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Feng Qing Ming!

The Pioneer of Ancient Arrays!

The weight of these few words was heavier than the Earth and higher than the sky!

Remember that since the history of time, there have been many cultivators who were able to rise above the common herd. To be gifted the title of the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays was both an honor and a recognition of his abilities!

From certain angles, Feng Qing Ming could be considered the strongest in history!

Of course, this statement is only established under the circumstance that he is allowed to set arrays. In the path of strength or enlightenment, Feng Qing Ming does not stand out. If he were to fight against the Keeper of Land and Sea, he would be killed within a hundred round.

However, if he was allowed to form the unpredictable and ghostly arrays he created, even the Keeper of Land and Sea is no match. She will most likely use all her strength and energy in trying to escape the trap and eventually be killed by Feng Qing Ming.

The legendary Immortal Trap and the notorious Array of Massacre, especially, allow the weak to win against the strong. This is apparent from the fact that Feng Qing Ming was able to kill three real immortals before he was an immortal himself.

In the art of array, he was absolutely heaven-defying!

In group battles, he never uses weapons. Fighting against multiple opponents, him alone, could acquire an advantage and eventually the victory!

Feng Qing Ming has accomplished all these achievements.

This was why when Ling Xian found out this Immortal was the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays, he was in such a state of shock.

"It seems like you’ve heard of my name," Feng Qing Ming nodded in satisfaction.

"The Pioneer of Ancient Arrays is a legendary figure. Nobody in the Taoism community would not know of you. Even if thousands and ten thousands of years have passed, your name will still echo like thunder in people’s ears." Ling Xian rediscovered his composure and calmed himself down from the initial shock he felt.

"Time flies and brings great changes to the world. So many years have passed in the blink of an eye. I did not think that my name would remain remembered," Feng Qing Ming exclaimed. Looking at the valiant young man before him, he chuckled. "Ling Xian, I accept you as my apprentice."

Accept him as an apprentice?

Ling Xian hesitated, deliberating how he should put this, "I… I thank you for your kindness, but I am already the apprentice of Liao Cang Qiong and under no circumstance would I acknowledge a second master."


The Pioneer of the Ancient Arrays personally stated his intent to accept Ling Xian as his apprentice! How many people in the world would go insane over an opportunity like this? The best of the best Heaven’s Favorites and the older generation of completion leveled cultivators would give up their reputation and cry and beg to be accepted as an apprentice of Feng Qing Ming.

However, Feng Qing Ming has been rejected by Ling Xian. Though Ling Xian did not speak loudly and was careful in his choice of words, the sternness in his voice has exhibited his determination regarding this matter. Other than Liao Cang Qiong, he will never formally acknowledge someone else as his Master.

He has declined the Untainted, and he will make no exception for Feng Qing Ming. This was a principle that he refused to violate!

It is not hard to imagine how vicious of a storm this would cause if this news was made known. An innumerable amount of cultivators would go insane over jealousy and curse at Ling Xian for being unappreciative. A real and live Immortal opened his lips to accept him as an apprentice, and he declined it without remorse?

This was incomprehensible!

There was no way for people to wrap their heads around the idea that Immortals would get rejected!

Not only does this require a certain amount of arrogance, but a determined heart that does not waver in the face of temptation was also needed. More than that, this rejection demanded the courage of facing an angry Immortal!

Ling Xian possessed all three qualities.

Against a real Immortal’s personal request and kindness, who, in the history of time and in the entire world, could resist this alluring temptation?


However, not only did Ling Xian endure, he even declined this opportunity with his words. What an unbelievable thing to do!

He really is the first to push open many doors in this world!

"You are rejecting me?"

Feng Qing Ming’s expression was calm. There was no joy nor anger written on his face, however, his stare was very forceful. Fixated on Ling Xian, he held a mysterious power over him, as if he was brewing a thunderstorm behind this cryptic gaze.

Looking into the Immortal’s eyes, Ling Xian chuckled wryly. Since he has already declined, there was no reason to bite back on his words. He muttered quietly, "Yes. I grew up without parents. My Master has become my father. It is not right to acknowledge someone else as my father."

Ling Xian was not one to stubbornly adhere to outworn rules and ideas. He was flexible in the standards he set for himself and could easily adjust his perception to receive benefits from a situation. However, in terms of apprenticeship, there was no room for discussion.

It was the bottom line of his character and the most basic principle he holds!

To think of his Master as his father, he has already chosen Liao Cang Qiong. How could he call another person his father?

One could say he is stupid and single-minded. But this is who Ling Xian was. Everything he sets his heart on is things he will never change, not even in the face of death!

If he agrees to be the apprentice of Feng Qing Ming, then he would not be Ling Xian anymore.

People needed to be flexible in thinking, but a certain degree of unyieldingness is also needed. The bottom line should never change; principles should never alter!

He would never compromise himself for things he detests!

"You aren’t afraid that I would kill you?"

Feng Qing Ming’s robe danced in the air. His gaze was becoming more and more forceful. Gloomy, dark clouds soon covered the sky. Among them were concealed thunders that were ready to smash down!

"The Untainted has said the same thing to me. If I feared back then, then I would be calling her my Master right now instead of ‘highness’." Ling Xian softly chuckled. His temperament was becoming more and more refined. As if at this very moment he has grasped onto many realizations, his mentality was improving every moment that passed by and was nearing perfection.

"Well, well, well."

Feng Ming Qing said the word "well" three times in a row. A terrifying amount of energy was washing out of him like tidal waves.

Ling Xian stood before him, waiting for the consequences of his action. Just when he thought Feng Qing Ming was about to make a move, he recollected his energy and bellowed, "Good! Good! What a persistent boy. It is no wonder that the Keeper of Land and Sea, who never thinks highly of anyone, praises you. You really are a mythical one, truly heroic!"


Ling Xian froze, unsure why Feng Qing Ming’s reactions now and before contrasted so distinctively. A second ago, his expression was heavy like water and was ready to make thunderous moves. But now, he is smiling and giving out praises?

Could it be… that reality was really like what happens in novels, where the more you disrespect someone, and the more you reject someone, the more they’ll like you?

Pure bullsh*t. In this lawless world, to not be dead after rejecting stronger beings is luck and fortune.

"Liao Cang Qiong, that old guy sure found himself a good apprentice," Feng Qing Ming exclaimed before shifting his stare onto the Untainted, "Just as you described. He really is stubborn about who he calls Master. But, I sure do admire people with principles."

"He declined me in the same manner back then," the Untainted responded in a low voice. There was a hint of a grin on her face as if seeing Feng Ming Qing being rejected made her feel better about her own rejection.

"Strong bones and stern thoughts, I admire this in young people. Back in the day, I was exactly the same. A grandmaster of ancient arrays wanted me as an apprentice, but I chose a nameless Master. It was all because he was the first one to lead me onto the path of ancient arrays. Though he didn’t offer much help in my cultivation journey, he was the one person in my life I want to thank the most."

Feng Qing Ming fell into a state of reminiscence. After a long sigh, he turned to look at Ling Xian. Though his expression was joyous, he spoke with a tone that disallowed any doubts or hesitation.

"You don’t need to acknowledge me as your Master. However, my exceedingly high skill that transcended ancient times to modern times is something you must learn."


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