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"You don’t need to acknowledge me as your Master. However, my impeccable skill that transcended ancient times to modern times is something you must learn."

Feng Qing Ming’s face was gracious and pleasant, but his words were stern and strict.

"That is no different than acquiring another Master." Ling Xian grinned bitterly.

"It’s not the same. Let me ask you. If you found a book of this one technique some ancestor left behind, would you learn it?" Feng Qing Ming displayed a cunning smile.

"Of course, why would I reject a piece of meat that is right in front of me? I didn’t acknowledge anyone as my Master, I simply found a record of a technique." Ling Xian nodded. This hypothetical situation could be compared to a homeless person not accepting others’ charity but keeping the money they find on the street.

"Then it’s settled!"

Feng Qing Ming chuckled. His entire temperament changed with that coy laugh. No longer an Immortal who was sage-like, he transformed into an old hoodlum. "Just pretend I dropped the recipe for my techniques and you happened to have found it."

"Is… is that allowed?"

Ling Xian was startled, speechless.

To be honest, he very much wanted to acquire Feng Qing Ming’s inheritance. The Pioneer of Ancient Array’s inheritance, who doesn’t want it?

The reason why he didn’t want to acknowledge another Master was because he was afraid Liao Cang Qiong would be sad once he awakens. He could still clearly remember the forced smile and bitter look on Liao Cang Qiong’s face when he said he would eventually have to share Ling Xian with the other eight Immortals.

This was why he first rejected the Untainted, and now Feng Qing Ming.

He didn’t want his Master, whom his respect for was as heavy as a mountain, to be sad.

But before him was an Immortal who forewent his high status and claimed that he lost his inheritance. If Ling Xian rejects him now after he made that statement, it will not make Ling Xian a man with principles, rather, it would make Ling Xian a condescending b*tch!

Therefore, he was speechless, and his heart was wavering.

"What is it? No?"

Feng Qing Ming chuckled. Sensing Ling Xian’s hesitation, he bit his tongue and decided to give up all the pride he has. "Ling Xian, can you broaden your perspective a little? I am now asking and begging you to accept my inheritance. If you decline again, where do I put my face? My heart would be thoroughly sorrowful."

"Immortal, I…"

Ling Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and he didn’t know what to say. He did not anticipate that the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays would have a personality so drastically different than the first impression he left behind. Minutes ago, his Immortal and sage-like image were deep to his bones, now he was acting like a shameless and old delinquent.

However, he was fully aware of the fact that Feng Qing Ming was only doing this so Ling Xian can abandon his troubling thoughts.

An immortal, in order for Ling Xian to feel better, was willing to let go of his reputation and behave so shamelessly. How much of a favor was he doing for Ling Xian?

If Ling Xian still rejects, then he really is someone who is unable to distinguish the good from the bad.

"I know exactly what your thought process is. I was the same back then. But this shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, I am not asking you to call me your Master. Just pretend you found my inheritance on the street. I will not blame you or get angry at you," Feng Qing Ming stared at Ling Xian with pitiful eyes, truly and completely letting go of all his pride.

"If that’s the case then… alright."

Ling Xian smiled forcefully before taking a deep bow in front of Feng Qing Ming, "Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I am more than honored."

"Haha, that is the right way to behave. I, Feng Qing Ming, have been peerless all my life. When have I ever requested anything from anyone? Let alone begging someone to take my inheritance. If you didn’t give me face, then I really need to find and talk to that old man, Liao Cang Qiong." Feng Qing Ming burst into a loud laughter.

Feng Qing Ming was just as stubborn when he was young with no willingness to acknowledge a powerful array master as his Master.

Today, Ling Xian’s actions suited his appetite well.

Additionally, from today’s event, one could conclude that Ling Xian was a person with principles and bottom lines, someone who could be entrusted with important matters.

To put it bluntly, Feng Qing Ming was testing Ling Xian in the beginning. If Ling Xian straight up kneeled down and called him Master, then Feng Qing Ming would feel as if Ling Xian had no principles and cannot be entrusted with the lives of the nine immortals.

After all, in the cultivation community, the Master and apprentice relationships was one with heavy meaning and could be compared to the relationship between a father and a son. If a cultivator acknowledges two Masters, then he would be cursed by everyone as one who is disloyal and untrustworthy.

The Keeper of Land and Sea saw this matter in the same manner. Or else, she would not have extended a helping hand during crucial times even after being rejected by Ling Xian.

Anyways, Ling Xian acquired approval from both of them. Both of them felt like he didn’t have any character issues and he could be trusted with great responsibilities.

"You old man… really…"

The Keeper of Land and Sea did not know how to react. Looking at the Elder who’s skin was as thick as the wall, she shook her head helplessly.

"Hehe, your highness, we have known each other for many years. You should know my personality well at this point." Feng Qing Ming chuckled, unfazed by all this.

"I do know your personality well, and I am aware of your intentions. But you sure think highly of yourself. You really think that Ling Xian cannot accomplish that big mission without your inheritance?" The Untainted said in a low voice.

"Of course! Not that I’m bragging, but in the history of time, how many people could be compared to me? If Ling Xian can learn my specialty, then who in the world can defeat him?" Feng Qing Ming laughed once again.

