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Painting of the Nine Immortals 117 The Arrival of the Inheritance

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"Now, do any of you still dare to ambush me?"

Ling Xian spoke those words slowly and distinctively. He glanced at them with a deadly look, causing the cultivators to lower their heads to avoid looking at him in the eyes.

After seeing Ling Xian getting his hands on the spiritual medicine, they really were planning to ambush him and steal his goods. However, before they could make a move, the two other ambushers attacked. Seeing how fast that fight ended and how Ling Xian single-handedly killed those two, their greed evaporated like smoke. They did not dare to make a move.

In battles where only spiritual energy is used, there are no great differences between cultivators. There was no way someone could only make one move and kill a same-stage cultivator unless…

Unless the cultivator was close to the Perfect Realm! Also known as the final phase of the meditational level!

Once a cultivator reaches this phase, the mana in their body materializes into a different form. A form that was only a fraction weaker than a foundational leveled cultivator. Therefore, the tenth level of the meditation level was also called the undefeatable stage. Because out of all those in the meditational level, those in this realm were undefeatable. When encountering cultivators who were not as trained, those in the undefeatable realm can break them down in one move!

This was why seeing Ling Xian kill those two with merely one move, horrified the group of youth so much that they did not dare to make a sound.

He was a Heaven’s Favorite with a Qi level of 10!

In the cultivator community, the words Heaven’s Favorite means far more than what it may appear. Since the inception of time, powerhouses who end up dominating the community were all granted with the title, Heaven’s Favorites. It was an honorable title given to those who truly has potential, and who truly has the rights and skills to arrogantly view others from above!

Every cultivator wants to get the Heaven’s Favorite title. It was both a beautiful dream and a shuddering nightmare because of how much it is desired and how much power it held over everyone’s head.

A regular cultivator, when facing a Heaven’s Favorite, usually do not even try to fight. Because even if they put in the effort, they will get no results. The ending was all the same.


Therefore, under Ling Xian’s stare, they all lowered their heads and would not look at him in the eyes. Their entire bodies were frozen.

"We… we don’t dare," a youth bowed and stuttered out.

"Yes, yes, we don’t dare. We don’t dare," the others chimed in.

"Good. My hands do not need to touch any more blood." Ling Xian nodded. He put the three seventh ranked spiritual medicine into his storage pouch and left. Very soon, he was nowhere to be found.

After Ling Xian had walked away, one of the youths wiped the sweat off his forehead and exhaled in relief. "Woo… that was terrifying. He had a deadly stare and a powerful demeanor. I didn’t even have the courage to look at his face."

"It’s not just you. I was the same." The other cultivator laughed bitterly.

"Thank god he didn’t get mad at us and spared us our lives," a girl exclaimed. Watching Ling Xian’s disappearing back, she muttered to herself, "I wonder when such a powerful Heaven’s Favorite came to Yunzhou…"


This ancient ruin was a rare spatial instrument. The space it contains is endless with countless beasts and never seen before plants. It has an unlimited number of powerful goods and valuable weapons. Of course, the most priceless item in this dimension was the inheritance left by The Omnipotent.

These inheritances were the opportunities and good fortune every cultivator dreamed of.

The storage cave of The Omnipotent does not appear easily. However, once it does, it without fail causes a bloody storm. Only those who are truly competent and overpowering can get their hands on the priceless inheritances.

According to the many Elders of Yunzhou, 200,000 years ago, this spatial treasure belonged to a House named Tai Xu House. At the time, Tai Xu House was the strongest in Yunzhou. In the House, there were as many powerhouses as there were trees in a jungle.

However, for reasons not known, Tai Xu House angered the general public. Other Houses colluded to destroy the House and began to kill anyone who belonged in the Tai Xu House.

This dominant player in Yunzhou faltered as a result.

Though those who colluded successfully destroyed the mountain where the Tai Xu House members lived, this spatial instrument swept away all valuable items from the Tai Xu House and transported them to a different dimension. Everyone spent years looking for these treasures. However, their efforts were deemed useless.

In the end, those who colluded only got a pitiful number of treasures from the Tai Xu House.

Not counting this time, this spatial instrument only activated three times. The majority of the Tai Xu House’s treasures have been taken away by others. However, the storage cave of The Omnipotent was only seen six times by cultivators in these past three years.

What kind of items were in that cave?

Nobody knows.

How powerful were the Tai Xu House?

Nobody knows.

This was the real reason why so many Heaven’s Favorites desired to be here!

To get their hands on the inheritance from The Omnipotent means getting secrets techniques or training advice. To anyone, no matter how powerful, this was of great value and would lead to great opportunities!

What is the fundamental reason for someone’s high position in society?

Some say it’s lots and lots of spiritual stones. Some say it’s the underlying natural talent. Some say it’s the house or clan one belongs to. Though all these things are important, the most defining factor is inheritance!

Spiritual stones lose their values, those with natural talent wither, powerful houses or clans perish. Only inheritances can ensure the strong ones can continue their dominance.

After all, the Taoism community regards capabilities highly!

No doubt, the most valuable item is the entire inheritance of The Omnipotent. Whoever gets this will gain many advantages and cause a power imbalance in the community.

If this spatial instrument were easy to access, then it would’ve been snatched away by someone long ago. All 10 dynasties and nine Houses, as well as all clans from Yunzhou, would’ve attacked to gain their hands on this item.


It was already the morning of the second day.

The Sun had just rose.

Ling Xian was pacing around purposelessly, gazing at the calm tall mountains and enjoying the freshness of the crystal clear lakes. He was acting like he was here on vacation rather than to acquire treasures.

"The scenery here sure is good," Ling Xian said to himself as he indulged himself in his surroundings. He wondered if he should find an opportunity to upgrade Painting of the Nine Immortals and plant more trees or flowers.

Just then, he overheard two people’s conversation.

"Did you hear? A cave appeared."

"What? The Omnipotent’s storage cave appeared this fast?"

"Yeah, it’s true. Let’s go check it out. A storage cave means that there is inheritance inside. Even though the entrance to the cave is not open, it’s better for us to go early. If we go late, there would be nothing left for us."

Ling Xian froze as he felt a wave of enthusiasm. He made a move and instantly, he appeared before the two people. Sternly, he questioned, "The storage cave you talked about, where is it?"

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