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"You killed my son, and you intend to run away? Leave me your life!"

A chilling statement pierced through the air. In the next moment, a terrifying and dignified vigor suddenly emerged and quickly suppressed the entire crowd.

Under the threat of this dreadful energy, everyone began to shake. Only two words formed in their heads as they fought off their bodies’ impulse to immediately kneel down.

Completion level!

Two simple words that were as heavy as mountains pressed down on everyone, disabling them from breathing.

In the cultivation community, only those who achieve the completion stage are considered to be real powerhouses. Once this level is reached, status and capabilities are greatly improved. In any nameable groups of influences, those in the completion level are granted with higher up positions.

Only when the completion stage is achieved, are the cultivators considered to be a true power giants!

These people can crush any foundational cultivator with the move of a finger!

To those in the foundational level, completion staged powerhouses are unreachable like the sky and undefeatable like immortals. They were strong enough to make everyone tremble and were simply unmatchable!

"Sh*t!" Ling Xian’s heart fell. He predicted that a strong opponent may appear but he never thought that a completion level cultivator would personally stop by.

"Ling Xian…" Lin Qing Yi’s face turned to a different color.

"No more talking, just go," Ling Xian ordered. He was deeply aware of the terror of a completion level cultivator. Without any hesitation, he swept his sleeve and pushed Lin Qing Yi into the transporter and activated the arrays.

A heavenly light surfaced as the giant transporter array switched on, circulating with mysterious vibrations due to the change in space.

"Ling Xian, why are you not coming in!"

Lin Qing Yi was caught off guard when she was pushed into the transporter. With the array immediately activated, she couldn’t get herself out. All she could do was stare worriedly at Ling Xian from within the pillar of light.

Looking at Lin Qing Yi, who was striking the pillar of light with her delicate hands in attempt to get herself out, Ling Xian forced a smile. "I cannot go to the capital with you because I must stay behind and stop this man. If he attacks the transporter, we will both lose our lives. You will only be safe if I stay behind and delay him."

He ignored Lin Qing Yi’s shouts of desperation and stared into the distance. It takes three whole minutes for a spatial transporter to deliver one person from one place to another. This means he must take down this completion staged powerhouse within three minutes in order to ensure Lin Qing Yi harmlessly arrives at the capital of this dynasty.

Three minutes!

Though it seemed short, it was an impossible mission.

He was a completion level cultivator and could kill a foundational man with a flick of his finger. Even if all Ling Xian needed to do was to delay him for 3 seconds, it was still difficult to accomplish.

"I didn’t think I would face someone in the completion stage again so soon. This time, I cannot run, I must fight face on." Ling Xian sighed. He wasn’t fully confident that he can defend himself from this person’s attacks.

"Making that little woman leave and staying behind yourself, are you that certain you can fight me off?"

A purple shadow that was far away at first arrived in front of Ling Xian in the blink of an eye.

This person’s eyebrows were sharp like swords, skin was smooth like jade. He wore an expensive purple gown embroidered with Phoenix. He was handsome, chic, extraordinary. Rays of murky air swarmed around him as he gave off an imposing temperament. It was as if he could casually break mountains, crack rocks, split clouds, and shatter the ground.

"Oh my god, it’s Deputy Xiao Yao, nicknamed the speediest of the Zhou Dynasty!"

"This person is without a doubt, dead. Deputy Xiao Yao is not only capable, he also has shocking speed. This little fella cannot even run away even if he tries."

"Even amongst the nobles, Deputy Xiao Yao is ranked high in terms of his capabilities. He once fought two completion level cultivators by himself and ended up conquering them both. Everyone learned how capable he truly was just from that one battle!"

Seeing this man’s arrival, the crowd exploded with gossip. Some people recognized this man’s identity immediately.

It was the famous Deputy Xiao Yao of the Zhou Dynasty!

"So the incomer is Deputy Xiao Yao, known for speed…"

Ling Xian bitterly chuckled. Originally, he planned to run away with the Winged Blitz after Lin Qing Yi is transported. However, since the opponent was the speediest man of the dynasty, his normally proud weapon, the Winged Blitz, was no longer useful.

The Winged Blitz was truly heaven defying and was known to be unmatchable in speed. However, the gap between his training and Deputy Xiao Yao’s was just too big. The difference between foundational and completion was like heaven and earth. They cannot even be considered to be in the same category.

A Heaven’s Favorite with a Qi level of 10 could defeat a normal foundational cultivator. However, regardless of how powerful a foundational Heaven’s Favorite was, they cannot defeat a normal completion level cultivator!

"I know you were the one who killed my son. But this woman played a part. So, why don’t you two die together."

Deputy Xiao Yao’s expression was calm, but his eyes were ridden with angry fire. Like a volcano, the anger was brewing. Though dormant right now, once it erupts, all will be destroyed!

"I killed your son by myself. She had nothing to do with it. Let her go." Ling Xian frowned.

"Let her go?"

Deputy Xiao Yao snickered, "Who do you think you are to bargain with me? Regardless if she played a part or not, she must die with my son!"

