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"Master Tang, are you unaware of auction regulations or are you challenging the dignity of the Artifact Trading Convention?"

An anger-ridden, but calm voice slowly rose, startling everyone.

Manager Wang stood on stage and his black robe tussled in the air despite the lack of wind. The old face that usually carried a kind smile has gloomed into fury and malice.

Normally, he was known as this place's peacemaker who greeted everyone and faced everything with a giant smile on his face. Very rarely did he get mad, but today, his entire stance was hostile. It wasn’t hard to recognize just how enraged he had become.

There were many rules in the Taoism community that are unwritten but were unbreakable and must be followed by everyone.

No physical fights should break out during an auction was one of those steel-sturdy rules. Ever since the first auction that occurred more than ten thousand years ago, many people have disregarded this law but none of these people ended up coming out of the auction alive. Usually, those people were assassinated by professionals hired by the convention moments after the last item was auctioned. After this practice became a norm, no matter how arrogant or unruly many rule breakers were, this law was followed.

Of course, after the auction ended, anyone was free to fight. Many strong cultivators who lacked money came to auctions just to wait for the auction to end so they could slaughter the winning bidders. This practice, too, soon became a routine and it was now a norm for blood to be shed after an auction was held.

During the procession of an auction, no matter how coerced or tempted someone was, nobody dared to start a battle until the auction officially ended. Those who violated this rule were considered to be challenging the host of the auction and were deemed to be people who purposely try to destroy the order of the community.

This was why Manager Wang was very unhappy when Master Tang made his oppressing statement earlier. Though he didn’t explode in anger back then, when Master Tang planned to attack Ling Xian, he had to stand out as the Manager.

The Artifact Trading Convention was not to be provoked!

Even if the Emperor himself came, he must follow these rules!


Seeing Manager Wang’s furious face, Master Tang’s face dropped as he thought of the terrifying consequences of starting a fight now. He instinctively shuddered and revoked his Qi back to his body before he sat back down in his chair. Though there was no verbal communication, his actions spoke for him.

He caved.

He had no other options but to cave. Even if others lent him the nerves to resist the rule that has been around for more than ten thousand years, the prominent Artifact Trading Convention in the Zhou Dynasty definitely would not let him go. Even the Emperor would be anxious if this convention targeted him, let alone a Seventh-Realm Alchemist.

If the Artifact Trading Convention has the intention to kill him, they would accomplish it as easily as it would be to smash dead an ant.

For this, even if his anger was enough to evaporate the ocean, he had to abolish his emotions and trap them in.

"Smart decision!"

Manager Wang’s face was as heavy as water and did not grant him another pleasant look. He snickered, "The bid for the Water of the Resting Water is ten million spiritual stones. Do you want to make another offer? If not, then this treasure will go to him."

"Offer my *ss!"

Master Tang swore under his breath as his face screamed with loath. No matter how unwilling he was to let go of the treasure, he didn't have 10 million stones to offer even if he sold himself.

He can no longer compete.

The result has been determined.

The amount of wealth he had was not even a hundredth of Ling Xian’s. There was no way he could continue competing.

Despite this, he did not give up. Though he cannot make a move right away due to the powerfulness of the Artifact Trading Convention, he had already decided that as soon as the auction ends, he will kill this young man in black with his bare hands to avenge for the humiliation he received today.

Master Tang’s silence made Manager Wang slam the little hammer and shout, "Alright. Since nobody is willing to make another offer, then I officially announce that Water of the Resting Soul belongs to that man!"

Hearing this, everyone there became disappointed and regretful. Majority of them, though, were silently cheering for the man in black. The angry yet helpless Master Tang made them feel very satisfied inside.

To these people, seeing Master Tang admit his defeat was enough of an exciting event, getting Water of the Resting Soul no longer mattered to them.

It was not hard to tell how socially unlikeable Master Tang truly was. This was caused by his arrogance and smugness. Using his high societal status as wager, he has bullied a lot of people. Many cultivators have been unhappy with him but did not have the capability to call him out. Thus, they forced themselves to not utter a word and endure him.

Today, to have been able to witness the event of a mysterious young man forcing Master Tang to surrender made everyone clap out of joy.

"Master, you no longer need to worry. I have acquired Water of the Resting Soul. You are saved." Ling Xian exhaled deeply and suppressed the excitement he felt. His face was full of exhilaration.

For a long time now, Liao Cang Qiong’s safety pressed onto his heart like a thousand-pound rock. Now that Manager Wang announced him as the new owner of Water of the Resting Soul, he felt relieved and relaxed. All the clouds that fogged up his mind dispersed, and his world was sunny again.

