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Under the Sun and on top of the sea.

The Demonic Fairy pushed the moon onward. The power of the guiding law combined with her own natural talent tripled the usual strength of this attack!

However, Ling Xian was not any weaker!

She has yet to be defeated since she started her journey. Considered to be the best of her generation, she has been peering down on all her opponents!

Ling Xian was the same. Ever since becoming a cultivator, he has dominated the City of Qing with his level 10 Qi. Then, in the Vast Mountains, he courageously embraced challenges extended from four other Heaven’s Favorites. There, he brought defeat upon everyone and became an undefeatable meditational cultivator!

Then, he entered the second stage of his training and successfully achieved the intermediate phase of the foundational level. Acquiring both the Armor of the Royal Spirit and the Halbert of the Divine Warrior, he fought against Yue Lian Han and achieved the Formation of the Heavenly Palace!

Immediately after that, he slaughtered The Third Prince and various Nobles’ sons. Fighting against 18 foundational cultivators, he finally confronted the capability of Dans in Sunset City. Using the four transformative qualities of his Eyes of Execution, he defended against a completion leveled cultivator, becoming the first in history!

These were the reasons why Ling Xian’s name has shaken Yunzhou and became a mountain that stood before the younger generations. They could only watch his back but cannot exceed him!

Such undeniable capabilities were heaven-defying!

One could claim that ever since Ling Xian started the cultivation journey, everything he did has been astonishing and unachievable by normal people.

The Demonic Fairy, for sure, was overpowering and was known to be undefeatable. Her prominence is well-established in all 36 islands. However, Ling Xian was not easy to deal with. Compared to her, he too has not lost a single battle. All his records show his glorious results and unmatchable abilities!

This was why Ling Xian’s Heaven Shadowing Palm was incomparable in terms of power. This move was simply astoundingly strong!


The two of them screamed at the top of their lungs. Ling Xian carried with him the force of an army as the Demonic Fairy, like a dragon, continued to push forward the moon. A terrifying atmosphere was created; mighty and monstrous!

The moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived. The clash of the palm and the moon!

One was the Heaven Shadowing Palm that was said to be able to attack even the ninth level of heaven. The other was the Total Soaring of the Moon that was known to possess both offensive and defensive properties. The two of them were the strongest guiding laws, and in the entire world, these two moves were considered to be first class!

The clashing of these two laws generated an insane amount of energy that dried the ocean and rattled the Heaven!


The ocean waves overturned endlessly and rolled up to the sky!

Though the Total Soaring of the Moon was strong in the hands of the Demonic Fairy, against Ling Xian’s overpowering ways, the moon froze for a short second. Then the Heaven Shadowing Palm exploded with an infinite amount of light that dominated the entire space!


The white moon shattered and turned into pure spiritual energy. It then dissipated into the sky.

The Demonic Fairy frowned as a thin stream of blood dripped down her chin from the corner of her mouth. Her right sleeve disappeared along with the moon, baring her white and thin arm.

Then, there was silence.

As if everyone transformed into a wooden chicken, their expressions were lifeless, as they stared at the beautiful lady.


After a very long time, the sound of everyone gulping filled the air. Very soon after that, the place was thoroughly boiling and screams stretched out all the way to the clouds.

"She lost. The supposedly undefeatable Demonic Fairy lost!"

"Impossible! How could she lose? Her capabilities have shocked all 36 islands! Yet she is losing under the hand of a nameless figure?"

"Nothing is impossible. Reality is right before our eyes. The difference in strength between the two guiding laws isn't that big. Therefore, the true differentiating factor is the user. The capability of this mysterious man is better than the Demonic Fairy!"

"This person is far too strong. After what just happened, he must be shocking the 36 islands with his name. Another tall mountain has been discovered within the younger generation. One that is even harder to climb than the Demonic Fairy!"

"Undefeatable foundational! This is what it means to truly be an undefeatable foundational!"

Everyone was shaken to their core. Watching the silhouette of the young man in white, their faces were full of complexity.

Awe, fear, admiration, and jealousy.

Some female cultivators especially were flooding with passion and obsession. They stopped themselves from running to Ling Xian and asking for his hand in marriage.

So, the unrivaled man wears white!

At this very moment, only one feeling was shared amongst everyone!

"Master is undefeatable!"

Yun Yan shouted uncontrollably. When the Demonic Fairy appeared, she worried sick for Ling Xian. But now, she fully believed in him.

The white robe and faint smile were imprinted her heart. In her lifetime, this image of him will be unerasable.

"Master you are so strong! You are so handsome! I love you!"

Yun Meng’s little face was now bright red from excitement. Ignoring everyone around her, she screamed her head off.

"You called him your Master?"

Everyone turned around and stared at her.

Suddenly being at the center of attention, Yun Meng’s cheeks flushed red, a little embarrassed. However, when she remembered the way Ling Xian moved during that battle, she threw away all her concerns. Raising her chest high, she proudly announced, "What is it? He can’t be my Master? Let me tell you something. I am his first ever apprentice! Do you know what that means? That means I am his favorite!"

In the next moment, everyone moved away from the two sisters as they gawked at them in a horrifying manner.


Yun Meng froze. But very quickly, she understood. Since these people feared Ling Xian, they were scared of his apprentices as well. This was why they all shifted away at once to get away from her.

"Cultivators sure are snobbish. Just minutes ago, you claimed my Master will be dead for sure and mocked him endlessly. Now, you are even scared of me, his apprentice. Such snobs," Yun Meng sneered. Then a smile washed over her as she mumbled, "But, I do enjoy this ability of being able to scare people off. Very, very nice."

"Master, take that unreasonable woman back to our clan and make her our servant!"

Yun Meng became playful and yelled into the sky.

Instantly, everyone was silent again.


To kidnap the best of the generation, the Demonic Fairy, back to their clans as a servant?

What the…?

She sure had a gutsy imagination!

Everyone was speechless.

"That girl."

Ling Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Though he has defeated the Demonic Fairy, he still admits that this woman was very powerful and deserved to be named the best of her generation. She only lost because she ran into him.

Such a powerful lady, even those in the original level would have no rights to poke fun of her.

"Damn you, girl."

The Demonic Fairy’s eyes turned cold as the anger in her chest burned up more and more. She was already suppressing the rage she was feeling after realizing she was weaker than Ling Xian. Hearing Yun Meng ordering Ling Xian to take her as a servant made her explode.

She is the ruthless and violent Demonic Fairy! Who in the world would have the abilities to make her into a servant?


The Demonic Fairy growled angrily as a horrifying gust of Qi poured out of her and headed towards Yun Meng.

However, the moment the Qi left her body, a silhouette in white flashed before her and dispersed the Qi with the flap of a sleeve.

"The Demonic Fairy, if you want to continue the fight, then I shall keep you company. Why be so tough on a kid?"

Ling Xian stood upright with his hand clasped behind his back. Peerlessly in white, his ambiance was immortal-like and out of this world.

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