"What big mission?"

Ling Xian frowned, uncertain what exactly the Untainted and Feng Qing Ming was conversing about. He had a hunch that the mission was earth-shattering and concerned him greatly.

"You needn’t know just yet. Just accept my inheritance for now," Feng Qing Ming whispered.

"Being so spoiled by your love, if I reject, then I really am no good." Ling Xian sighed. Staring at the Elder before him, his eyes were full of respect.

"Very good. The Untainted has told me everything about you. Aren’t you troubled by the prohibition spell on you?" Feng Qing Ming smiled mysteriously.

"Yes, the Immortal Trap is incomparably powerful. It doesn’t matter if I try to take advantage of my ancient majestic blood or if I ask for help from the Untainted, I cannot crush the spell." Ling Xian revealed a helpless grin. To not be able to escape the Immortal Trap meant he would never break through to the completion level.

How cruel of a fact was this to a person who refuses to give up pursuing his dream.

"This is why I said you must accept the inheritance I am about to pass on to you. If you can freely use the skills I mastered, then you can break the prohibition spell without any troubles." Feng Qing Ming chuckled brightly.

"Why is that?" Ling Xian was curious, he didn’t understand right away.

"Haha, don’t you know who was the creator of the Immortal Trap?" Feng Qing Ming laughed out loud.

Hearing this, Ling Xian froze and was immediately enlightened, "Oh right, the creator of the Immortal Trap was you!"

Immediately, his eyes exploded with a dazzling amount of light. This really does prove the old saying of, you may wear iron shoes to go on a journey for a fruitless search, yet by luck, the lost item was found when you weren’t even looking.

Though the Immortal Trap was incomparably strong and was known to be able to inhibit real immortals. It was created by Feng Qing Ming after all. This Immortal must know its weakness.

When the flaw is revealed, the Immortal Trap will be broken, and the dream of being a completion leveled cultivator will no longer be a lavish wish!

"That’s right. If you train under me diligently, you will learn the raw properties of the Immortal Trap. The prohibition spell in you is only one hundredth the strength of a correctly placed Immortal Trap. Once you learn all about ancient arrays, you will easily crush the trap inside you until it does not affect you at all anymore." Feng Ming Qing faintly grinned. It was difficult to conceal the pride he had in his eyes. The Immortal Trap was created by him, he naturally knew its weakness.

Though he has claimed to the general public that there are no fatal flaws to this prohibition spell, there is no such thing as perfection in this world, arrays included.

It was just that the flaw of the spell was deeply hidden by design. Thus, nobody has been able to break this array.

"This is great news. I originally thought there was no way I would be able to break the Immortal Trap. I didn’t expect that the path along treacherous roads would be decorated with willow trees and bright flowers." The excitement he felt crawled up to his brows. He has been troubled by this for many years. Finally learning that there is a method to break the biggest obstacle in his training was an ecstatic news.

"Also, weren’t you troubled about not being able to return to the nine continents? That is an unnecessary fear. If you learn from me, you can easily make a spatial transporting array yourself, how hard can it be!" Feng Qing Ming waved his sleeve, highly satisfied with himself.

"Oh yes, if there isn’t an array, then I can easily make one." Ling Xian’s eyes glistened.

Who was Feng Qing Ming?

The Pioneer of Ancient Arrays!

Whoever inherits his specialty, mere spatial arrays are insignificant in difficulty. Simply making an array would solve all problems.

"Hehe, now you want to learn arrays don’t you."

Looking at bright-eyed Ling Xian, Feng Qing Ming laughed, very happy with Ling Xian’s attitude.

"Of course. I thank you, Immortal." Ling Xian was beyond excited. He did not think that the two of his biggest worries would find their solutions in one day.

"There is no need to thank me. I am simply content with your character and therefore, made the decision to pass down my knowledge to you," Feng Qing Ming wiped off his smile and said in a serious tone. "Now, I will inherit everything I know to you. I hope you will take the time to train yourself and do not disappoint me."

"Immortal, please be rest assured that I will spend all my energy studying your inheritance. I will not let you down." Ling Xian nodded earnestly.

"Very good."

Feng Ming Qing’s expression was stern. He slowly walked before Ling Xian and pressed one finger between his brows, passing down his lifetime worth of experience and knowledge.

Ling Xian frowned. Ancient characters one after another began to appear in his brain. Every single character was shining with heavenly light. The characters formed into what seemed to be like scriptures but at the same time, books of writing. Every word in his head described the nature and meaning of Heaven and Earth, and the philosophy and ideology of life.

This was the inheritance of the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays!

Though difficult to understand and tough to get through, Feng Qing Ming has transferred these words into Ling Xian’s brain, which left deep imprints in his heart.

It was easy to see how with time and practice, Ling Xian will definitely be able to thoroughly understand the Immortal’s inheritance.

When that happens, the Immortal Trap will crumble like a piece of paper and be ineffective against Ling Xian. Even the other two seals placed on him will soon be no obstacles of his.

Everything that troubled him now will eventually become his stepping stone that aids his growth. He will march upwards step by step and eventually reach the peak.

One day, he will peer down from the nine heavens!

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