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Shui Lian Yi’s beauty was alluring enough to entice the entire city. Her eyes seemingly sent electric shocks, and her body broke out immeasurable amounts of heavenly light. Like an angel, her temperament was both divine and distressing!

"Lady, I am not a guy who goes easy on girls. If you keep on pressuring me, don’t blame me when you crumble under my palm." Ling Xian pressed down on his toes and flung himself backward. He did not intend to fight this woman. He merely wanted to have a peaceful chat with her and figure out if there was a way to get out of the Vast Mountains.

"Crumble under your palm? Do you have the skills?" Shui Lian Yi was emotionless. The only desire she revealed on her face was how much she wanted to kill him.

For her Clan’s mission, she mustn’t leave potential sore spots and thus, she must kill him cleanly.

"What an overbearing woman. After only a few words of disagreement, you decide to use your fist. Did your parents not teach you how to respect others?" Ling Xian frowned and decided to not let the girl step all over him. He pushed himself forward with his right foot and lunged at the girl.

"I will repay you in the same manner as the way you paid me."

Without an expression, Shui Lian Yi extended an arm out. In an instant, the heavenly light that surrounded her exploded. Even though she only blocked with one palm, like a mountain, it pressed down!

"If this is the way you want to do this, then I will first defeat you before teaching you how to show respect and common courtesy."

Ling Xian’s gaze turned frigid and the entire atmosphere changed as a result. The previously scholar-like temperament of his transformed into a terrifying one!


Using only his ultimate mana, the heavenly light that surrounded her was destroyed into particles. Her entire attack was easily and completely resolved!

"It’s rude to not give something in return. Accept this!"

Ling Xian pushed forward with his palm. His destructive spiritual energy filled the air and swept the ground!

[It’s even stronger than the last attack. This person’s abilities really are not below mine!]

Shui Lian Yi was a little stunned. She finally realized that she has encountered an unimaginable strong opponent. She did not believe that in the entire Yunzhou, there would be someone tough that she didn’t know about.

As the palm came in contact with her, she felt an immense amount of pressure, as if a mountain was pushing against her. Like a stormy sea, the suffocating energy demanded the Shui genius to forfeit her arrogance.

Immeasurable amount of light bulleted through the cloud. Shui Lian Yi extended her small white hand, thought it appeared weak and lifeless, in reality, it was sturdy like a real dragon’s claw. It clashed with the thunderous blow Ling Xian blasted!


A rumble broke through the sky as the unstoppable mana erupted through the jungle. The ancient trees crackled down one by one.

"You do have the right to be cocky. However, I am no weakling." Ling Xian lightly grinned as he powered up his Qi again. Rays of his spiritual energy surrounded him, making him look like a copy of the Gods who dominated the mortal!

"No matter how resolute and forceful you are, the result will be the same. I am not scared of anyone. I am the Heaven’s Favorite! Nobody stands in my way no matter how powerful they think they are. At the end of the day, you will just be a stepping stone for me," Shui Lian Yi laughed. As the Shui Clan’s most capable Heaven’s Favorite, she has never lost a battle. Naturally, she had an unwavering determination.

It was a pity that she ran into Ling Xian.

In terms of determination, Ling Xian’s was stronger than her!

After experiencing the lost century, Ling Xian’s determination had become invincible. He truly had the confidence to calmly handle any kind of opponent and defeat all world class cultivators!

"Lady, you are way too cocky. Let me show you what the saying ‘there are mountains beyond mountains and heavens beyond heavens’ means."

Ling Xian stepped forward as his white robe flared in the wind. His spiritual energy struck again and like a hammer, the entire dimension shook with vigor.


Though it was a small step, it felt like an entire army had attacked. Like thousands of horses galloping, the noise was earsplitting!

Shui Lian Yi’s expression remained dignified. She drew half a circle in the air with her hand and immediately, the entire dimension started to shake. Blue sea water formed in the middle of the sky and began to flow.

The Immeasurable Sea!

One of the unique techniques from the Shui clan.

The waves rolled out one after another, getting more aggressive with each tide. Endless sea water overflowed the place and then gushed down like a waterfall!

Of course, it wasn’t real sea water. It was water created by spiritual energy.

"To summon a water element technique before me, you are asking for your own death." Facing the unstoppable amount of water, Ling Xian was not at all fazed. He flicked his finger and a white flame extended from his finger.

The Flame of Purity flared up, charring the sky and boiling the sea, evaporating all the sea water that ever existed!

"A Godly Fire?" Shui Lian Yi shouted in awe. She did not think this person would possess a Godly Fire.

The Taoism law was that all elements can subdue each other. Though water can subdue fire, a Godly Fire is not something normal water can overcome.

By this point, Ling Xian has advanced close enough to touch his opponent. Something was terrifying about his movements. Despite him being only a youth in the meditation stage of training, his demeanor sent chill down everyone’s spine!

Shui Lian Yi finally felt the tension from his opponent. However, she was one of Heaven’s Favorites and she was experienced with these kinds of battles. Therefore, she didn't fret.

Bang, bang, bang…

The beautiful woman’s blue long gown gave off a heavenly vibe. Her every move was accompanied by thunderous rumbles, shaking the entire dimension.

However, Ling Xian did not let her attacks affect him. With two fists that opened and closed, his spiritual energy and mana came and went. There was something undefeatable about him.

It was blue versus white!

One was like the devil with a force that was offensive and fierce. The other was like a cold fairy with calm and calculated defense. Each rebuttal between them resulted in a boom and created monstrous waves. All of the surrounding trees broke, and the road beneath their feet cracked.

Both of them were at the peak of the meditation stage and in the undefeatable realm. Both of them achieved this astounding result in a short-period of time. Therefore, it was difficult to distinguish who was tougher.

"Haha, this is so satisfying!"

Ling Xian bellowed. He was very pleased with the fight. Ever since he was wounded, he had been craving a real battle. This woman here today was the first opponent he ever encountered who was in the meditation and undefeatable realm. She was the first one in a long time who was trained enough to trigger his competitiveness.

Ling Xian’s blood was boiling, his pupils dilated to the size of the Sun, and his fighting spirits were burning up like the flame. His movements quickened, and his attacks invigorated!

Shui Lian Yi, on the other hand, was finding it exponentially more difficult to counterattack. Originally, she thought that even if the opponent was at the same stage of training as herself, with her royal blood and her Heaven’s Favorite title, she could easily suppress Ling Xian. Ling Xian’s actual capability terrified her and sent shivers down her entire body.

[Dammit, how could this person have such amazing abilities? How do I not have the upper hand in this battle?]

Shui Lian Yi clenched her teeth. Under Ling Xian’s aggressive attacks, the most she could do was defend herself. Finally, she started to reveal her weakened state and her acceptance of defeat.

"Is the fight nearing its end…? If that’s the case, let me help you fasten your journey!"

Sensing the lady’s strained state, Ling Xian brandished his arm. Like a hammer that weighed a ton, he stroke down!


The wind blew mightily and divinely!

For this attack, Ling Xian used his ultimate spiritual energy. This was the strongest attack he unleashed in today’s battle!

Shui Lian Yi frowned and moved her delicate arm to summon a defense technique. However, before she could even complete her move, Ling Xian’s strike landed on her and caused her to stagger backward as blood dripped down from the corner of her mouth.

"Lady, with the state you are in now, do you still want to fight?"

Ling Xian’s black hair hung loosely, his white robe gently danced in the wind. Like an Immortal who descended into the mortal world, he displayed an arrogant disdain and an invincible divinity for his generation!

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