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Under the giant Sun, the coast was still and quiet.

Everyone widened their eyes as they watched the two shadows savagely attack each other in mid-air. Their surging emotions overwhelmed them.

One of them was the unmatchable Demonic Fairy!

The other was a mysterious young man who knocked out a foundational cultivator in one move!

This astounding war was comparable to the fight between a dragon and a phoenix, destined to be splendid!

"Accept your death!"

The Demonic Fairy’s expression was rigid as she felt the true strength of her opponent and realized that she had run into an unimaginably strong enemy. However, the stronger the opponent gets, the more excited she grows. Along with that excitement, she also firmly believed in herself and her plan to repress all Heaven’s Favorites!

Ling Xian felt exactly the same way. Despite knowing that his opponent was mighty and was the strongest he has ever encountered in his life, he was not at all afraid. Oppositely, his thirst for a bloody battle only expanded. He was determined to use this fight to stretch out his muscles and exercise his bones!

"Fight me!"

With a growl, Ling Xian’s eyes glistened as a terrifying amount of spiritual energy surrounded him. The way his body moved in the air was equivalent to that of a martial artist!

In the next moment, his desire to fight reached its peak and his Qi engulfed the entire mountain and the sea. As if his entire persona transformed into a demon, he punched out with one hand and made the entire space shudder.

"I can’t believe a Heaven’s Favorite of your level is here on Shi Ao Island. It’s been a worthwhile trip for me!"

The Demonic Fairy’s eyes sparkled. Facing the punch Ling Xian just threw at her, she extended her delicate and long arm. Not dodging, not hiding, she too, pushed forward, a simple move that was just as aggressive!


The two fists clashed into each other, generating a gush of wind that swept the audience off their feet.

Ling Xian and the Demonic Fairy stepped back three steps simultaneously while their eyes remained fixated on each other. Their actions spoke of the shock they felt in their hearts.

"What an overpowering physique, equivalent to an Eighth-Realm weapon!" The Demonic Fairy’s expression changed a little, as she did not expect that the young man before her to have an Eighth-Realm physique, the same as her.

"Aren’t you the same? In this land, it is not easy to meet a well-matched opponent these days," Ling Xian exclaimed. His eyes burned alongside his hunger for battle.

After three full peaceful years, he longed for a bloody war!

No doubt, the terrifying lady before him, was the most well-matched opponent!

"The Demonic Fairy, do you dare to have a battle of the physiques with me?"

Ling Xian shouted, sending the Demonic Fairy an invitation.

"Why don’t I dare?"

The Demonic Fairy was just as bold and would never admit defeat to a guy.

"What a mythical woman. Fight me!"

Ling Xian continued his powerful attacks. The blood in his body simmered out of him into real flames that engulfed him. With his palm, he pushed towards the Demonic Fairy mercilessly!

"It is true that you are strong. But against me, you will be defeated!"

The Demonic Fairy scorned. Her arms that originally hung lifelessly by her sides shot out an endless amount of light. A terrifying ambiance filled the air, and like a big mountain, it clashed forward with the intention of ending Ling Xian’s life!


The moment the two palms knocked into each other, Ling Xian’s eyes brightened, and his vigor turned more frightful. His fists were savage like a wild tiger and his legs heavy like a dragon’s tail. Every move he made was imposing and overpowering!

Bang, bang, bang…

The Demonic Fairy, known to be the best of her generation, did not back down one bit in front of a man. Confronting Ling Xian’s ravenous attacks, she did not dodge nor did she hide. Counterattacking every move Ling Xian made, she lifted her arm and chased away the cloud!

"Haha, gratifying! I did not think such a tenacious lady existed!"

Ling Xian laughed with his chest, and head held up high. His black hair was loose against his white robe. At this moment, he was like a demonic god, mighty and unobtrusive, divine and monstrous!

Though a little shaken by how powerful this woman was, his fighting desire did not calm down. He planned to use all the strength he could summon to destroy the opponent before him!

