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Painting of the Nine Immortals 131 Chaotic Battles

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"Fairy Shui, you first."

The young man was fine-looking and had an attractive smile. He wore a light cyan long robe and held a parchment paper umbrella. Though his smile was bright and radiant, something vicious was seeping out. Like the temperature on a snowy night, like the northern wind that blew in the winter, it was bone-piercingly cold.

First to do what?

Of course, he meant for her to make the first move.

Watching the youth before her, Shui Lian Yi’s eyes quivered. Only after wrecking her brain for a long while did she remember who this person was. Shock flashed across her cheeks.

"You… you are Yu Qing Shan? The one who caused chaos at the Valley of Water and Cloud last year?"

Instantly, everyone there quieted down for a few short seconds. All at once, they looked over to the youth in cyan, their eyes sparking with surprise, dislike, or interest.

"Wow, it’s Yu Qing Shan. This person made a scene at the Valley of Water and Cloud last year by defeating the entire generation of the Shui Clan. He’s found Shui Lian Yi here. This is interesting."

"That’s right. A year ago, he already reached the Qi level of 10. In the entire Yunzhou, he can be considered one of the strongest Heaven’s Favorites and very few dare to be his opponent. It’s been a year since what happened, I am guessing his capabilities have turned even more horrifying."

"His background is mysterious and nobody knows who his Master is. However, all the techniques he’s shown has been abnormally powerful. Additionally, he is known to be ruthless and unforgiving. He is an aggressive one. Shui Lian Yi is in trouble. Two rivals have encountered, this will be a bloody battle."

Hearing the discussions around him, the youth in cyan deepened his grin, and yet the chill in his eyes became even icier. He said, "I didn’t think Fairy Shui would remember who I am. I sure have done some good deeds in my past life to receive such love."

"It really is you…"

Shui Lian Yi found it hard to contain the shock she was feeling. Watching over the youth in cyan, who for sure had the intention to kill her, she summoned her spiritual energy and prepared herself to unleash it at any second.

A year ago, the youngest generation from the Shui Clan participated in a cultivation test. The test took place on the holy ground of the Shui Clan – The Valley of Water and Cloud.

However, during the test, an unwelcomed guest came out of nowhere. This person turned out to be Yu Qing Shan, whom, as a cultivator in the Undefeatable Realm, defeated an entire generation of the Shui Clan, including Shui Lian Yi. If the older generations of the Shui Clan did not rescue everyone in a timely manner, the descendants of the Shui Clan would’ve most likely died in his hands.

That day, the once respectable and reputable Clan lost all its face.

That day, Shui Lian Yi’s heart was deeply wounded. Seeing this person again here and now, she felt hatred deep in her bones. Mixed with it was a hint of fear.

Though she has broken through to a Qi level of 10 and was awarded the title Heaven’s Favorite, she could not chase away the fear he instilled in her. That year, she witnessed first-handedly how strong Yu Qing Shan really was. She was truly shadowed by this experience and it became something she could never digest in her life time.

"That’s right. I am who are you talking about." Yu Qing Shan smiled widely, baring his teeth. It seems like he also held grudges against the Shui Clan.

Shui Lian Yi’s brows were tightly knitted together. She sneered, "That battle that year have left me with nothing but feelings of disgrace and humiliation. Every single scene of that day is imprinted in my mind and it replays every day. Until I defeat you, how will I move on?"

"Defeat me?"

Yu Qing Shan grinned luminously, though his eyes remained icy. "Alright, I will give you an opportunity. But let’s make something clear before we start. This time, none of the older generations will show up. So if you fight me and lose, your life will be lost in my hands."

"As if you would let me go if I don’t agree to this." Shui Lian Yi’s face was pale.

"Of course I wouldn’t let you get away. This is why, regardless of what you choose to do, your life will be mine." Yu Qing Shan’s lips curved up. It was hard to imagine a young man with such a sunny appearance had such ruthless blood running through his veins. He stuck out his tongue, licked his lips, and said, "A Heaven’s Favorite from the Shui Clan… If I kill you, those old grumps of your clan will feel heart aches won’t they."

Shui Lian Yi’s heart dropped. She felt a chill down her spine as if she had fallen into an ice cave. It was so cold that her bones throbbed.

