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The moon was high in the sky and draped down gentle light.

In the middle of the pond, a purple lotus was waiting to blossom. Swaying gently, it was emitting refreshing fragrances. The blurred purple halo surrounding it was dazzling and gorgeously charming.

Despite its beauty, all the Heaven’s Favorites gazes were not on the Petal of Enlightenment. Instead, they were all looking at the youth in white whose face was full of anger.

Everyone here has first-handedly experienced Yu Qing Shan’s undeniable abilities. For Ling Xian to have defeated him with one hit, these Heaven’s Favorites, who never one day thought of themselves as weak, were gasping in shock.

"Who is this person? Yu Qing Shan is not weak. The entire Yunzhou knows of his name after what happened last year. This person finished him off so cleanly. This is unbelievable!"

"Yu Qing Shan is incomparably strong. He has already reached the limit of what one can achieve in the meditational level. Yet he was no match for this person. Could it be that this person is already at the foundational level?"

"No, he’s not at the foundational level yet, but at the same time, he has surpassed the foundational level. This person sure is unbelievably strong."

In the middle of the circle these people formed, Yu Qing Shan was barely breathing as blood continued to drip down his chin. He looked at Ling Xian with a deadly stare. In his eyes, other than hatred that was carved into his bones, there was also fear, like he has just faced a real demon.

"Accept your death now."

Ling Xian walked forward step by step. Each time his foot hit the ground, Yu Qing Shan’s heart sank a little more. Right now, his heart was filled with regret. He hated himself for provoking Shui Lian Yi and for hurting Tang Thirteen.

It was useless to say anything now.

It is too late to say anything now.

Ling Xian’s white robe and long hair flew in the wind. He walked until he was right in front of Yu Qing Shan’s frightful and pleading stare. Then, he brandished his Sword of Extinction.

In the next second, a head went flying, and blood went splashing.


The head fell to the ground.

Everyone here was silenced. Even the crows didn’t dare to make a sound, and a needle drop could be heard.

Other than Mo Qing Fu, who already predicted this result. The others felt chills down their spines. Their faces were rigid.



The one who ruined the Shui Clan’s reputation, the who was made all other Heaven’s Favorites afraid had died just like that? This made all the Heaven’s Favorites who were here for the Petal of Enlightenment exhale in awe.

"Yu Qing Shan… dead. I didn’t know this person’s capability was this horrifying," Shui Lian Yi murmured. The way she looked at Ling Xian was complex.

Remembering her first encounter with him and how she offended him without reason, Shui Lian Yi felt waves of humiliation. There was nothing more she wanted to do then than to find a hole and hide in it.

So he was this capable!

"Junior brother, you did well. After we get out of here, I will have many rewards to give you!" Tang Thirteen didn’t have any special feelings about this. All she thought about was that Ling Xian was more superb and stronger than she was.

Though seeing Yu Qing Shan’s head roll on the ground made her feel disgusted and cruel, when she thought of how he just tried to kill her, Tang Thirteen stopped feeling sorry, and her eyes turned into crescents from smiling so big. She ran into Ling Xian’s arms and clutched onto him like a koala bear.

"To avenge Thirteen is something I am responsible for. I don’t even dare to ask for a reward," Ling Xian repressed a smile. His words, gentle as water and actions were not at all like someone who had just beheaded someone.

"Yes, yes. You don’t brag, and you aren’t cocky. Junior brother, I am admiring you more and more now." Tang Thirteen patted Ling Xian’s shoulders. Her delicate face revealed a smile. "Regardless, you saved me, and I am thankful. Tell me, what do you want? My father can grant you anything you want."

Ling Xian shook his head. Though he wanted to hold on to Tang Thirteen a bit longer, it was obvious that right now was not a very good time. He forced her to let go of him. "Okay Thirteen, let’s talk about that later and solve what’s in front of us now."

He then turned his body and glanced at the other four Heaven’s Favorites. A calm yet stern voice slipped out of his mouth.

"The Petal of Enlightenment is mine to take."

Instantly, everyone's faces changed. They angrily stared at the overpowering Ling Xian and stayed silent for a while until finally, the lady with white hair stepped forward and giggled. "Friend, I admit that you are very strong. But don’t be too unreasonable. The Petal of Enlightenment is one without an owner. To simply take it after making a statement is an insult to the four of us here."

"That’s right. If you want it, you have to show us what you’ve got," the young man in purple chimed in.

The other two expressed their unpleasantness as well, not agreeing with Ling Xian’s demand.

The Petal of Enlightenment was a spiritual medicine that was magical enough to stun the entire community. Since the history of time, it has been rare and brings great advantages to cultivators. To acquire this treasure, everyone here has been on guard for hours and has engaged in battles with one another. How could they give it up just because Ling Xian claimed it with his words?

Even though Ling Xian was very strong, strong enough to make others feel distressed, everyone here was still a Heaven’s Favorite who has never listened to anyone. Despite the fact that Ling Xian had already shown them his capabilities by slaughtering Yu Qing Shan and shocking them to their core, it doesn’t mean they will give up now.

"Show you what I’ve got?"

Ling Xian interestingly glared at the youth in purple. He mocked, "After witnessing what just happened, you still dare to ask me to show you what I’ve got? I guess you are very confident about your abilities."

"'Confident' is not exactly the right word. I just can’t let you take the Petal of Enlightenment this easily. I know others feel the same way. If you thought you could order us to give up on the treasure with a simple statement, you are dreaming." The youth in purple faintly grinned. His face was void of fear.