If the opponent is too weak, then Ling Xian would lose interest. But the lady before him had abilities that topped his, making this a rather even fight. This has made him ecstatic and encouraged him to attack even more violently! An angry and horrifying growl rolled out of him and shook the Heavens!

Only opponents with such abilities deserved to be his enemies!

"There are many things you won’t believe. Here I come!"

It is no wonder the Demonic Fairy was considered to be undefeatable within her generation. She had the capability that outmatched those from of the same age! Her arms swung in big and heavy movements with forces equivalent to tidal waves!

"Ever since I, Ling Xian, stepped into the cultivation journey, have never found a match that was worthy of my time. You want to stop me? It won’t be easy!" Ling Xian attacked and defended without holding anything back. He lifted his right leg up high and heavily smacked down. Like a thunderbolt, it crashed beside the Demonic Fairy.


Another heavy rift between the two transformed Ling Xian into a demon! Now completely angry and crazy, him simply lifting his arm made the entire dimension shake!

"Ha, you want to compete with me for potency? You're seeking death!"

Coldness washed over the Demonic Fairy’s eyes. Like a dragon in a thunderstorm, she had lost all appearances of a human as she fought on!

Both refused to back down and refused to stagger. Every move they made, made the heaven and the earth shake. It was impossible to imagine the extent of their strength!

One was like a violent demon, the other like a destructive immortal. The battle got more and more horrifying as they inched closer to each other and as their arms crossed each other. Their fight was berserk, savage, and brutal!

In the blink of an eye, they have had more than a hundred rebuttals. These two, like a violent storm, never stopped their attempts at slaughtering each other. Though vicious, every move they made was calculated and thought-out. It was a stalemate, and no obvious winner was in sight.

"Haha, this is so satisfying. Ever since I became a cultivator, I have never felt so satisfied!"

Ling Xian bellowed facing the sky. His black hair was dancing as if possessed. The demeanor he exuded turned even more horrifying.

He continued to swing his arms and kick his legs, ready to destroy everything!

"You are very good. Since I became a cultivator, you are the only one who is comparable to me in terms of physical strength."

The Demonic Fairy’s expression was cold because she was shaken up by Ling Xian’s terror. However, she thought of herself as undefeatable, why should she fear?

She lifted her arm and smacked down. The horrifying atmosphere filled the air, breaking the rocks and frightening the heaven!


The two of them tangled together. Fighting on the ground, then battling in the air. Every time they clashed, it was like a mountain was being knocked over. Blinding lights exploded with every clash, flashy and terrifying.

The more and more aggressive the fight got, the more the space rattled, and the sea roared!

The two of them both held the belief that they were the undefeatable Heaven’s Favorites who must sweep opponents off their feet and outcompete every other Heaven’s Favorites!

Now that the two of them have met each other, they both became somewhat surprised. However, they refused to step back and ensured that every move they made was too violent to be countered!

Hommm, hommm, hommm.

The two of them began their battle on top of the ocean. Fist against fist, leg against leg, they fought until the waves reached high into the sky!

"Satisfying, this is so satisfying!"

Ling Xian was getting more and more excited. All he could feel was comfort throughout his body! He intensified his aggression!

However, the Demonic Fairy frowned as she became aware of the fact that it will be difficult to defeat Ling Xian. She became annoyed.

All her life, she has been the one causing pressure for those from her generation and all her life, she has dealt with enemies easily. When has she ever engaged in a battle that took so much effort?

"Hmmph, f*ck off!"

The Demonic Fairy was the best of her generation and had no rivals, this was not without reasons. Growling, her body emitted an infinite amount of light that expanded across space in a shapeless form. Ling Xian staggered backward at the force before finally being pushed back even further.


Ling Xian frowned but did not continue his attacks. Watching the beautiful lady who was exuding power, he mocked, "What is it? Could it be that the Demonic Fairy is scared of me?"

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