As everything unfolded, Tang Thirteen’s frown deepened. Though it wasn’t clear to her what kind of grudge ran between this stranger and Shui Lian Yi, she could clearly feel the amount of fear Shui Lian Yi felt toward this young man. She too, had a sense that this man meant trouble despite the kind look he was giving everyone. Underneath everything, he was for sure a ferocious animal, controlling and fearsome.

The thing was, however, this person has threatened her elder sister, Shui Lian Yi. This was something Tang Thirteen could not tolerate. Her tiny hand waved upward and the Crazy Soul Crushers exploded with an immense amount of energy, blowing across all four directions!

"Who are you? How dare you be so arrogant. Watch me kill you with my hammer!"

Tang Thirteen was frowning. Her delicate and tiny face was full of anger.


Yu Qing Shan turned his gaze onto Tang Thirteen and softly chuckled. "It’s the little princess from the Tang Clan. I disappeared for a whole year and your classic saying did not change at all. You still sound very unreasonable, yet still look so cute."

"Don’t make fun of my catchphrase!" Tang Thirteen uttered out through her teeth.

Strangely, a handsome young boy’s silhouette flashed across her mind. Subconsciously, she started comparing that image in her mind, with the youth before her. Both of them were handsome, both of them appeared so kind. The difference was that the one in her mind was actually gentle and a true grin always hung on his mouth. The person before her, however, was only pretending to be kind. Though he looked like he was smiling, he was actually very emotionless on the inside.

After comparing them in her mind, Tang Thirteen found herself detesting the youth dressed in cyan. She sneered at him and said, "Stop muttering useless words. Watch me as I slaughter you with my hammer!"


Yu Qing Shan laughed amusingly, "It’s been a year. I sure want to see if your Crazy Soul Crusher has gotten stronger than before."

"Bring it on. Even though I don’t recognize you, since you are here asking for a fight, I am assuming you are very capable. That is good. I am not interested in opponents who are too weak." Tang Thirteen’s desire for a fight was high.

"You will find out soon enough if I’m strong or not." Yu Qing Shan beamed lightly. The umbrella he was holding onto started to glow with light and transformed into a three-inch blue sword. The atmosphere turned deadly as the sword gave out a vigor similar to that of a tidal wave. It was overwhelming and it shot straight through the cloud.

This was his supernatural weapon. As an umbrella, it acted as shield he could use to protect himself. As a sword, it acted as an offensive weapon he could use against enemies. In all supernatural weapons, it was ranked highly and was considered to be one of the strongest weapons!

"So you own a supernatural weapon too…" Tang Thirteen stared at the awe-inspiring sword. The desire for a bloody battle flickered in her eyes, "I wonder if it’s stronger than my Crazy Soul Crusher."

Looking at how eager Tang Thirteen was, Shui Lian Yi stepped forward and shielded Tang Thirteen with her own body, "Thirteen, you are not an opponent of his. Let me do this."

"Sister Lian Yi, you…" Tang Thirteen was taken aback.

"The person here is extremely dangerous. I do not want you to get hurt. After all, the rivalry is between him and I. I cannot drag you into this." Shui Lian Yi shook her head in spite of the apprehension she was feeling. If she stepped down now, the darkness left in her heart from what happened last year will overtake her and become an obstacle she could not overcome. If she revolved her whole life around this, it would be difficult for her to continue her cultivation journey.

Therefore, she must step out and fight against the youth in cyan again.

Even if she dies, if even she loses, she must muster the courage and march forward!

"Ah, so you are somewhat courageous." The youth in cyan lifted his eyebrow. He pointed his sword at Shui Lian Yi and softly smiled. "Fairy Shui, you make the first move."

"Then I will."

Shui Lian Yi’s expression was unfriendly. She was aware that this person’s capabilities were impressive, and that he was already at the peak of the Undefeatable Realm. Therefore, she could not be careless. Forcing a hand seal, she casted one of the most influential techniques from the Shui family, The Immeasurable Sea.

The void began to shake and a heavenly atmosphere was created. An immeasurable amount of sea water began to pour from a dimension not usually visible. Waves were rising up as high as the sky, they roared and rolled and then cascaded down like a Milky Way towards the youth in cyan.

