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Eyes of Execution was ranked fourth out of the 104 types of Inner Eyes.

This prestigious ranking itself was enough to stun a huge population.

According to ancient literature, this pair of Inner Eyes appeared once 12,000 years ago. It was a radiant era back then, a time when there were numerous successful emperors and an abundant of respectable heroes. The owner of the Eyes of Execution dominated the country using those eyes’ abilities, and became the strongest powerhouse in history. He was truly legendary!

“He woke the Eyes of Execution after merely being released from the first seal. His potential really is out of this world,” Liao Cang Qiong exclaimed in awe. He has been an Immortal for a long time and nothing rarely surprised him anymore. For him to be in awe right now means Ling Xian’s potential was shockingly powerful.

“Thank you Master!” Ling Xian said excitedly. He could clearly feel the strength hidden inside his pupils. Even though he cannot unleash their abilities yet, he was sure that one day, these Inner Eyes will illuminate with the glory they deserve.

“I am feeling rather fragile and I will need some time to rest. You are now free from the first seal. This alone is enough for you to train until you reach the level of knotting the Dan, also known as the skill that enables you to combine your spirit, body, and qi. As for the other three seals, we will deal with them later,” Liao Cang Qiong’s said, his face full of exhaustion.

“Yes, Master, please rest well,” Ling Xian’s heart was filled with thankfulness. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“You having that thought is enough. But you are far too weak right now to do anything for me,” Liao Cang Qiong smiled kindly and waved at him to go. “Go on. The Painting of the Nine Immortals is now your world to play around in. This place is surrounded with spiritual energy, triple the amount you can get outside. You are welcome to come anytime you want.”

He then drifted towards the tallest mountain in sight, then he disappeared into the woods and fell into a deep sleep.

Around that towering mountain, numerous other mountains in different shapes and forms stood closely. It was as if they were talking to each other. The scenery was dazzling.

“The mountains seem to be equipped with the ability to heal and restore souls. I wonder if there is an Immortal resting in each of these mountains?” Ling Xian murmured. As his thought wandered, he disappeared from the internal world of the painting and he found himself standing before the front steps of the Qi Zhen pavilion.

Staring at the sign that said Qi Zhen pavilion, Ling Xian felt a thousand emotions rushing through him.

Just an hour ago, he was merely a troubled mortal, fighting for the slightest probability of having a better life by buying the Dan of the Inner Eye. But now, he has begun his apprenticeship and acquired Eyes of Execution. He finally felt liberated. He wanted to swim alongside the fishes in the river and fly with the birds in the sky.

He had to say; this world really was unpredictable.

“Now that I can go under training, I should get some ancient books that were passed down in my Clan. Those should help me advance in my journey.” Ling Xian thought. He turned and walked toward the Ling Clan’s library, where valuable records and books could be found.

The City of Qing was the north part of the country. It was a small city. Other than the city’s government, there were only three clans that dominated the city: the Ling Clan, Qi Clan, and Fang Clan.

Ling Xian belonged to the Ling Clan. However, because he could not practice Taoism and because his Clan had given him nothing but the house his dead parents left him, he felt no strong connections with his Clan. When his Clan is mentioned, he could only think of the infinite amount of teasing and taunting he experienced.


The great library could be found at the very back of the Ling’s palace. It was a magnificent three story wooden loft. The afternoon sun shone, brightening the red shingles of the rooftop.

This building was the most secretive place of the palace, because there absolutely cannot be trespassing. Inside, there were records of secret techniques that were explored and created by the Lings in the past few hundred years. With a qi level of three and below, trainees were only allowed to read books and records on the first floor. From level four to eight, the second floor, was open for viewing. Finally, the third story was only open to the elderly and the leaders of the Clan.

There was no door to the great library, only a water spell casted to stop those who were not a part of the Clan from entering.

Ling Xian took out a green bronze medal carved with his identity and dropped it into the water. The water instantly began to twirl and splash, dragging him into the loft.

The scent of antiques and old books rushed towards him. He looked around. The first story was not very big, only filled with rows of bookshelves and books that were dusty and turning yellow.

Without hesitation, he walked towards the shelf that contained records of Taoism techniques. He wanted to look for a technique that he felt curious about and could learn about.

“To sit and to forget technique… marrow cleansing technique… see-through technique…”

Ling Xian felt overwhelmed by the countless different techniques. His eyes scanned all the books until finally, he set his sight on a very simple looking book.

“Bible of the Three Flowers.”

It was a strange name. The cover was covered in dust, clearly nobody has flipped open this book for a very long time. When he picked up the book, there was a voice inside him that whispered, this is the one, take this one.

Ling Xian frowned, he had no idea where the strange instinct was coming from. He hesitated for a while, but eventually gave in and chose to study this strange technique.

“Little fella, you want to choose the ‘Bible of the Three Flowers’?”

A ghostly figure suddenly appeared beside him. It was an elderly with a white beard. Time has been unkind to him, as there were only wrinkles on his face, making him look very tired and old.

“Yes, Elder,” Ling Xian’s face was composed, he’s always known about the elder’s presence and his identity.

The guardian of the great library.