"How imperious."

Ling Xian’s eyes turned cold as many different emotions grew within him. The first time he ran into a completion level cultivator, all he could do was run. Now that he was at the advanced phase of the foundational level, he had no worthy opponent of the same level. Why couldn’t he try and fight a completion level cultivator?

"If you want to fight then bring it on. I will accept any move you make!"

Ling Xian’s pride shot up to the sky and his desire for a battle was steaming!


Deputy Xiao Yao was a little surprised at how unexpectedly courageous this youth was. Ever since he broke through to the completion level, very few people dared to point at him with their weapons.

This was also a mere youth in the foundational level!

Other than him, everyone else also fell into astonishment. A mere foundational cultivator willingly invited a completion level cultivator for a fight?

How much courage was needed to do this?

"Good, very good. Just for your courage, you are worthy of my time."

Deputy Xiao Yao’s expression was cloudy. An extremely terrifying energy seeped through him and engulfed the entire area. That heavenly grandeur of his was undefeatable, indefensible, and fatal!

"Less talking nonsense. Don’t think that just because you are a completion staged powerhouse you are allowed to act like you are above others. I, Ling Xian, am not afraid of you!" Ling Xian felt fearless as he pointed his halberd at Deputy Xiao Yao with a spirit that was imbued enough to conquer mountains and rivers!

"Since you want to die so badly, then I will grant you your wish," Deputy Xiao Yao snickered.

"Bring it on. Teach me the strength of the completion level."

Ling Xian’s blinked his eyes and they immediately emitted nine different colors of heavenly light. One eye turned black while the other turned white, and bands of murky air swirled around him before finally materializing into four majestic weapons!

The Sword of Extinction represented execution!

The Winged Blitz represented speed!

The Halberd of the Divine Warrior represented war!

The Armor of Royal Spirit represented defense!

The four majestic treasures arose, called out to each other, and clashed into each other, accenting Ling Xian’s temperament of divinity!

At the same time, his Qi was increasing exponentially and suddenly broke through the bottleneck of the advanced phase of the foundational level! His Qi continued to climb and arrived at the very peak of the foundational level. The distance between him and the completion level was now only one step away.

This was one of the effects of the Eyes of Execution.

"The Inner Eyes that haven’t appeared in 12,000 years sure is insolent."

Deputy Xiao Yao’s face quivered purely from seeing the Eyes of Execution, not due to Ling Xian’s capability. A foundational level cultivator was no different than ants in his eyes. If Ling Xian had unleashed his Inner Eyes when they were on the same level, then he for sure would fight this battle with all he’s got without allowing any room for mistakes. However, the Ling Xian now did not require him to give his 100%.

The gap between foundational and completion were like heaven and earth, unreachable!

"Deputy Xiao Yao, I, Ling Xian, will use my foundational strength to defend against your completion might. Do you dare to fight?"

Ling Xian’s Qi was pulsing inside him like a bull. Facing the out-of-reach completion level powerhouse, he felt no fear and invited him for a battle. This bravery alone was enough to make numerous cultivators walk away in shame.

Completion level cultivators were very capable. Enough to kill any foundational level cultivator regardless if they were a Heaven’s Favorite or not. Nobody could defend against an attack from a completion level powerhouse!

This was simply a widely known fact!

Today, Ling Xian was about to break this iron rule. With his foundational strength, he would defend against the completion might, and become the first of his people to achieve this result!

If he succeeds, his name will be heard in all of Yunzhou, or perhaps even the entire world!

If he fails, then the only result that awaits him is death. He would have to use his life to prove the fact that those in the foundational stage cannot even handle a single attack of the completion level!

"A mere ant from the foundational level dare to provoke me. You sure do not fear death." Deputy Xiao Yao’s face turned frigid as he stared that proud youth before him. He sneered, "Today, I will make you understand the true distance between the different stages. Even if you have awoke a pair of Inner Eyes, they cannot offset the huge gap between us!"

As he spoke, his mana transcended out of him and transformed into a giant palm that shadowed the Sun. It crushed through three thousand meters and with a mountain breaking amount of force, it aimed towards Ling Xian.

"A firefly tries to compete with the moon to see who shines more? Die!"

"Even if the firefly cannot win right now, the moon cannot kill the firefly." Ling Xian took a step forward. His black robe danced as his own Qi washed over the entire area with the demeanor of swallowing this place whole!


The giant palm swept across the space!

"What’s so awe inspiring about the completion stage? Watch me break it with one move and be the first one of my kind to do so!"

Ling Xian yelled out as he pushed his Eyes of Execution to their limit. His sword sharp, his halberd domineering, his wings fluttering, his armor radiating, each of these four majestic treasures showed off their own abilities and spewed out a blinding amount of light!

Peerless! Unmatchable!


An ear-splitting rumble penetrated the air as the palm and the weapons brawled each other. Horrifying waves of air exploded and washed over the area like tidal waves! The wind blew, the clouds scattered, and both heaven and earth were in shock!

At this very moment, in this very city, not even a crow croaked!
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