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"Little one, are you willing to leave this place with me?"

The corners of Ling Xian’s lips curved up. His smile was bright and tender. It was so attractive that all three female cultivators’ faces glistened with color and flickered with infatuation.

Though the Purple Dwarf felt Ling Xian’s kindness through his gentle smile, her body staggered backward. She shook her head quietly, indicating that she did not want to leave this place.

Since its birth, it’s been existing here. On top of that, Ling Xian has just threatened to destroy her, which left a deep scar in her heart. Naturally, she had no intention of going with him.

"You don’t want to…" Ling Xian sighed, somewhat unwilling to give up. This dwarf here was going to become a strong one in the future. Acquiring it was the same as acquiring a mighty support.

However, if the Purple Dwarf doesn’t want to leave, Ling Xian couldn’t force her. If he used brute force to win her over, he would establish a barrier between himself and the Petal of Enlightenment, creating the possibility of her turning against him in the future.

Watching how the situation was unfolding, the four other Heaven’s Favorites who have lost to Ling Xian before, started wrecking their brains looking for ways to win her over. Their faces were heated with excitement. Who doesn’t want to be the owner of a future powerhouse?

The dwarf was much more precious and valuable than the Petal of Enlightenment as a mere flower. Even if the strongest cultivators in the world were here, they would try to get her without any hesitation!

The young lady with white hair softly walked over to Ling Xian and smiled. "Friend, you can’t use your muscles to try and force the dwarf to leave with you. If this little one here doesn’t want to go with you, why don’t you give everyone else a chance to talk to her?"

"Yeah. Since your training is useless in this situation, why not let us try? Just think of it as doing something nice for everyone."

"Exactly. Encountering someone from the Elfkind is uncommon. If I go back to my clan without even trying, I would hate myself. Friend, please at least let me try."

Everyone spoke their thoughts with hopeful looks on their faces. What could they do? Ling Xian was way too strong. They didn’t dare to act without getting his permission first.

"You all really are greedy." Ling Xian frowned and fell into silence. Then, he sighed. "Why not. I am not someone who is unreasonable. Since this little one doesn’t want to leave with me and I can’t force her to do anything, why don’t I just do something nice. I permit each and every one of you to attempt talking to her once. Remember, just once. Nobody forces her to do anything. If you do, then don’t blame me if I behave ruthlessly."

"Thank you." The girl with white hair was ecstatic.

Very quickly, however, her hopefulness turned into hopelessness. No matter what sweet words she threw out and how much bribery she offered, the Purple Dwarf would not waiver.

Others, too, made their moves, but what greeted them was all the same – failure. By the end of it, the dwarf was too lazy even to shake her head anymore. Sitting on the lotus, she ignored these Heaven’s Favorites' begging and tempting.

"It seems like the Petal of Enlightenment, and us, are not meant to be." Ling Xian sighed. Gesturing at Mo Qing Fu and the others, he summoned for them to leave this place. He only took one step when The Untainted’s voice rose again.


The next second, a wave of warm and soothing presence gushed out of Ling Xian’s body. Everyone here was intoxicated by this feeling of tranquility and serenity.

This most precious feeling, of course, was the air from the Mount of the Healing Soul.

Indulged in the presence of the Mount of the Healing Soul, the dwarf’s eyes widened as her body emitted an even heavier shade of purple. She had no idea what that gush of air was, but she just knew it attracted her and made her heart flutter subconsciously. She flew onto Ling Xian’s shoulder and quietly muttered, "I… I’ll go with you."


Ling Xian was startled. After pondering, he finally understood why the Petal of Enlightenment changed her mind about going with him.

All the descendants from the Elfkind originates from Heaven and Earth’s spirits. To the Elfkind, souls were the most important thing. The little one was subconsciously drawn to him after getting a taste of the soulful air.

What she wanted was to absorb the energy from The Mount of the Healing Soul to nourish her own soul.

[No wonder The Untainted called me an idiot. I completely forgot about the Mount of the Healing Soul. That is a holy place for spiritual training. Nobody in the Elfkind can refuse its temptation.] Ling Xian’s lips curved up. Watching the little one’s intoxicated expression, he said, "Little one, you sure you want to go with me?"

"Yes… I go with you."

The dwarf breathed in the air from the Mount of the Healing Soul greedily. Her delicate face was flushed with drunkenness.

"Alright, if that’s the case then let us go." Ling Xian was ecstatic. He could not believe that he somehow changed the mind of the Purple Dwarf and won her over. She was a future powerhouse! Though he didn’t get his hands on any rare spiritual medicine, having a conscious Petal of Enlightenment was more precious than getting any treasure!

Upon seeing this, Mo Qing Fu and the others smiled from the bottom of their hearts and congratulated Ling Xian.

She is going to be future powerhouse!

If carefully guided and taught and if a relationship was established between the dwarf and the owner, she will for sure become a valuable support!

If Ling Xian himself become a powerhouse and if he links arm with the Petal of Enlightenment, then who in this world was worthy enough to challenge him?