"The Immeasurable Sea… I have already broken down this technique a year ago." Yu Qing Shan shook his head in disappointment. He brandished his sword half-heartedly and immediately, the earth shook and the waterfall crackled down before disappearing without a trace.

Water drops dispersed in the air and evaporated. Shui Lian Yi’s expression did not change. Along with the disappearing light, she dashed forward holding a fist.


Heavenly lights began to shine as her mana boiled. This punch seemed to be carrying a ton of weight, enough to split up the sky!

However, facing the hit from this beautiful lady, Yu Qing Shan welcomed it with nothing but a smile and was as relaxed as ever. He lifted an arm and clashed with her hand!

Then, the two of them began their battle. One was dressed in blue with a face so attractive others compared her to a Goddess. Another was dressed in cyan with a demeanor so commanding others deemed him to be a God. Every move the two exchanged resulted in a bright explosion. Their horrifying manas swept across all four directions!

Just then, the slender woman dressed in white with white hair stepped forward lightly toward a youth dressed in purple. She extended an arm and said, "Friend, before the Petal of Enlightenment blooms, why don’t we battle it out as well?"

"If you have the intention, I will humor you," the youth in purple grinned and immediately made his move. His Qi poured out of him and tangled itself with the lady in white’s.

The chaotic battles caused by the Petal of Enlightenment began then. Other than Tang Thirteen, everyone else had found their opponents.

The seven people here were all Yunzhou’s Heaven’s Favorites. Everyone was well-known for their capabilities and nobody was significantly weaker than the other. This was the reason why the battle was more fierce and intense than usual. Everyone exchanged their moves one after another with zero intention to retreat from anyone.

"I am sure disappointed. After a year, you only improved a little bit. I’m too bored to fight against you," Yu Qing Shan shook his head, grinning. His body started to glow with an infinite amount of light as if a beast in him has awakened!

Instantly, Shui Lian Yi, like a kite cut from its string, fell to the ground, sputtering blood.

"Sister Lian Yi…"

Tang Thirteen frowned. She dashed forward with her two hammers. The Crazy Soul Crushers. too, emitted a borderless amount of light and was aimed directly at Yu Qing Shan’s head!


This hit cracked open rocks and shocked the heavens. It was tyrannical!

However, facing Tang Thirteen’s angry attack, Yu Qing Shan’s lips remained curved up. With only one hand, he blocked the pair of hammers.

"Princess from the Tang Clan. You are too behind with training. Go home and cultivate for a few more years." Smiling brightly, he rolled up his sleeves. Immediately, wind blew in all four directions and pressed onto the girl’s chest like a mountain.


Tang Thirteen spat out a fresh mouthful of blood as her body flew backward.

"It seems like you have no more opportunity to cultivate though. I didn’t want to kill you initially, but since you aggravated me, you leave me with no choice but to kill you. Gee, after killing you, I wonder what kind of face that old Tang beast would have. I sure want to see." Yu Qing Shan smiled darkly and strolled toward Tang Thirteen. Every step he took caused the Earth to shake and the atmosphere to turn murderous.

"Goddammit, I couldn’t even block a single move…" Tang Thirteen’s face was full of wary. Watching that horrifying figure urging towards her, she felt fear for the first time in her life.

"Die, princess Tang. Don’t be scared. This will be quick, and you won’t feel the pain."

Yu Qing Shan smiled gently, yet his eyes were emotionless. The sword in his hand exploded with light, and he aimed at Tang Thirteen’s heart!

Tang Thirteen was desperate and struggled to move her body to dodge the sword. However, her body, after receiving the last attack, felt like it’s been dissembled. She was in pure agony and even lifting a finger took all of her will and strength.

"Is this what it feels like to be dying?"

Tang Thirteen muttered to herself as her father’s face appeared in her mind. Of course, there was also the youth dressed in white, the one who agreed to be her junior brother and always had a sunny smile on his face.

Pity, she won’t be seeing any of them anymore.

Tang Thirteen sighed softly and closed her eyes in desperation.

The sword swooshed across space like a rainbow. Just as she was about to wither, a calm yet cruel voice filled the air like thunder.

"If you dare touch a hair of hers, I will chop you into a thousand pieces and grind up your bones."

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