The elder beamed and warned, “based on my estimation, by looking at your bones, you are only 14 years old but have already reached the third level of qi. I can tell you have talent. But if you choose to learn a technique that cannot be refined and practiced, you would be wasting a lot of precious time. I suggest you choose a different book.”

A technique that cannot be refined and practiced?

Curiosity flashed across Ling Xian’s eyes, “thank you for advising me elderly. However, I have already made up my mind. Others cannot practice it doesn’t meant I can’t either. I am willing to give it a try.”

“Others can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t either. You have great ambition,” the guardian praised as he chuckled, “but if it turns out that you cannot practice it after all, don’t force yourself. You are welcomed to return it anytime and try a different technique.”

“Yes elderly, thank you,” Ling Xian put The Bible of the Three Flowers inside his pouch and left the great library. He was walking towards his house when he suddenly heard a series of provocative snickering.

“Aye, aren’t you the disabled Ling Xian? You are still alive?” a young boy dressed in a black robe walked towards him. He was short with a sharp mouth and chubby cheeks. On his face, an unpleasant smile hung.

“Ling Yu,” Ling Xian’s face dropped. Based on the family tree, the young man could be considered a cousin to him. Because Ling Yu achieved the first level of qi at a young age, he had always taken advantage of that skill and provoked Ling Xian for his own entertainment. Before today, Ling Xian has always endured it because he could not go under training, but now, he was determined to confront him and make him pay.

“Yep, it’s me. Why? Does running into someone so noble scare you?” Ling Yu snickered. He was born with an unbearably ugly face and never had much potential with Taoism. Therefore, he has always been insanely jealous of those who were handsome, and those who showed potential in Taoism. The only person he could pick on in the entire Clan was Ling Xian, as he was handicapped.

Ling Xian was burning with anger on the inside, but on the outside, he remained calm, “yes, I am very scared.”

“Then kowtow three times before me, and crawl between my legs. Do it and I’ll let you live today,” Ling Yu moved his legs hip-width apart and began to laugh arrogantly.

“Your suggestion is pretty nice. I’ve decided to adopt it. Come, kowtow three times,” Ling Xian coldly grinned.

“What did you say to me?” Ling Yu froze for second, then smiled. “did your brain get damaged too in addition to your other disability? How dare you say such things to me. Did I not teach you a harsh enough lesson last time?”

“You want to fight?” a hint of murderous intent flashed across Ling Xian’s face.

“I’m not scared of you. You are handicapped! Today I will teach you a lesson so deadly you’ll never forget it!” Ling Yu walked towards Ling Xian step by step with a ferocious look on his face.

“Why don’t you try,” Ling Xian remained cold. He has already reached the third level of qi. Even if he stood still and took the beating, Ling Yu still cannot hurt a single hair of his.

“Remember, from now on, every time you see me, you must kneel!” Ling Yu smirked. Using all his heavenly strength, he lunged his fist towards Ling Xian.

His fist was heavy like the mountains, aimed to suffocate the opponent on impact.

Ling Xian did not even attempt to dodge, he simply waved his right hand. Instantly, a tornado emerged. Energy from the third qi gushed outwards like unstoppable tidal waves.


Their two fists smashed together. Qi poured out of Ling Xian and smacked onto Ling Yu’s body forcefully. His body, like a broken stringed kite, flew backward for meters before he hit the ground and was coughing up blood.

Instant knockout.

“Impossible. How did you suddenly have spiritual energy?” Ling Yu’s face was full of disbelief. He could not comprehend what has just happened. How could someone who was considered a waste become so powerful so suddenly.

“Ling Yu, I am no longer the Ling Xian you know. If you want to humiliate me, then you have to be prepared to pay with your life,” Ling Xian said ruthlessly. With one foot, he stomped on Ling Yu’s chest, preventing him from breathing. Ling Yu gagged as more blood rolled down his chin from his mouth.

“This isn’t possible. How can a handicap defeat me?” Ling Yu rejected reality. He coughed out more blood as he screamed in anger.

“Nothing is impossible. You called me disabled and a waste of space all my life. But who’s the disabled one now?” Ling Xian slapped Ling Yu’s face hard, a few of Ling Yu’s teeth fell out.

LingYu screamed in pain. He shakily pointed his finger at Ling Xian and cursed, “you are dead! You dared to touch me? Watch me! I am going to kill you!”

“Stubborn,” Ling Xian gave him a deadly look. Fast like lightning, he snapped Ling Yu’s index finger in two.

“AH!” Ling Yu’s face whitened in response to the pain. He finally realized the situation, and begged, “I am wrong. Ling Xian, I have been so wrong. Please let me go now.”

“Remember, if you do this one more time, I will slaughter you,” Ling Xian glared at him and lifted his foot off Ling Yu’s chest.

Ignoring Ling Yu, who now looks like a dead dog, Ling Xian walked straight back to his house.

The anger in his chest was now gone. He has avenged himself for the humiliation he experienced from the past. He felt relieved and relaxed. The suppressed anger and the depression that clouded him for 14 years could finally be dismissed.

He was given the chance to start anew.

He was rebirthed.

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