"I am not living in a dream. I simply do not want to make a big move. If I accidentally hurt you, it would be bad don’t you think?" Ling Xian shook his head. His tone contained heavy confidence. This caused the other four’s faces to drop and their anger to flare up.

"There is no need to say more. We will not give up the Petal of Enlightenment that easily. If you want it, then come at us," the youth in purple’s expression was dark. He said, "You don’t need to worry about hurting us. All of us here are admirable Heaven’s Favorites, not a soft persimmon anyone can just squeeze."

Seeing the four people’s hardened faces and burned up anger, Ling Xian’s lips curved up. "If that’s the case, then let’s take care of this with strength. Whoever loses gives up the treasure willingly."

Ling Xian then stepped forward. His white robe hovered in the wind, and a terrifying amount of energy seeped out of him. As if a real God has descended, his stance was heavenly!

Honestly speaking, Ling Xian really did take these people seriously. With his capability, he is considered to be the best cultivator in the meditational level. Even if others are Heaven’s Favorites in the same level of training, Ling Xian was not afraid!

"You sure are not afraid to unleash your powers. If that’s the case, then I will lead the battle."

Seeing Ling Xian’s Qi soaring out of him, the youth in purple did not shy away any longer. He released an amount of Qi that was just as overpowering. However, compared to Ling Xian, he lacked a little something.

"Seal of the Immortal Mountain! Crush him!"

The youth in purple formed a hand seal and shouted out loud. The shadow of a tall mountain appeared in mid-air and crashed down onto Ling Xian’s head!

"Not bad. Sadly, you need to do more than that to defeat me." Ling Xian faintly grinned. A pair of white wings extended out of his shoulders and fluttered softly. The space quaked, causing ripples in the air and quickly crushed the shadow of the giant mountain.

Then, he dashed before the youth in purple. As the opponent’s eyes widened in shock, Ling Xian kicked his leg, causing the youth in purple to bleed from his mouth and his body to lunge backward for meters. Luckily, Ling Xian didn’t use his full strength. If he did, the youth definitely would’ve died.

"Cough… Dammit, this person is too strong. He has truly reached the peak of the meditational level." The youth in purple did not want to resign. However, he did not march forward either. As a Heaven’s Favorite, he was well-aware of what was considered strong. The attack just now has proven Ling Xian’s capabilities. Even if he used his entire body to fight against Ling Xian, he still would not win.

The two of them were like cloud and mud – there was simply too much distance between the two. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t want to humiliate himself further.

"He has lost. The three of you, do you want to try too?" Ling Xian’s lips curved up.

The other three stood there with their eyebrows tightly locked. They wanted very much to go up there and fight Ling Xian. At the same time, however, they were afraid of Ling Xian’s undeniable capabilities. So they stood there, hesitating, unable to decide what to do.

After a moment of silence, the three of them exchanged glances. The white-haired girl clenched her teeth and suggested, "Let’s work together to defeat this person. We’ll divide the lotus evenly. What do you say?"


The other two were not reluctant to agree. They knew full well how horrifying Ling Xian was and how they cannot win against him solo. The Petal of Enlightenment was also too valuable and should not be given up too easily. Therefore, they all let go of their pride as Heaven’s Favorites and decided to work together to defeat this mysterious youth.

Hearing this, Mo Qing Fu and Tang Thirteen stepped forward to fight alongside Ling Xian.

Ling Xian, however, merely smiled and gestured for them to stay where they were and do not intrude. He marched forward in giant steps. Each step he took, the ground shook. Every step he took, his breathing hastened. A tornado formed and swept off all rocks and dust in the area.

"Go ahead and attack me altogether. I do not mind. I wanted to test my abilities anyway."

"Make your move!"

The white-haired girl’s expression was rigid. She lifted an arm, and a silky white band swarmed out of her sleeve. It instantly tied up Ling Xian’s limbs and dragged him downward. As if falling into quicksand, Ling Xian could not move an inch.

At the same time, the youth in blue and the youth in black each made their moves as well. Unleashing their energies together, they rushed toward Ling Xian in waves!

Three Heaven’s Favorites!

Three supernatural powers!

The vast impetus was simply unstoppable!

In other words, three arrogant Heaven’s Favorites attacked together. For those in the meditational stage, nobody could defend against this attack. Even the strong ones in the foundational level would be greatly wounded in this situation!

Mo Qing Fu and Tang Thirteen were very worried and very much wanted to go up to help. However, seeing the grin on Ling Xian’s face and his carefree attitude, they stopped themselves from meddling.

"Three Heaven’s Favorites working together is a bit more difficult." Ling Xian watched as the waves of intertwined supernatural powers headed towards him. He lightly smiled. "Pity though. To defeat me, they are still lacking."

As soon as he stopped talking, his body emitted an infinite amount of light. A dominating, arrogant, and raw energy poured out of his body. Immediately, the wind blew, clouds rose, and the moon lost its color!

In the next second, the silky band snapped in two and the waves of energy diminished without a trace!

All three Heaven’s Favorites started to bleed from their mouths, and their body uncontrollably lunged backward. With wide eyes, they stared at the horrifying silhouette before them, and they fell into a deep hole of despair.

Ling Xian’s black hair tussled in the wind, and his white robe waltzed.

At this moment, four simple words flashed across everyone’s mind.

This person is undefeatable!

In the years after, the history book would state that Ling Xian the Great, at the age of 15, became undefeatable while still under the meditational stage!
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