The white-haired girl’s face turned sour. She wanted to step forward and try to snatch it over but remembering the terror of Ling Xian, and realizing that even if all four of them colluded they could not defeat him, she sighed deeply and left the pond with the others.

"They left. We should get on our way too. Pity though, without getting the spiritual medicine, I can’t drink the Drunken Immortal Brew." Ling Xian felt a little sorry for himself and was a little worried as well.

They already knew the Yue Lian Han would merge with the Golden Pages soon enough and become a foundational cultivator. The first thing she does after her breakthrough would be to find Ling Xian and Mo Qing Fu and get revenge.

There was no more need to talk about how powerful a Heaven’s Favorite becomes after reaching the foundational level. Based on the fact that Ling Xian lost to Yue Lian Han after one move, one could see that Mo Qing Fu and Ling Xian would’ve died in that storage cave if it weren’t for the fact that she wasn’t completely merged with the Golden Pages.

Only foundational cultivators were strong enough to fight against her. Also, these foundational cultivators must be tenth leveled Heaven’s Favorites.

Mo Qing Fu knew what Ling Xian was worried about. He sighed, "Brother, there is no need to feel so pressured. The ancient ruin is a big place. Yue Lian Han might not be able to find us."

"We can’t count on luck. We need to be prepared just in case." Ling Xian shook his head. "Let’s find a quiet place. I might as well try the brew by itself. I may not implode, you never know."

"Junior brother, are you in trouble?" Tang Thirteen batted her big eyes and expressed her worry. She didn’t use her catchphrase, ‘I will kill it with my hammer’, because she now knows Ling Xian is stronger than her, and thus if he is troubled, there is nothing she could do that would help.

"It’s not a big deal. Thirteen, you do not need to worry. It is not easy for me to die." Ling Xian smiled faintly and stared at Tang Thirteen. The trace of anguish in his eyes, however, did not melt away.

"Are you… Are you really in need of my petals?"

The dwarf suddenly spoke. Her body tiny and cute, her visage delicate and graceful.

"Of course. Sadly, you have gained consciousness so I can no longer take a petal from you," Ling Xian looked at her chubby cheeks and couldn’t help it but to smile.

"You can… Petal of Enlightenment… is me… me… I… I am the Petal of Enlightenment," the Purple dwarf was deep in thoughts for a long time before she stuttered out this sentence. She was just born, and her intelligence was not high yet, equivalent only to a one or two-year-old mortal babies.

Only after absorbing huge amounts of spirits will she grow up and strengthen. This was why she was so intrigued by the Mount of the Healing Soul.

"You mean… You can transform back to Petal of Enlightenment?" Ling Xian’s eyes had flashed with excitement before it turned into apprehension again. "Wouldn’t that hurt you?"

"No. You… Don’t need… to worry," the little one beamed. She waved her tiny but chubby hand around, and a ray of purple light appeared. It then crystallized and materialized into a petal, releasing an aromatic fragrance.

"Petal of Enlightenment!" Ling Xian’s eyes brightened in surprise and happiness. He thought that since the lotus gained consciousness, he could no longer get his hands on them. He didn’t think that the Purple Dwarf could create a petal. The Elfkind really was special.

Seeing how happy Ling Xian was, the dwarf giggled out of proudness. She brandished her little hand even more and instantly, purple light filled the sky, and like rain, petals materialized in the air and floated down all around her as she danced.

This time, Mo Qing Fu and others were all in awe.

Normally, the Petal of Enlightenment was only composed of seven petals. In front of them now were more than 70 petals!

The Petal of Enlightenment was a rare spiritual medicine. Its petals have the special effects of leading one onto the path of enlightenment. Each petal was invaluable and countless cultivators killed each other to get their hands on just one petal. In front of them now were hundreds of petals. How unbelievable was this!

"Brother, you sure have gained a lot this time. Not only did you acquire a future powerhouse, you also now have enough petals to make tea with them," Mo Qing Fu exclaimed as he expressed his jealousy.

"My god, so many petals… Even my dad doesn’t have a lot of these." Tang Thirteen’s little mouth was open out of shock. Though she has always been a little princess in the Tang Clan, she too, was stunned by what was happening.

"Haha, don’t worry. Everyone here will get some. I will treat you all to tea!" Ling Xian laughed. Rolling up his sleeves, he took all the petals into his own storage pouch.

"Little one, thank you so much. From now on, you follow me around, what do you think?" Ling Xian patted the dwarf’s head.

"Okay. But, you need to feed me that air and energy." The little one’s lips curved up.

"No problem. I will send you to that place. In that place, you will get all the energy you want." Moving her with his mind, he sent the Purple Dwarf into the Paining of the Nine Immortals.

Then, he shifted his gaze onto Mo Qing Fu and the others. "Let’s go. We need to find a quiet place. I need to isolate myself and breakthrough to the Foundational Level!"

As he spoke, Ling Xian’s eyes exploded with dazzling energy. His heart was burning up.

He will stop at nothing until he reaches the Foundational Level.

The Foundational Level!

He has been waiting for this for a long time.
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