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"Friend. Where we came from is very far from the Zi Yang House, and we’ve had a long journey. I wonder if you can make an exception?"

A soft chuckle rippled through the air, startling everyone.

In front of them, three silhouettes suddenly appeared. The leader of the pack was a handsome young man dressed in a white robe. He marched forward step by step, taking his time.

Behind him, two ladies as beautiful as blooming flowers followed. Both their faces and their figures were absolutely stunning, making all the men in the crowd blink with desire.

They were Ling Xian, Yun Yan, and Yun Meng.

"Friend, it’s not yet time for the official start of the test, can you show us some kindness?"

Ling Xian spoke with a friendly smile. His tone was respectful and polite.

However, facing Ling Xian’s courteous gestures, the elder’s face remained cold. He sneered, "Young man, are you trying to provoke me?"

Ling Xian frowned. "Where are you getting that idea from?"

"I have just announced that the official start of the tryout has begun and that all cultivators who arrive afterward are considered to be late. Yet here you stand, asking me to make an exception for you. What is this if not provocation?" The elder snickered rudely.

"Friend, you are being a little too unreasonable. I was simply discussing a possibility with you, how did that turn into provocation in your ears?" Ling Xian frowned and his friendly manner disappeared. He had no intention of starting a hostile relationship with this man. After all, today is about helping the Yun sisters enter the tryout.

Despite his efforts, the overbearing behavior of this person here exasperated him.

"So what I’m an unreasonable person. What can you possibly do to me? Since I have announced the start of the tryout, then there is nothing more to say. Screw off like a good boy. Or I will punish you in the name of posing hindrance to the tryout." The Elder was arrogant.

"If I remember correctly, the time of the tryout was set to be at noon," Ling Xian glanced at the Sun in the sky and continued, "There is still another 15 minutes until noon. We are not late."

"You dumbass sure do not understand the immensity of heaven and earth," the Elder glared at Ling Xian, "Everything I say is a rule. If I say you are late, then you are late. What are you nagging about."

"A cultivator who’s only in the early phases of the foundational level dare to behave so arrogantly. The House of Zi Yang sure is something," Ling Xian’s eyes turned cold as anger traveled up to his head. He understood the unfairness of the world, knew how imperious things are in society, and have experienced the endless amount of unreasonable rules.

However, when he is being treated with disrespect, he simply can’t and doesn’t want to take it.

Because why should he?

Just because the stronger ones are higher up to the top? Just because the stronger ones are the ones making the rules?

Ling Xian let his rage burn, but his expression remained composed. Watching the cocky old man before him, he spat out.

"Sc*mbag of a dog tries to overrule his master."

Instantly, the tryout ground turned silent.

All gazes were upon Ling Xian, full of disbelief.



He is… cursing the Elder?

The audience fell into shock. After a moment of silence, their gazes turned sarcastic and pitiful.

"Haha, interesting. This bastard sure does not fear death. He dares to insult the Elder of the Zi Yang House?"

"He must be tired of living. He’s so young, why did he lose the will to live? Even if he wants to die, he didn’t need to choose such a method."

"Yeah, he is the Elder of the Zi Yang House, a strong foundational cultivator. Offending him might even put strains on the relationship between the House and the Clan."

"It definitely will. To insult the Elder in front of everyone means he is dead for sure. It’s a pity that those beautiful girls will have to be killed with him."

The audience all began to talk at once and offered their opinions. Some of them were sarcastic, others felt pitiful, though, without exception, all of them felt sure that Ling Xian would die here today.

That was a reasonable assumption. This old man was the Elder for the House of Zi Yang. Though his cultivation was not exactly powerful, he holds a high position in the House. Given the circumstances they are in, he represented the House of Zi Yang itself. Who dared to show him disrespect?

Insulting him was equivalent to slapping the House of Zi Yang in the face!

However, Ling Xian was bold and unafraid. He had the guts to slaughter the old man here and now, let alone insulting him.

To others, one of the three controlling forces, the House of Zi Yang, really was domineering. It was held in high regard and had the rights to look down on anyone in Shi Ao Island. Other than the House of Xuan Yin and the House of Ling Jian, no other forces dared to provoke them.

However, Ling Xian was not the slightest afraid. With his capability today, even if all the foundational cultivators from the Zi Yang House attacked him at once, he could still get away leisurely without any injuries.

Of course, there was nothing to fear. He even dared to challenge the universe with his sword!

"Well, well, well. You son of a b*tch. Your words tell me you do not see anything of me." The Elder’s expression was heavy. His desire to kill boiled as he carefully watched the handsome young man before him.

"Who do you think you are to deserve my respect? My friendliness came from the fact that the House of Zi Yang is hosting this tryout. If you didn’t represent your House, talking to someone like you is a humiliation to me!"

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. His cold snicker was insolent!

His initial politeness was shown on behalf of the two sisters. However, now that they have torn each other’s faces, there was no more hope for the sisters to enter the House of Zi Yang. Ling Xian had no more considerations. Every word he spoke, he spoke with murderous intent.

"Bastard, do you know who I am? I am an Elder of the Zi Yang House! You provoking me leads me to kill you and cursing all your ancestors!" The Elder’s face was ferocious.

"Other than being an Elder of the Zi Yang House, what else defines you?" Ling Xian’s expression was ice cold.

"My position in the House alone is enough. You have offended me, which means you have offended the House of Zi Yang. Young man, you are dead meat," the Elder guffawed.

"Dead meat?"

Ling Xian’s lips curled up again. This person here sure is overbearing and unreasonable. He planned on using the House of Zi Yang as a backbone and change the test time for his own convenience. He also used his House’s reputation to bully others. This made Ling Xian’s anger flare.

"Come at me."

Ling Xian stepped forward one step, and his white robe twirled in the sudden gust of wind. His murderous intent flooded out of him like ocean water, mighty powerful and shot straight through the cloud!

"Young man, I will make you understand right now what it means to offend me!"

The Elder growled as terrifying spiritual energy surged out of him. A meter-long sword appeared in his hand. Under his summoning, it multiplied into tens of thousands of swords and covered the sky!

"A mere foundational cultivator in the beginning phases dare to behave so presumptuously before me? F*ck off!"

Ling Xian could no longer control his anger. Facing the impenetrable shield of swords, he punched forward with his fist. Immediately, wind blew, and cloud dispersed. The heaven and earth changed colors!


The blades howled, sharp as they can be.

However, the fist was even more overruling and heaven-defying!

In the next moment, the countless amount of swords disappeared in the sky. In a flash, Ling Xian appeared right in front of the Elder’s scared gaze like a phantom and sprung his right leg like a whip!


The Elder’s chest bones caved in. His face turned colorless as he flew backward like a broken-stringed kite.

Instant knockout!

"Since the Supreme Master of the House of Zi Yang does not know how to discipline their subordinates, then I, Ling Xian, will discipline his people on his behalf!"

Dropping those words, Ling Xian glanced around threateningly. His stance was heroic, like a powerful God who descended into the world of the mortal. He appeared majestic, superior, and exceptional.

A needle drop could be heard.
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