai made no moves, they could only endure.

Noticing the silence, Master Lin became even more haughty. With both hands clasped together behind his back, he laughed, "Just give it up. Even I can’t fix this array, nobody else in the world can restore it!"

This time, however, the crowd did not remain as silent as he thought. A calm voice began to speak.

"Don’t draw conclusions so easily. You can’t fix this because you are too useless."

Ling Xian’s expression was as calm as the water, but his eyes were painted with coldness.

He couldn’t endure it any longer.

Or, one could say, nobody could withstand Master Lin’s gross behaviors any longer.

Therefore, he stood out.

He felt the need to use his own palm and slap the old man until he draws blood.

"You again!"

Master Lin clenched his teeth, his eyes full of devious colors.

If Ling Xian didn’t expose his lie, he would not have been humiliated and been the topic of everyone’s insults. Naturally, he hated Ling Xian and did not even consider for a second that today’s event was the sole result of his own actions.

If he didn’t lie, Ling Xian would’ve had nothing to expose him of. If he admitted his wrongs after being exposed, there wouldn’t have been a need to look through the books. If none of that happened, no one would be hating him to his bones right now.

To put it bluntly, he has asked for all of this.

Being slapped in the face once was not enough, he ran after the one who couldn’t wait to slap him a second time.

Now, he’s asking for a third slap in the face!

"Yes, it’s me again. You really are shameless. What a rare breed," the corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up as he mocked, "since you want to get slapped in the face, then I shall fulfill your wish."

"Fulfill my wish?" Master Lin froze.

Ling Xian squeezed a grin, "Moron, you said nobody could restore the Array of the Purple Cloud right? Then I will show you how it’s done."

"Haha, fixing this array?"

Master Lin began to laugh, "You sure do not know your own capabilities. You think knowing the basics of ancient arrays means you have the skill to fix this array? How laughable! This is an international joke!"

Staring at the taunting Master Lin, Ling Xian didn’t want to waste any more of his time by arguing. He waved his arm and the purple Array Board landed in his hand.

"Open your dog eyes. It is not that nobody can restore this array, it is that you are too incompetent."

As soon as the words were spoken, Ling Xian began to focus on the Array Board. All 10 of his fingers danced as he summoned ancient array techniques.

The Dawn of Life!

A specialized technique used only for restoring Array Boards!

In space, a milky white light emerged. The light pulsed with life forces before it infiltrated into the Array Board!.

In the next second, Ling Xian retracted his hands.

This move confused everyone, nobody was sure what Ling Xian was doing.

Why did he retract his hands?

Could it be… that this was all that was needed to fix it?

What about the infinite amount of light? What about the terrifying ambiance that always follows? How come there is nothing?

Everyone thought Ling Xian was joking with them, how could anyone fix an array so effortlessly and speedily!

Master Lin was the most dumbfounded out of them all. When he saw the milky white light from Ling Xian’s hands, he was worried that Ling Xian might actually fix the Array of the Purple Cloud. But now, he was completely at ease. Out of everyone he knew, nobody could fix an Array Board this fast!

"Hahaha, how laughable. You moron! You really think that shifting your fingers would fool everyone here? Don’t joke with me. Nobody would believe you, you sure lack self-knowledge."

Master Lin bellowed holding his stomach as he taunted.

Nobody knew whether they should laugh or cry. It was impossible to believe that Ling Xian could simply move his fingers and repair the Array Board that Master Lin had no ways of fixing.

However, facing Master Lin’s mocking and everyone’s questioning, Ling Xian grinned. He did not speak a word, but rather, he threw the Array Board into the sky.

At that instant!

The infinite amount of heavenly lights shot through the cloud as the terrifying ambiance circulated the crowd. At that instant, the sky was covered with purple clouds!

No more need for debates.

Ling Xian has fixed the Array!
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