Sensing Ling Xian’s excitement, Lin Qing Yi beamed brightly, "Congratulations, your wish has been fulfilled."

"Yes, this feeling sure is wonderful." Ling Xian was drunk off of joy. At that very moment, however, a voice rumbled not far from him.

"Hmmph, so what you have this item right now? When I kill you, Water of the Resting Soul will end up mine anyway. Not just Water of the Resting Soul, everything you own will belong to me."

Master Tang’s expression was greedy and savage, as if not getting Water of the Resting Soul was a good thing because now, he gets to kill Ling Xian, take the treasure, and at the same time, not pay spiritual stones for all the treasures he was about to win. How cost efficient.

"You can try and see who ends up dead."

Ling Xian’s eyes glossed over, he knew that Master Tang would not give up just like that. This person first threatened him, then tried to attack just now. Ling Xian had every reason to feel disgusted and not be guilty over his intention to kill this man.

Even if Master Tang was willing to let this whole thing go, Ling Xian would not have.

"A foundational level cultivator dares to speak so presumptuously? You sure act blindly and speak recklessly," Master Tang scoffed.

"I have more than enough strength in me to kill you."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curved up. With his current capability, as long as the opponent was not a powerhouse from the completion level, he feared nobody!

"Just you wait. Once this auction ends, I will make you wish for death!" Master Tang’s face turned hideous. If Ling Xian’s Qi was at the same level as him, then maybe he would forget this whole thing. However, upon realizing that Ling Xian was only at the advanced stage of the foundational level, all his worries evaporated and condensed into determination to kill Ling Xian.

"Master Tang, have some self-respect," Manager Wang spoke slowly.

"Hmmph." Master Tang dusted his sleeve and no longer breathed out another word. However, his old eyes were glistening with viciousness.

Seeing that he was not speaking, Manager Wang chuckled. "Now, we proceed to the last item of today’s auction. This treasure is priceless and very few exist in our world. I believe many of you here came specifically for this."

He lifted the red cloth off the last tray and the moment the red cloth left the tray, an aqua blue light crept across the room and very quickly spread to the entire auction ground. Blue was all everyone could see. It was beautiful like a dream, like a fantasy.

"This… this is the legendary Water Taming Pearl!"

"One of the five spiritual beads! The Water Taming Pearl! This really is a priceless treasure. I cannot believe the Artifact Trading Convention is willing to sell this! This is a true heavenly object!"

"Wow, I made the right decision coming here today. Though I know I cannot take this home, just looking at it is worth it!"

"Pity though, this object is only half of its original form. It is an incomplete treasure."

The auction ground broke into an uproar. Everyone stared at the aqua blue pearl, impatiently wanting to run up there and call it their own!

The Water Taming Pearl!

One of the five spiritual pearls, it has the ability to avoid any type of water in the world. Legend has it that the owner of this treasure can explore any ocean, sea, or lake, and collect treasures others cannot even fathom.

Though those who practice Taoism all their lives end up gaining the ability to breathe in water anyway, their ability only applied to regular sea water.

The Taoism Community was borderless, and hence, gave birth to many mysterious and spiritual places. Many of these places possessed unbelievable abilities, such as lakes that freeze whoever swims in it, or poisonous seas that kill whoever touches it. Some water could even burn away the skin of cultivators. In general, this was a strange and dangerous world.

To own the Water Taming Pearl meant no more worrying about the danger one could get oneself into when seas and oceans were involved. It was not hard to imagine how valuable this item was, especially to those who enjoy exploring!

Sadly, though this pearl was shining brightly, it was only half. That means this Water Taming Pearl was incomplete and it was only half as effective. No wonder the Artifact Trading Convention was willing to put this item out for trading.

Looking at the fist sized aqua blue pearl, Ling Xian was nearly crying from his desire to possess this item.

"Alright, I assume everyone cannot wait any longer. Before we begin, I have to make something clear. This treasure is incomplete. Based on the professional valuators we hired, this item is only half as effective as its original form. Despite this however, it is still a rare treasure." Manager Wang faintly grinned, "Now we shall began bidding. Minimum of three million spiritual stones, I welcome all bidders!"

There were no voices shouting out bids at the auction ground but this was not because this item was incomplete. Oppositely, even though its effectiveness was cut in half, its value was still astonishingly high. This can be seen through everyone’s heated gaze.

The reason as to why nobody made a bid was because everyone here was fully aware of the fact that only two people here had the rights to compete for this item.

Master Tang.

The mysterious young man in black.

All eyes were fixed on the third floor, as everyone waited for these two preeminent characters to make their offers.

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