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Painting of the Nine Immortals 194 The Breakthrough of Yun Yan

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At noon, inside the greeting hall of the Yun manor.

Everyone’s heart was starting to develop hope as they watched the youth, who sat in a lotus position, concentrating on the brewing of Dans.

"Perhaps this person can really do this." Yun Hai murmured, thinking that even if Ling Xian cannot save the Clan from their troubled situation, he did not have the guts to ask Ling Xian to apologize. However, the statement Ling Xian made earlier, though rude, made Yun Hai feel a lot more confident.

The meeting hall was dead silent. Everyone carried a heavy expression with them and did not dare to make a sound. This silence was due to the high level of anticipation they had of Ling Xian and the fact that the true capability of Ling Xian has stunned them. If Yun Hai, the foundational cultivator, could not block an attack from him, where would they find the courage to behave erratically.

[I will brew the Luxury Dan. This Dan is more than enough to resolve the Yun Clan’s trouble.]

Ling Xian thought to himself and flapped his sleeve. The seven different spiritual herbs entered the cauldron, and under the embrace of the Flame of Purity, began to transform into a powdered form.

Just then, Ling Xian divided the spiritual energy into seven different parts, with each of them carrying a spiritual herb. He planned on using the most time efficient method to brew the Luxury Dan.

Because he has brewed the luxury Dan more than ten times, he naturally felt very familiar with the process. He did not feel that the simultaneous manipulation of the seven different spiritual herbs was very difficult. He also did not notice how this method of his brought a wave of astonishment to the audience!

Though nobody in the Yun Clan was an alchemist, they knew the basics of the brewing process.

To draw out the essence of seven different spiritual medicine was of great difficulty. Not only did it require mature and developed techniques from the alchemist, but it also tested how well the alchemist can manipulate his or her spiritual energy. To alchemists, it was an extremely difficult task.

To put it simply – without decades of experience and practice, it was an impossible achievement.

The alchemists who can achieve this are at youngest a century old. Yet the youth before them has accomplished this at such a young age, which was why these people were drowning in shock. If they forgot about the fact that no noise should be made during the brewing process, they would all be screaming right now.

Oh, Heavens!

Could it be that this youth started learning alchemy while he was still in his mother’s stomach?

Everyone was astounded.

"The brewing is done. Time to collect the Dan."

Watching the powder-form essences, Ling Xian grinned lightly before forming a hand seal.

Immediately, the purple cauldron began to shake. The essences, under the manipulation of his spiritual energy, converged together and formed into the shape of a spiritual Dan.

After a while, a strong fragrance of Dan filled the room. Six Luxury Dans broke out of the shell and froze in mid-air, vibrating with spiritual energy.

The Dan was completed!

Ling Xian’s lips curled up, satisfied with the result.

He still did not notice the consternated look everyone had on their faces. Staring at the aromatic Dans, they could no longer hide the complex emotions they felt.

The brewing process was completed?

In such a short amount of time?!

Everyone present could not believe the scene before their eyes.

These people here hold high positions in the Yun Clan and thus have met the alchemist, Master Wang. They knew very well that brewing Dans was very time consuming, which was why they were beyond bewildered at this moment.

To know that Dan brewing was something that is time and energy consuming, even a Ninth-Realmed Dan required at least an hour. How long did Ling Xian take to brew those Luxury Dans?

Less than 15 minutes!

How could they not be appalled?

In reality, this speed was a little shocking. However, for it to happen to Ling Xian, it really was not a big deal. The reason why he was able to finish brewing in such a fast time frame was because one, he has brewed Luxury Dans multiple times, so he knew the process well, and two, he had the Flame of Purity.

It was the incomparably rare Godly Fire!

Not only does it burn up to an incredibly high temperature, but it is also able to dissolve spiritual medicines at a fast speed. The reason why it was unable to perform to its full potential before was due to Ling Xian’s low level of training. Back then, he could not bring the flame to its highest temperature. However, now that he has broken through to the foundational level, the power of the Flame of Purity was of the next level as well.

"My god, have I gone blind? He finished brewing at such a fast speed."

"Unbelievable. He took less than 15 minutes."

"15 minutes? It was in the blink of an eye!"

The grand hall was erupted with yelling. No longer able to contain their emotions, everyone began a clamorous discussion.

Luckily, the Clan Leader, Yun Hai, could still think logically. He suppressed the shock he felt to take care of the task with the utmost priority. He came before Ling Xian and asked, "Friend, I wonder what this Dan is called and what its uses are?"

"At least there is one clear-headed person," Ling Xian snickered. He did not tell them the name of the Dan but instead asked an unrelated question.

"Is anyone in the Yun Clan born with damaged spiritual energy and cannot practice Taoism freely?"

Yun Hai was a little startled and could not understand why Ling Xian didn’t simply answer his questions but instead asked him something completely irrelevant. However, this youth was frightful, so he hid his annoyance and played along. Despite his efforts, he could not think of anyone in the Yun Clan who was born disabled or with damaged spiritual energy.

Confused, he searched his brain for anyone in the clan with such problems.

"Master Ling, I was born with an insufficient amount of spiritual energy," Yun Yan suddenly spoke. Her beautiful eyes were shining with a hint of anticipation and excitement. She was born sharp and intelligent and has guessed the intention of Ling Xian’s question.

"What a coincidence. I have saved you yet again." Ling Xian smiled.

Hearing this, Yun Yan became even more thrilled. In a shaky voice, she asked, "Master Ling… This Dan… Could it be…?"

"It seems like you guessed it. You’re right. This Dan is named the Luxury Dan. You will find out the effects it has the moment you swallow it." Ling Xian softly nodded. Waving his sleeve, a Luxury Dan flew before Yun Yan.

Seeing this, Yun Yan wasted no time hesitating. Parting her lips, the Luxury Dan flew into her mouth and melted into pure medicine, nourishing her organs and meridians.

The Luxury Dan was a long-lost Dan with miraculous effects. It has the ability to cure those born disabled and regenerate those with damaged spiritual energy. It was, without a doubt, the Dan with the most spectacular medicinal effects.

The moment the Dan entered her mouth, Yun Yan felt its magical power. The damaged energy in her body was getting replenished, and the spiritual energy in her was no longer seeping out of her in wasteful ways. She immediately turned high-spirited and energetic.

Of course, this was not the end.

Under the audience’s stare, her Qi was climbing higher and higher. It suddenly reached the bottleneck of the seventh level and finally, broke through to the eighth!

"She… She broke through!"

Feeling the spiritual energy that was boiling within her body, Yun Yan’s expression was sluggish but full of bewilderment. She was stuck in the seventh level for a full two years, and no matter how hard she practiced and trained, she could not break through.

Today, she broke through in a mere second. This made her overwhelmed.

This was a natural reaction.

Yun Yan was born with a lack of spiritual energy and was only able to reach the seventh level of training by leveraging her uncommon natural talent. Now that the Luxury Dan has fixed her damaged energy, the bottleneck she was stuck at disappeared without a trace.

"It seems like you were born gifted. Even with a lack of spiritual energy, you were able to reach the seventh level of Taoism. Not many cultivators can achieve that," Ling Xian complimented as he gaped at the ecstatic Yun Yan.

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